The pedestrian Soborny Lane in the centre of Rostov on Don.

Rostov on Don

Bolshaya Sadovaya Street in Rostov on Don

Bolshaya Sadovaya Street

Bolshaya Sadovaya is the central and one of the oldest and most beautiful streets of Rostov, running parallel to the Don line. The street is full of gorgeous historical and modern buildings, administrative institutions, restaurants and greenery. The area is ideal for walking during the day and at night. Get directions.

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The Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Rostov on Don

Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Rozhdestvensky Sobor, the symbol of the city, was built in 1860 on the market square. The design is based on a draft of architect Konstantin Ton, the designer of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow (explaining why both cathedrals look similar). Get directions.

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The October Revolution Park in Rostov on Don

The October Revolution Park

The October Revolution Park is one of the most popular green spaces in the city. The shaded park is known for its excellent conditions for exercising and offers an artificial lake with water birds. Find here also some playgrounds and cafés, an amusement park, and since 2016, a 65-meters tall ferris wheel. Get directions.

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The Obelisk to the Liberators of Rostov on Don

The Obelisk to the Liberators of Rostov

The Stela (Ru) was installed in 1983, on the 40th anniversary of the Liberation of Rostov-on-Don from the fascist invaders. Its top is adorned with a golden sculpture of the Goddess of Victory, Nike. The base of the stela is encircled by a bas-relief made of tufa with hanging bells inside. Get directions.

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The Rostov Academic Drama Theatre

The Rostov Academic Drama Theatre

A mock-up of the Rostov Academic Drama Theatre (Ru) represents Russia in the London Museum of the History of Architecture alongside a mock-up of St Basil's Cathedral. It was built in 1935, blown up by the fascists in 1943 and restored in 1963. Its unusual and monumental shape resembles a tractor.

Visit the official website (Ru) for ticket info. Get directions.

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The Soborny Lane in Rostov on Don

Soborny Lane

Soborny Pereulok (Ru) is one of the first streets of Rostov, with references going back to 1811. During the past 200 years it changed its shape and length several times, and recently it became partly pedestrian, enriched with seating areas and small trees. Get directions.

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The Pokrovsky Cathedral in Rostov on Don

Pokrovsky Cathedral

The Pokrovsky Cathedral is an Old Believers’ church. This community exists in Rostov since the end of the 18th century and was represented mostly by wealthy people. It was thanks to the means of one of the merchants that this church was built in 1913. Get directions.

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Shopping in Horizon Mall in Rostov on Don

Horizon (Mall)

The biggest mall of Rostov is the place to find what you need. Horizon offers a large number of stores of big international brands. The mall is also nice for leisure, with an aquapark, a cinema, a bowling, restaurants and karaoke.

Learn more about Horizon and its stores on the official website. The mall is open every day! Get directions.

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The Pokrovsky Park in Rostov on Don

Pokrovsky Park

Pokrovsky Park (Ru) is a well-maintained small historical place around the Church of the Intercession. The previous church was demolished in 1930, whereas the current version dates from 2007, as enriched with a monument to Empress Elizabeth Petrovna. Get directions.

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The Don Embankment in Rostov on Don

Don River Embankment

This lovely pedestrian zone of about 3 kilometres is a favourite place for walking and cheerful festivities of all citizens. Along the Don Embankment, you will find statues of legends from the history of Donland, as well as restaurants and cafés. River cruises operate from here during summer time, and are highly recommended. You can find an office selling river cruises at Beregovaya Street 23A. Get directions.

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Shopping in Astor Center in Rostov on Don

Astor Center (Mall)

The 3-story Astor Center is the best place for fashion-addicts. Here you can find elite boutiques of world-famous clothes and jewelry brands, an exhibition space, some excellent restaurants and a karaoke-club.

Have a look at the official website (Ru) to learn more about the stores. The mall is open every day! Get directions.

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The Frunze Park in Rostov on Don

Frunze Park

Frunze Park is the main park of the Nakhichevan district. It contains a memorial complex with an eternal flame in the middle, devoted to the soldiers who fell in WWII. The well-groomed park further includes a playground and some benches. Get directions.

