The Elbe in Hamburg with the Landungsbrucken and Elbphilharmonie.


The Binnenalster in Hamburg


The promenade around the Binnenalster is shaded with alleys of linden trees and equipped with plenty of benches. On warm days it can be a tempting alternative for the sun-splashed Jungfernstieg. A walk around the Binnenalster offers nice views over the centre of Hamburg and will take about 25 minutes. Get directions.

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Chilehaus in Hamburg


The Chilehaus was built in 1924 by the wealthy ship-owner Henry Sloman, who had made his fortune trading saltpeter from Chile. The building designed by Fritz Höger, is one of the finest examples of the Brick Expressionism style. The design resembles a passenger ship with a sharp bow, and the floors as decks. A central passageway allows for a close look into this magnificent office building. Get directions.

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Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg


Elphi’ is one of the most advanced concert halls in the world, opened in 2017 after ten years of construction. The magnificent glass structure that resembles a water wave or a hoisted sail, sits on top of an old warehouse building from 1963. Stylish sloping escalators lead you to a viewing platform that can be visited without charge – just get your free tickets online or at the visitor center.

Visit the official website to learn more about the concert hall and to see what's on. Get directions.

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Hamburg Rathaus

Hamburg Rathaus

The central square of Hamburg is adorned with the Rathaus, a pre-war jewel designed in neo-renaissance style. It was built in 1897 as Hamburg's city hall, and still is the place where the local government is seated.

The building is open to visitors every day, with several guided tours being offered – visit the information desk inside the building for further details. Get directions.

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Find a place in the historical Hamburg.
Shopping in Hamburg centre

Hamburg centre

Hamburg centre is a calm and nice high-end shopping area. With numerous big brands and famous fashion designers it is a paradise for shoppers. The restaurants and cafés along the way make the shopping experience even more pleasant. Get directions.

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Heinrich-Hertz-Turm in Hamburg


The Heinrich Hertz Tower appeared here in 1968 as a radio telecommunication tower. With 279 meters, it is the tallest structure of Hamburg. The tower is named after the famous German physicist Heinrich Hertz, who was born in Hamburg.

Unfortunately, the tower and its viewing platform are closed for the public, despite ongoing initiatives to reopen it after it was shut down in 2001. Get directions.

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Kramer-Witwen-Wohnung in Hamburg


The only courtyard that survived the terrible fire of 1842. The houses here acquired the name 'Kramer-Witwen-Wohnung', as this used to be the place where widows ('Witwen') of small shopkeepers ('Kramer') settled.

One of the apartments in this picturesque courtyard is furnished in the style of the 19th century and can be visited all week except on Tuesdays – have a look at their official page for further visitor info. Get directions.

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The Jungfernstieg in Hamburg


Jungfernstieg owes its name to the fact that there was a promenade here (der Stieg) where representative families of the 17-18th century went for a walk with their unmarried daughters (die Jungfer), so they were given the chance to meet their betrothed.

The promenade offers a stunning view over the Binnenalster lake, and is a favorite place for rest in the heart of Hamburg. Get directions.

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St Michael's Church in Hamburg

St Michael's Church

The 'Michel' can be called Hamburg’s most famous landmark. Due to its 132-meters tower, the church is visible throughout the city centre. The present building was constructed for the first time in 1786, but needed to be rebuilt twice. The original church, completed in 1669 and destroyed in 1750 by a lightning strike, has been replicated in nine different cities around the world.

The tower and the crypt can be visited for a fee, every day of the week. Have a look at the official website for more visitor info. Get directions.

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Marktzeit in der Fabrik in Hamburg

MARKTZEIT in der Fabrik

This food market in Ottensen is perfect for breakfast. From fresh fruit and vegetables to cheese, smoked ham & delicious tarts, there is something for everyone here! You have to be a bit lucky to visit this indoor market, as it is held only once a month (usually on Saturdays from 10h till 18h) from September till May.

Check out the official website (Ge) for the latest news. Get directions.

