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Price of a cup of coffee

From € 2 to € 3.


Not required. Still if you decide to tip, it is common to leave 10% of the bill.

Tap water

The tap water in Berlin is drinkable.  

Public transport

The main public transport of Berlin consists of the S-Bahn (Overground) and the U-Bahn (Underground).

Berlin is divided in A, B and C zones. To explore the city you can purchase a single ticket Berlin AB (€ 2.80), or a day ticket Berlin AB (around € 7). Ticket machines can be found inside the stations. Don't forget to validate your ticket before travelling!

The 'Ringbahn' is the S-Bahn that circles around the inner city. Similar to a clock, every quarter of the circle takes approximately 15 minutes.

The S-Bahn and U-Bahn operate till around 1:00h on weekdays, and 24 hours during the weekend. Einsteigen bitte!

Find more detailed information about public transport on the official website.  

From the Airport to Berlin

The two most important airports of Berlin are Tegel in the North, and Schönefeld in the South.

From Tegel Airport (TXL) to Berlin


The TXL express bus leaves every 10 minutes from stops right outside Terminal A and B. It delivers passengers amongst others at Alexanderplatz, in the heart of the city. The ride takes around 40 minutes, costing about € 3 (Tegel Airport is located in Zone B). Please note that there are no buses between 0:30h and 4:00h at night.


A taxi to the city centre costs about € 30. Taxis can be found in front of the airport, or use an app like Uber.

See website for more details about Tegel Airport and the various ways of getting there.

From Schönefeld Airport (SXF) to Berlin


A covered walkway connects Schönefeld Airport with Flughafen Schönefeld Railway station. From the railway station, the Airport Express (RE7 or RB14), or the S-Bahn (S9 or S45) drives you to the centre of Berlin in only 30 minutes (the S45 provides no direct connection with the heart of the city).

Please note that Schönefeld Airport is situated in zone C, so that you need to purchase a single ticket Berlin ABC. In case you have to travel in the middle of the night, then go for the bus or a taxi (see below).


Various buses connect Schönefeld Airport with Berlin. With a total journey of around an hour, the travel time is more than by train, but the advantage of the bus is that it also runs in the middle of the night.

Find the bus stops in front of Terminal A and/or at Flughafen Schönefeld Railway station. Make your personal travel plan on the official website.


A taxi to the city centre costs about € 50. Taxis can be found in front of the airport, or use an app like Uber.

See website for more details about Schönefeld Airport and the various ways of getting there.  

Events in Berlin

Karneval der Kulturen

The Carnival of Cultures is a four-day urban festival that celebrates the cultural diversity of Berlin. Every year around Pentecost Sunday (around late May or early June), the district of Kreuzberg turns into a colourful street parade with dancers, musicians and artists. Dress up and enjoy the free and open programme of the festival! See the official website for the latest details.

Berlin Pride

As one of the world’s most gay-friendly cities, the Berlin Pride (also called the 'Christopher Street Day') plays an important role in the Berlin culture. Every year in the second half of July, a parade and festival is held to celebrate LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) rights and to demonstrate against exclusion and discrimination. See website (in German) for further details.

International Beer Festival

The annual 'Biermeile' is of course not an Oktoberfest, but actually something quite similar. This folk festival is held along a section of the Karl-Marx-Allee, in the first weekend of August. In between the U-Bahn stations of Strausberger Platz and Frankfurter Tor, you'll find a huge platform with about 350 breweries serving around 2,500 different beer specialties. Many German beers of course, but also specialties from around the world. The culinary delights make sure that you can keep going, and get a good taste of Germany! Free entrance. See website for more details.

Festival of Lights

Every year in October, during the Festival of Lights, Berlin looks like a fairy-tale with millions of colourful lights adorning streets, squares and landmarks like the Berlin Cathedral, the Pergamon Museum and the Brandenburg Gate. Hundreds of search lights and tons of fireworks make Berlin into the City of Lights for ten days! See the official website for more details.  

Local pages

Berlin Welcome Card

The Berlin Welcome Card can be an economical option for active sightseers. The card gives metro access, and discounts on many attractions in Berlin. See website for more details.


Berlin claims to be the European capital of clubs, so make sure to visit one of them! Find an overview of the parties per day at the most popular website.

Rain Radar

In Berlin you need to be ready for a shower, so keep an eye on the rain radar.

Spree Tour

Reederei Riedel offers several routes to explore Berlin from a boat on the Spree River.


Taxi apps like Uber work well in Berlin.

Tourist Office

The official Berlin Tourist Office has plenty of information to offer, in various languages. You can find several offices around the city, like in the Central Station and at Alexanderplatz 7. See the official website for more details.

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