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The Nakhichevan Bazar in Rostov on Don

Nakhichevan Bazar

The history of this market goes back to the late 19th century, when an Armenian settlement appeared near the Rostov fortress. The Nakhichevan Bazar offers very tasty and fresh food, based on traditional Armenian markets. At times you may also hear the sounds of a duduk here.

The Nakhichevan Bazar is open every day! Get directions.

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The House of Margarita Chernova in Rostov on Don

House of Margarita Chernova

The House of Margarita Chernova is a lovely and richly decorated mansion that was built in 1899 as a gift to the actress Margarita Chernova from her admirer, merchant Paramonov. The elite of Rostov gathered here for gorgeous balls, music evenings and theatre performances. After a renovation in 2001, the building hosts a branch of the Bank of Moscow. Get directions.

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The Professor House in Rostov on Don

Professor's House

Until the appearance of the Professor's House here in 1937, there was a church on this site. During the Soviet era, a constructivist apartment building was built for the professors of the university and the medical institute. That explains the name. They say that in the courtyard, under the playground there are walled up entrances to the church cellars. Get directions.

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The Regional Council House and Watch Factory in Rostov on Don

Regional Council House and Watch Factory

The construction of the Council House, which would unite all governmental organizations, began in 1931 and was supposed to be in neoclassical style. Because of the war and a lack of funding, construction was finished by the early 60s. The style was completely changed into constructivism due to a specific decree (Ru). Get directions.

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The Greek Orthodox Church in Rostov on Don

Greek Orthodox Church

The Greek Church was built in 2014 in a Neo-Byzantine style located close to the place of the former church, which was closed in 1959 and rebuilt into a puppet theatre in 1964. The church is the centre of the spiritual life of the Greek Diaspora of Rostov. Get directions.

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Aerial view on Rostov on Don centre.
The Gorky Park in Rostov on Don

Gorky Park

Gorky Park is the oldest park of the city, founded in 1813. Ever since those days, it has been an important place for celebrations and festivities. It contains two flower gardens, fountains, playgrounds, an amusement park, cafés and an observatory. The bronze Lenin statue greets the guests at the entrance. Get directions.

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The Academic Youth Theatre in Rostov on Don

Academic Youth Theatre

This theatre building from 1899 shows a mixture of styles, including Baroque, Renaissance and Classicism. It had already housed several theatres, before becoming the home of the Academic Youth Theatre (Ru) in 1964. The theatre has a rich repertoire, including classical Russian as well as international plays. Get directions.

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The Armenian Church of Saint Karapet in Rostov on Don

Armenian Church of Saint Karapet

The Surp Karapet Church was built in 1881 in traditional Armenian style, located on the territory of an old Armenian cemetery. It is one of the two Armenian Apostolic churches in Rostov surviving the entire Soviet era (the second one is the Church of the Holy Сross, the Surp Khach). Get directions.

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Shopping in TSUM in Rostov on Don

Central mall TSUM

This mall of the TSUM chain is located in a century-old building in the very heart of Rostov-on-Don. The focus here is on clothes stores from local brands, but you can also easily find cosmetics or household items.

Have a look at the official website (Ru) for further info about the stores. TSUM is open every day! Get directions.

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The Central Market in Rostov on Don

Central Market

Located in the oldest district of Rostov, this marketplace used to be the real heart of the city and the centre of trade. The Central Market of today contains indoor and outdoor parts, and sells mostly simple clothes, accessories and of course fresh food. The place is also nice to search for flea.

Learn more about the market on the official website (Ru). The Central Market is open every day! Get directions.

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The City Duma in Rostov on Don

City Duma

The brilliant building of the City Duma was designed in 1899 in eclectic style by the architect Pomerantsev, the designer of Moscow’s GUM. People say that every new administration of the city paint the roof in a new color, symbolizing the new power. Get directions.