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Alter Elbtunnel in Hamburg

Alter Elbtunnel

The Alter Elbtunnel was built in 1911 as the first pedestrian and transport tunnel in Hamburg, in Germany and in Europe in general. It is considered a masterpiece of engineering of its time – 426 meters long and 24 meters below the surface. You can get down by elevator or use the staircase. For pedestrians and cyclists the tunnel is open 24 hours. Get directions to the Northern entrance.

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Dockland in Hamburg


Like the nose of an ultramodern ship arises one of the most unusual buildings, the six-story Dockland (Ge). Remarkable feature of this parallelogram-shaped building from 2006, are the diagonal elevators inside. Visitors can reach the roof via an exterior stairway of 136 steps. Waiting for you is an impressive view over the Port of Hamburg. Go here in the evening to listen for the unique sounds of the port. Get directions.

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Elbe river view.
Shopping around the Monckebergstrasse in Hamburg

Mönckebergstraße area

This area can be called the main shopping zone of the city, shaped by the famous Mönckebergstraße and the pedestrian Spitalerstraße. The area includes the Europa Passage, a large five-story mall with more than 120 shops. The mall is open every day – check out the official website for the complete list of stores here. Get directions.

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Hamburger Kunsthalle

Hamburger Kunsthalle

The Kunsthalle is one of the most significant galleries in Germany. The 20,000 square meters offer an interesting collection of paintings from Gothic times till now, as well as a huge number of sculptures, graphics, antique coins and medals. Besides that, you will also find special expositions in the Kunsthalle – check out the official website to see what's on!

The Kunsthalle is closed on Mondays. Get directions.

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Landungsbrucken in Hamburg


The Landungsbrücken are ten movable bridges that provide access to a floating jetty of 688 meters long. Harbor boats and ferries depart from here. Besides the spectacular views over the harbor, this is the place to go for souvenirs or some fresh fish at one of the small restaurants. Iconic for the Landungsbrücken is the 'Pegelturm', a tower that is responsible for measuring the water level. Get directions.

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Shopping around the Neuer Wall in Hamburg

Neuer Wall

Stroll along the Neuer Wall for the most expensive new clothes or a unique piece of jewelry. The street is replete with signs of world-famous luxury brands, such as Escada, Hermes and Louis Vuitton. For classic 19th century architecture, have a look inside the Mellinpassage at Neuer Wall 13 – get directions.

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Övelgönne in Hamburg


Övelgönne (Ge) is a charming calm passageway, with on the one side lovely little German houses, and on the other side nice views over the Port of Hamburg. Down the riverside, you can find one of Hamburg's most popular beaches, Övelgönne Elbstrand. The area is full of restaurants and terraces, and particularly nice in summer. Get directions.

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Stadtpark in Hamburg


The Stadtpark was laid out in 1914 to balance the ongoing industrialization of the city with some greenery. The huge area of 148 hectares features sporting facilities, playgrounds and an outdoor swimming pool. But above all, you will find nature here with large central meadows surrounded by woodland. The Stadtparksee is where you can relax near the waterside, or engage in stand-up paddling, canoeing or pedal boating. Get directions.

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The Fish Auction Hall and Market in Hamburg

Fish Auction Hall and Market

The Fish Auction Hall is a legendary place to get your fish in Hamburg. The hall from 1896 is nowadays surrounded by a traditional open-air market selling fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat and other items like flowers and clothes.

Early birds are welcome every Sunday from 5h (in winter from 6h) till 10h, to check out the hall and find the freshest fish of Hamburg. Have a look at the official website (Ge) for the latest news. Get directions.

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The northern part of Planten un Blomen in Hamburg

Planten un Blomen, Northern part

Over the years, Planten un Blomen has become a favorite place for recreation and entertainment, family walks and picnics. Here you will find a beautiful Rose garden with about 300 sorts of roses and where classical music plays on summer evenings. The authentic Japanese garden is among the largest in Europe and even boasts a traditional tea ceremony.

The park is open till late evening, see their official website (Ge) for the exact opening hours. Get directions.

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The Red Light District around the Reeperbahn in Hamburg

Reeperbahn, Red light district

A constant flow of seamen visiting the large port of Hamburg, meant good business for prostitutes. All the hungry men needed to know was Reeperbahn, the heart of the red light district. Despite the cabarets, brothels and sex shops that you will still find here, the Reeperbahn is not a pure red light district anymore. It has become a place of pulsating nightlife, with pubs, restaurants and night clubs everywhere you go. Get directions.

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The Alsterpark in Hamburg


Sun-seekers, students and working people during their breaks, enjoy nature along the waterfront of the Alsterpark. All around the Außenalster lake there are foot and bicycle paths, with some trails over 7 kilometers long. The Außenalster lake is particularly popular for sailing and rowing as well as pedal boating and stand-up paddling. Get directions.

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Shopping at the Colonnaden in Hamburg


Collonaden is the oldest pedestrian shopping area of the city, designed in 1876-77. Walking under the arches makes you feel as if you are somewhere in Italy. Here you will find mostly specialty stores selling jewelry, handicrafts and antiques.

Have a look at the official website of the Collonaden to learn more about this boulevard. Get directions.

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Fischmarkt in Hamburg


The Fischmarkt is Hamburg's world-famous weekly market in Altona. Whether it's a fruit basket, fresh fish or tropical flowers, everyone will find something at the port.

The market is held only on Sundays, from 5h (in winter as of 6h) till 10h. Have a look at the official website (Ge) for the latest news. Get directions.

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Museum Cap San Diego in Hamburg

Museum Cap San Diego

Once Cap San Diego was an ordinary (but elegant) cargo ship that carried a wide variety of cargoes between Germany and South America. It turned into a museum ship in 1987, after it experienced increased competition from high-speed container ships. On an area of 4,000 m2 the Cap San Diego houses a variety of exhibits, telling the story of the ship and about the history of the Port of Hamburg.

The museum ship works every day – have a look at the official website (Ge) for more visitor info. Get directions.

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Find a place in the Speicherstadt.
Hauptbahnhof in Hamburg


Hamburg Central Station was built in 1906 and is considered one of the best examples of urban architecture at the turn of the century. With nowadays almost half a million passengers a day, it is the second-busiest railway station in Europe, after Gare du Nord in Paris. Get directions.

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The Red Light District of the Herbertstrasse in Hamburg

Herbertstraße, Red light district

The Herbertstraße is particularly popular because the setting is more anonymous here, for men as well as for the ladies. The street is locked on both sides by a large screen, whereas visiting women and teenagers aren't welcome here at all. This little street is a pure red light district, with ladies presenting themselves in the windows. No cameras allowed here. Get directions.

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The International Maritime Museum in Hamburg

Internationales Maritimes Museum

The International Maritime Museum tells about the 3000-years history of maritime activity. Nine floors offer a comprehensive collection on all maritime topics: sea expeditions and life at sea, medieval shipping and modern fleet, military operations and shipbuilding, illustrated by hundreds of paintings and ship models. A must-visit if you have the slightest bit of interest in maritime life.

The museum (Ge) works every day. Get directions.

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The Monckebergstrasse in Hamburg


The Mönckebergstraße is one of Europe's most famous shopping streets. The wide tree-lined street was created in the beginning of the 20th century to connect the main train station with the town hall. Besides the many people looking for bargains, the street appears quite peaceful as only taxis and buses are allowed here. Get directions.

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The Schanzenpark in Hamburg


The Schanzenpark (Ge) is a popular place for locals to relax, play ping-pong or frisbee and for organizing BBQs. The name of the park comes from the star-shaped fortification Sternschanze that used to be here up till 1866. The landmark of the park is the former biggest water tower of Europe, the Schanzenturm (Ge). The tower was reconstructed into a hotel in 2007. Get directions.

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Shopping in Schanzenviertel in Hamburg


The lovely Schanzenviertel is made up of small local shops selling a large variety of goods. Go here especially for vintage boutiques and local designers. We have to warn you though, that it might be hard to keep your focus on shopping with all the nice cafés and restaurants in 'Schanze'. Get directions.