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The Komsomolsky Park in Rostov on Don

Komsomolsky Park

Komsomolsky Park (Ru) is a small and quiet area with tall deciduous trees, a popular place for people with children due to a nice children's town with a trampoline and slides. You can also find here many benches in the shade of maples along the alleys, and a nice café. Get directions.

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The house of the merchant Gench-Ogluyev in Rostov on Don

House of the merchant Gench-Ogluyev

The Gench-Ogluyev House was the first multi-story apartment house in Rostov-on-Don, built in 1883 by the architect Pomerantsev for the merchant Gench-Ogluyev. Historically, the first floor of the building has always been rented by shops – and following that tradition, today it also houses a store. Get directions.

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The Monument to the Strike of 1902 in Rostov on Don

Monument to the Strike of 1902

In 1902 railroad workers went on a strike (Ru), demanding a reduction of the working day and an increase in wage. After clashes with the police, several workers were killed. This impressive monument symbolizes the workers with a flag of revolution. Get directions.

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The First of May Park in Rostov on Don

The First of May Park

The 1st of May Park is situated on the territory of the former fortress. The main highlight of the park is a rotunda in neoclassical style, built in 1901. In about the same period, a linden alley was planted here – beautiful and very useful for escaping the summer heat. Get directions.

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The Museum of Fine Arts on Pushkinskaya in Rostov on Don

Museum of Fine Arts, Pushkinskaya

The Museum of Fine Arts is situated in a graceful mansion behind an openwork fence that was built in 1898. This branch of the museum houses a permanent exposition dedicated to Russian art, a place to find art of Bryullov, Repin, Kramskoy, Surikov, Aivazovsky and Levitan.

The museum is closed on Tuesdays. Learn more on the official website (Ru) of the museum. Get directions.

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The Museum of Russian-Armenian Friendship in Rostov on Don

Museum of Russian-Armenian Friendship

From 1972 to 2007, the Museum of Russian-Armenian Friendship (Ru) was located in the Surp Khach monastery. Nowadays it is housed in this late 19th century mansion. The museum covers the migration of Armenians from Crimea, and treasures a collection of over 30,000 exhibits, such as household items and Armenian books from the 18th century.

Please note that the museum is closed on Mondays. Get directions.

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Park Ostrovsky in Rostov on Don

Ostrovsky Park

With a territory of 63 ha, Ostrovsky Park is the biggest public park in Rostov. The park with cafés and beautiful century-old trees, includes various sports- and playgrounds, a children's railway, and unique Soviet amusement rides. Get directions.

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The Rostov Arena in Rostov on Don

Rostov Arena

The Rostov Arena was constructed especially for the 2018 World Cup, on the left bank of the Don River. After the World Cup it became the new home ground of FC Rostov. The stadium provides seats for 45,000 spectators. Get directions.

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The Marins Hotel in Rostov on Don

Marins Hotel (Former 'Hotel Rostov')

The former Hotel Rostov was one of the biggest hotels in the USSR, built in 1934. It was the last renovated building in Rostov-on-Don after the war. You can still see the original relief 'Great Creation' in the upper central part of the main facade, depicting seven workers. It was created by the famous sculptor Vuchetich. Get directions.

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The Museum of Fine Arts on Chekhova in Rostov on Don

Museum of Fine Arts, Chekhova

This branch of the Museum of Fine Arts is dedicated to West-European art. The collection reflects the main art developments of the 17-19th centuries. You can enjoy here all the major European schools of that time: Italian, Dutch, Flemish, French and German.

The museum is closed on Tuesdays. Learn more on the official website (Ru) of the museum. Get directions.

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The Pushkinskaya Street in Rostov on Don

Pushkinskaya Street

Pushkinskaya is the main pedestrian street of the city, a boulevard with tall trees that is very popular during the hot summers. The street contains many historical buildings from since the 1870s, monuments, museums, cozy cafés and comfortable benches. Get directions.

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The Rostov State Transport University RIIZhT

Rostov State Transport University (RIIZhT)

The complex of buildings of the Rostov Transport University (Ru) appeared in 1934. It is a monument of Soviet constructivist architecture. After WWII the building was severely damaged and rebuilt in the style of Soviet neoclassicism. Get directions.