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The Soviet Submarine U-434 in Hamburg

Soviet Submarine U-434

This former Soviet Submarine B-515 from 1976 served in the Cold War, mainly for hunting, espionage, and patrol purposes. Nowadays it's a museum. Before the submarine was sold by the Russian Navy in 2002, weapon systems and technical equipment were removed due to secrecy rules. Still, it is very tight inside this iron beast!

The guided tour adds much, but note that all is in German. The museum (Ge) works every day. Get directions.

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The middle part of Planten un Blomen in Hamburg

Planten un Blomen, Middle part

This part of Planten un Blomen contains the Old Botanical Garden, which consists nowadays primarily of greenhouses. The various paths along the waterside, invite for a romantic walk. For the oldest plane tree, walk up to the entrance from the side of the central railway station – the tree was planted in 1821 by the founder of the botanical garden, J.G.C. Lehmann.

The park is open till late evening, see their official website (Ge) for the exact opening hours. Get directions.

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Automuseum Prototyp in Hamburg

Automuseum Prototyp

Prototyp is an automobile museum located in a former 20th century factory. A unique collection focusing on racing cars of the post-war period is presented across three floors, many cars assembled only once. The pride of the collection is Michael Schumacher's Formula I car, in which the legendary driver made his debut in 1991.

The museum is closed on Mondays. Get directions.

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The Deichtorhallen in Hamburg


The Deichtorhallen are former market halls built in 1914, currently known as one of the largest art exhibition centers of Europe. The Northern hall is dedicated to contemporary art, whereas the Southern hall hosts 'The House of Photography'. On permanent display there is the large F.C. Gundlach collection, consisting of around 9,000 works under the heading 'The Human Image in Photography'.

The museum is closed on Mondays. Get directions.

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Find a place near Planten un Blomen.
The Donners Park in Hamburg

Donners Park

The Donners Park is a hilly park down the stately neighborhood of Ottensen. The area is nice for a calm walk or a rest in the grass. Some parts of this peaceful park offer stunning views over the Port of Hamburg. Get directions.

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Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

Miniatur Wunderland is where you can find the largest model railway in the world. Its length is about 15 kilometers, divided into several regions such as America, the Harz Mountains, the Austrian Alps or Switzerland. Also in a miniature country everything is moving, but time flows in an unusual way here: every 15 minutes there is a change of day and night.

Book your tickets online to avoid large queues. Open every day! Get directions.

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The Reeperbahn in Hamburg


The Reeperbahn is the most famous street of Hamburg, also known as the 'Mile of Sin' (die sündige Meile). Here you'll find not only a high number of restaurants, bars and discos, but also the core of Hamburg's red light district.

Before reaching fame, The Beatles used to give gigs in this area, for instance in club Indra on the Große Freiheit street. Get directions to the Reeperbahn.

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The Isemarkt in Hamburg


The Isemarkt is one of the most beautiful weekly markets of Hamburg. Picturesque under the elevated railway viaduct between the U-Bahn stops Hoheluftbrücke and Eppendorfer Baum, it offers you fine olive oil or dried fruits, spices and all sorts of local organic food.

Find the Isemarkt on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8:30h till 14h. See the official website (Ge) for more info about the Isemarkt. Get directions.

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The southern part of Planten un Blomen in Hamburg

Planten un Blomen, Southern part

This idyllic part of Planten un Blomen is perfect for sunbathing near the waterside. It is also known as a place of activities for adults and children. Courageous kids will adore the playground ramparts, while those who prefer intellectual games can enjoy the chess gardens. In winter, the place to be is the (paid) open-air ice rink, see EisArena (Ge) for more info.

The park is open till late evening, see their official website (Ge) for the exact opening hours. Get directions.

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The Rickmer Rickmers in Hamburg

Rickmer Rickmers

Museum ship Rickmer Rickmers is one of the hallmarks of Hamburg. The vessel was built at a shipyard in Bremerhaven and launched in 1896. It served as a cargo ship for 26 years. In the museum ship of today, you can find the interior exactly as it used to be. Here you can visit the cabins, the shower, the luggage compartment, and even go down to the engine compartment to study the technical details.

The museum (Ge) works daily. Get directions.

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Find a place near the Elbphilharmonie.
The Saint Catherine Church in Hamburg

St Catherine's Church

The 13th-century Church of St Catherine is the oldest preserved structure in the centre of Hamburg. The church with its 115-meters tower received special fame thanks to its organ on which J.S. Bach had played. However, the church suffered greatly during WWII, with restauration works on the organ still going on.

The Church of St Catherine is open every day till 17h – free entrance. Get directions.

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Chocoversum in Hamburg


The chocolate museum invites you on a journey into the world of chocolate. During the tour, which lasts about 1.5 hours, you will learn a lot about cocoa beans and chocolate production.

Chocoversum was founded by the famous German chocolate company Hachez. The museum includes a shop where you can buy sweets. Open every day! Get directions.

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Dialog im Dunkeln in Hamburg

Dialog im Dunkeln

Dialogue in the dark is an experience aimed at overcoming social barriers between sighted and blind people. On a tour you will be blindfolded and guided by a blind person. You will feel, smell, and hear in complete darkness, exactly like how blind people do it in everyday life. Another option here is going for the 'Dialogue in Silence' tour, to experience the world like a deaf person.

The Dialogue House works daily – check out the official website for the exact opening hours. Get directions.

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Stintfang Viewing Point in Hamburg

Stintfang Viewing Point

Stintfang is a nice viewing point right above the Landungsbrücken S- and U-Bahn station. Like often, the views are particularly beautiful in the evening if you can catch the sunset. Please note that the atmosphere can be sketchy though, so not highly recommended for women alone. Get directions.

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Tierpark Hagenbeck in Hamburg

Tierpark Hagenbeck

Hagenbeck Zoo was opened in 1907 by Carl Hagenbeck, the owner of the first animals in the collection. Across an area of 25 hectares you'll find over 200 species of animals from all around the world. The real pride of the zoo is the Tropical Aquarium, where you can come face to face with tropical insects or giant crocodiles.

The zoo is open every day. Have a look at the official website (Ge) for the latest news. Get directions.

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The Hamburg State Opera

Hamburg State Opera

The Hamburg Opera was founded in 1677 and is considered the oldest theatre of the city. After the devastating bombings of WWII the theatre needed to be rebuilt completely. Today, it is a modern international theatre with a rich repertoire.

Unlike many other theatres that have a break in summer, this opera works all year round. Check out the official website to see what's on. Get directions.

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Shopping in the Hamburger Meile in Hamburg

Hamburger Meile (Mall)

With a length of 600 meters, the Hamburger Meile is Hamburg's longest shopping center. The mall opened in 1970, and was renovated extensively in 2010. Nowadays you can find more than 150 stores here – local brands as well as large mainstream chains.

The Hamburger Meile is open every day. Visit the official website (Ge) for the complete list of stores here. Get directions.

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Kampnagel in Hamburg


Kampnagel is one of the more uncommon places in Hamburg, opened as a theatre in 1982 inside a former 19th-century machine factory. It is quite a hip and alternative place where you can watch modern productions of theatrical performances, and shows of modern dance and music. The tickets can be purchased online after selecting the performance of your choice. Get directions.

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Wohlers Park in Hamburg

Wohlers Park

For a long time, the territory of the current park was used as a cemetery. In 1979, the area was transformed into a public park. Wohlers Park (Ge) is popular with joggers and those who practice yoga. In warm weather, the tiny lawns are primarily used for sunbathing and BBQs. Special features are the old linden alley and some pretty exotic vegetation, like the ginkgo, aralia, and the tulip tree. Get directions.

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Church of Saint Nicholas in Hamburg

St Nicholas' Church

The former main Church of St Nicholas, is Hamburg's central memorial for the victims of war and tyranny. After excessive air raids on Hamburg during WWII, the entire church got destroyed, except for the tower. Its 147-meters tower was the tallest building on the planet from 1874 to 1876.