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The State Bank Building in Rostov on Don

The State Bank Building

The magnificent State Bank Building was constructed in 1915 in neoclassicism style. Its big green dome can be noticed from afar. Interesting to know is that this building was entirely preserved after the Nazi occupation of the city. Opposite the entrance you can find a fountain with sculptures of lions. Get directions.

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The Builders Park in Rostov on Don

Builder's Park

The Builder's Park is one of the oldest city gardens of Rostov, founded on the territory of a manor in the beginning of the 20th century. It has a well-equipped playground and benches in the shade of tall trees. Get directions.

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Shopping in Golden Babylon in Rostov on Don

Golden Babylon (Mall)

Golden Babylon is an excellent shopping center with a good number of clothes stores, a big cinema, and a flawless food court. In this mainstream mall you will also find some big international brands, like Zara and Mango.

Check out the official website (Ru) to learn more about Golden Babylon and its stores. The mall is open every day! Get directions.

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The Museum of Local Lore in Rostov on Don

Museum of Local Lore

The Museum of Local Lore (Ru) opened its doors early 20th century, and despite the fact that it was looted by the Nazis during the occupation, it still treasures an excellent collection of Scythian gold and an exhibition about the history of the Don Cossacks – the most numerous of the Cossack troops in the Russian Empire.

Please note that the museum is closed on Mondays. Visit the official website (Ru) for more visitor info. Get directions.

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The Palace of Culture of Railway Workers in Rostov on Don

Palace of Culture of Railway Workers / Lendvorets

Lendvorets (Ru) was the first building in Rostov built in the style of constructivism in 1927. During WWII it was partially destroyed, and after its restoration in 1957, the main entrance received a giant portal with a colonnade in the style of Stalin’s classicism. Get directions.

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The First Pioneer Gathering Square in Rostov on Don

The First Pioneer Gathering square

This small park is a popular resting place for locals living in the nearby high-rise buildings. One of the highlights of the First Pioneer Gathering square (Ru) is the fountain 'The Knight killing the Snake', to be found near hotel Rostov. Besides the well-groomed flower beds, you will find here benches and a children's playground. Get directions.

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The North Caucasus Railway Administration in Rostov on Don

North Caucasus Railway Administration

This magnificent building of the North Caucasus Railway was built in 1913 in Art Nouveau style, with elements of Eclecticism. The building has always been home to the railroad management. Get directions.

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The Public Library in Rostov on Don

The Public Library

The history of the Donland Public library originated in 1886. The library has been housed in various places before this huge and particular building appeared in 1994. This cultural centre hosts film festivals, exhibitions and lectures. It’s also pleasant to sit in front of the library while resting and reading a book.

Learn more about the library on the official website (Ru). Get directions.

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The Vitya Cherevichkin Park in Rostov on Don

Vitya Cherevichkin Children's Park

Historically the Vitya Cherevichkin Children’s Park was named after Alexander II, containing an 11-meters copy of the Alexander Column, installed here in 1894. Since 1965, the park with its wide alleys and tall trees is named after Vitya Cherevichkin, a Rostov teenager who got killed by the German invaders. Get directions.

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The Saint Alexandra Church in Rostov on Don

St Alexandra's Church

St Alexandra’s Church is dedicated to the Holy Queen Alexandra. It was built in 1904 in Russian Revival style, located in the Nakhichevan-on-Don area. It had not been closed in Soviet times, for its location on a cemetery. Get directions.

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The Southern Federal University in Rostov on Don

The Southern Federal University

The Southern Federal University was founded in 1915 as a satellite university of the University of Warsaw. The Russian staff needed to be evacuated from Poland in 1915, as a result of WWI. Today the university is one of the biggest educational institutions in the southern region of Russia. Get directions.

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The Armenian Church of the Holy Resurrection in Rostov on Don

Armenian Church of the Holy Resurrection

The Surp Arutun Church was built in 2011 through donations of benefactors among the Armenian citizens of Rostov. It belongs to the Armenian Apostolic church, and is designed according the traditions of Armenian religious buildings. It is decorated with a pink tufa, which was especially brought from Armenia. Get directions.

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The Armenian Church of The Holy Сross in Rostov on Don

Armenian Church of The Holy Сross

The oldest building of Rostov, the Surp Khach Church, was built in 1792 in Classicism style by Armenian settlers from Crimea. It remained in function till 1931. From 1972 on, the building housed the Rostov Museum of Russian-Armenian Friendship – today the museum can be found near Frunze Park. Get directions.

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The Musical Theatre in Rostov on Don

The Musical Theatre

Before the revolution, it was mostly visiting theatre troupes performing in the Rostov Musical Theatre. It received its official name and status in 1919, to become the oldest centre of musical life in the south of Russia. Its repertoire includes operas, ballets, operettas and symphonic music.

Check out the official website (Ru) for ticket info. Get directions.

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The Botanical garden in Rostov on Don

The Botanical Garden

The 90-years-old Botanical Garden is an island of pure nature. Guided tours are offered, as well as horse riding. In addition, there's a mineral spring, which is considered an Orthodox shrine.

Please note that the entrance to the garden (Ru) is from the south, at Lesoparkovaya Street 30A – get directions.

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Makaronka in Rostov on Don


Makaronka is a contemporary art center uniting an experimental theatre of modern drama called 'Theatre 18+', an exhibition space, artist's studios, a bookstore and a souvenir shop. The name of the center came from the building, as it used to house a pasta ('makarony' in Russian) factory. Get directions.

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The Residential block for skilled professionals in Rostov on Don

Residential block for Skilled Professionals

Housing construction for the working class took place on a large scale in the time of Stalin's five-year plans. Budennovsky Prospect was one of these examples, and is very rich in constructivist architecture. Get directions.

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The memorial complex Zmievskaya Balka in Rostov on Don

Memorial complex Zmievskaya Balka

Zmievskaya Balka is a memorial on the place where 30,000 people (mostly Jews) were massacred on 11 and 12 August in 1942. Historians consider this to be the place of the largest mass extermination of Jews in Russia. Get directions.

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Shopping in Megamag Mall in Rostov on Don

Megamag (Mall)

One of the newer malls in Rostov-on-Don, still developing, but with a good number of clothes stores of mostly local brands. The mall already offers stores in nearly all categories, including cosmetics and electronics, and a hypermarket for instance.

Visit the official website to learn more about the stores. Megamag is open every day! Get directions.

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The Pleven Park in Rostov on Don

Pleven Park

Pleven Park is located in the middle of a residential area. It's an excellent place for walks. Besides the many benches, the park offers an amusement park and some cafés. In summer season, you can also rent a bicycle here. The park was named after Pleven, the Bulgarian twin city of Rostov. Get directions.

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The Atlantes Fountain in Rostov on Don

Atlantes Fountain

The Atlantes Fountain from 1936 was designed by a young Yevgeny Vuchetich, who later became famous for his works The Motherland Calls! in Volgograd and the Swords to Ploughshares in the United Nations Art Collection. According to the legend, Vuchetich gave the animals' faces features of his contemporaries – city officials. Get directions.

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The Synagogue of Rostov on Don

The Synagogue

The only Synagogue of Rostov was built in 1872. The building was severely damaged by a fire during the Anti-Jewish pogroms of 1905. After 1935 it got closed for a long time, in line with Soviet rules. Only in 1991 it was returned to the Jewish community. Get directions.

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The Water-transport Workers House in Rostov on Don

Water-transport Workers House

During the Soviet period, many buildings in the city were constructed for workers of different professions, such as this one. The characteristic features of these buildings are the simplicity of the artistic solution of the facades, combined with monumentality. You can find other examples on the crossroads of Verknenolnaya, Nizhnenolnaya and Sovetskaya Streets. Get directions.

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The Student Park in Rostov on Don

Student Park

The territory of the Student Park contains the educational buildings of the Technical University, some student hostels, a church and sports grounds. The best part for walks is the north, with its tall trees. Get directions.

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