A small fee allows you to visit the special exhibition and the panorama platform. Open every day. Get directions.

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Viewpoint Steinwerder in Hamburg

Viewpoint Steinwerder

This tiny corner near the waterside offers an amazing panorama of Hamburg. There are always people here, because it is spectacular both during the day and with evening lights. To get here from the centre, you need to pass through the Old Elbe Tunnel, which is an experience on itself. Keep left after leaving the tunnel, and you will see the path leading to the viewpoint. Get directions.

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Shopping in the Marktstrasse in Hamburg


If you are not into mass-produced clothes and goods, the Marktstraße may be the right bet for you. This calm and charming street offers small second-hand shops and designer boutiques selling clothes and accessories, as well as some nice details for your interior. Get directions.

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The Rindermarkthalle of St Pauli in Hamburg

Rindermarkthalle St Pauli

The Rindermarkthalle is a market hall offering different cuisine, from simple food stands to more refined options. You'll also find two large supermarkets inside – check out their official website (Ge) for further info.

The real party gets started in summer, when you can find a trendy market on the square in front of the market hall – a place to find souvenirs and local art, but above all food trucks!

Please note that the market hall is open every day, except on Sundays. The outside market is held on Saturdays. Get directions.

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Lohsepark in Hamburg


A new green getaway in the middle of Hafen–°ity and its ongoing construction works. The Lohsepark is particularly popular with students from HafenCity University which is located next to it.

The park hasn't always been a place of happy faces. An information board in the park tells us that from here, many Jews, Romas and Sintis were deported during WWII. Get directions.

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Shopping in Hamburg Altona


Close to Hamburg-Altona station you will primarily find mainstream stores, including the Mercado Mall (which is closed on Sundays). Away from the pedestrian mainstream area, you can encounter a larger share of local stores and vintage boutiques. Get directions.

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Find a place in the historical Hamburg.
Museum for Hamburg History

Museum for Hamburg History

The History Museum is the only museum in the city that tells the history of Hamburg. A city that turned in several centuries from a small fortress into one of the largest port cities in the world. The collection of this museum is rich and diverse; it includes fragments of old buildings, models of ships, ancient costumes, interactive maps, large-scale installations, historical objects and illustrations.

Please note that the museum is closed on Tuesdays. Get directions.

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The Church of Saint Peter in Hamburg

St Peter's Church

St Peter’s Church is one of the oldest churches of Hamburg, first mentioned in the 12th century. The cathedral acquired its Gothic appearance and the first pointed tower in the middle of the 14th century. Its 132-meters high tower offers an observation platform that can be reached by walking up the 544 stairs (an entrance fee is charged for the observation platform).

The St Peter's Church is open every day. Get directions.

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Flohschanze in Hamburg


The Flohschanze is a popular weekly flea market in the Sternschanze quarter. The market is known for its vintage and retro items, ranging from jewelry and crockery to bicycles and furniture. As it is partly covered, you can find the market all year round on Saturdays from 8h till 16h. Get directions.

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Park Fiction in Hamburg

Park Fiction

This is a unique little area created by the local community of St Pauli. The artificial park with plenty of seating opportunities, is especially popular for its views over the Port of Hamburg. It is an urban place to relax, with little green, but ideal for skaters. Get directions.

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Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe

The Museum of Arts & Crafts is housed in a large Neo-Renaissance palace from 1875. The museum is one of the best in its field, showcasing applied and decorative art, unique collections of textiles and invaluable ancient plates and painted pots. Of special pride are the collection of lace from Ancient Egypt, Italy and France, and the 'Paris Room' with its magnificent Art Nouveau decoration.

The museum is closed on Mondays. Get directions.

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The Planetarium in Hamburg

Planetarium Hamburg

The Planetarium opened in 1930 and belongs as such to the oldest planetariums in the world. It is located in the building of a former water tower, built in the Art Deco style. A few years ago the planetarium was renovated, now offering not only (almost) all information about the universe, but also great performances with laser and sound effects in its hall of 21 meters high.

The planetarium is closed on Mondays. Get directions.

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Local experience in Hamburg.

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