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Price of a cup of coffee

The price of a cup of coffee typically ranges from € 3 to € 4.


It is not uncommon to leave a tip in a sit-down restaurant, typically 10% of the bill.

Tap water

The water in big cities like Dublin or Cork is drinkable from the tap, however, in rural areas it’s better to buy bottled water.  

Public transport

There are three main public transport providers: Dublin Bus, the tram LUAS and the local train DART. You can buy separate tickets for each means of transport or a special card with which you can use all three, called the 'Leap card'.

Working hours

The main working hours of public transport in Dublin are from 6h till 23:30h. There are night buses (Nitelink, The N-routes) on Fridays and Saturdays, but they only have a few stops in the city centre and don't ride too often. Have a look at the official website for more info on their routes.

Leap card

If you’re planning a short visit to Dublin with frequent public transport use, it can be interesting to purchase a Leap visitor card that gives unlimited rides for 1 / 3 / 7 days (€ 10 / € 19.50 / € 40) including airport transfers with the Airlink bus.

You can buy the Leap card at DART train ticket machines around the city, in a large number of stores across the centre of Dublin (use their map to find the store nearest to you), or you can purchase it online. Always validate your Leap card when travelling (in special machines on LUAS tram stops, DART stations or inside the bus).

Dublin Bus

Buses will not stop unless you indicate that you want to board the bus by raising your arm. Tickets can be purchased from the drivers only. Always make sure you have coins when entering a bus as you cannot pay the driver with notes and no change is given. The price of a single ride varies between around € 2 and € 4, depending on the number of stops.

Visit the official website to learn more about the routes or download their app for more info.


The LUAS tram network is divided into several zones covered by 2 tramway lines (the Red line and the Green line, see this map for their routes). They operate from 5:30h till 1h, with intervals of around 10 minutes.

The fare varies between around € 2 and € 4, depending on how many zones you travel. Tickets can be bought at special vending machines on tram stops (the machines accept cash and cards). You need a valid ticket before boarding. If you are using a Leap card, you must validate it at the beginning and end of your journey using the validator on the platform. Have a look at the official website for further information on LUAS Tram tickets and the routes.

DART Train

DART is a rapid train that travels along the coast of the Irish Sea from north to south. Trains run from Malahide and Howth through the city centre to Greystones, at intervals of 15-20 minutes, starting from 6h till just before midnight.

Tickets can be purchased at DART ticket machines located on the platforms. Machines accept cash and credit cards. Visit the official website to learn more about the timetables or download their app for more info.  

From Dublin Airport (DUB) to the city

Dublin Airport contains two passenger terminals, with Terminal 1 mainly serving short flights and Terminal 2 focused on long-haul flights. The airport is located about 10 km north of Dublin.


The bus is an economical and efficient way to travel between Dublin Airport and the city. Several buses connect the airport with the city of Dublin, with bus stops outside Terminals 1 and 2.

The Airlink bus numbers 747 or 757 provide good options to reach the city centre, departing around every 15 minutes. They travel without stops, except for those that are most in demand. A one-way ticket costs € 6 and can be bought online, at the Bus and Travel Information desk, or at vending machines at the bus stops outside the arrivals hall. Airlink buses operate from 4:45h till 23:30h. Learn more about the route and timetable on the official website.

Aircoach buses are a good bet if you need to travel to remote areas, or with special luggage. A one-way fare to the centre is € 7, and can also be purchased online. Learn more about the various routes and timetables on the official website.

City buses 41 (to Lower Abbey Street), 16 (to Ballinteer) and 102 (to Sutton Station) are the cheapest options but relatively slow. Tickets can be bought from the driver (for about € 3). These buses operate from 5h till 23:30h. Visit the official website for more info.


Taxis can be found outside the Terminals 1 and 2. The price of a ride from Dublin Airport to the city centre is around € 30. You can also use an app like Uber.

Have a look at the official website for more information about Dublin Airport and the various ways of getting there.  

Events in Dublin

St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day is the national Irish holiday. The date is unchanged, March 17, the day of the death of St Patrick, who baptized Ireland. Through a centuries-old history, the holiday has acquired many meanings and traditions, among which the famous shamrock, green clothes, cèilidh (traditional group dances in Ireland), leprechauns (an Irish folklore character, wizard) and beer. St Patrick's Day is celebrated in many countries making the world green for a day. On the streets there are people dressed in costumes, parades and also small orchestras with the famous bagpipes. Learn more about St Patrick's Day in Dublin on the official website of the festival.

City Spectacular

City Spectacular is a free outdoor summer festival with street artist performances and food stalls around Merrion Square. The festival with participants from all over the world, usually takes place near the beginning of July. Find out more about the program on the official webpage.

Longitude Music Festival

This music festival is held in a weekend, usually in the middle of July. It is one of the biggest music festivals in Europe and takes place in Marlay Park. The festival line-up consists of hip-hop, R&B and dance music artists. Learn more and book your tickets on the official webpage.

Dublin Marathon

The Dublin Marathon takes place on the last Sunday of October and brings almost 20,000 athletes to Dublin every year. Be aware of road closures and changes in public transport routes during the weekend of the event. Learn more (or subscribe!) on the official website.

Halloween / Samhain

An ancient Celtic holiday is celebrated on the night of October 31 to November 1. Across the different festivals in the city, visitors are entertained by street dancers, drummers, crazy dances and all this ends with colourful fireworks. But beware, at the end of the festive part of the holiday all the evil spirits scatter around the pubs. Until the death of the night, you can watch witches, ghosts and vampires scurrying down the streets of Dublin.  

Local pages

Bicycle rental

DublinBikes offers bicycle rental in Dublin, with docking points for at least 15 bicycles all across the city. You can purchase an annual card or a ticket for 3 days. An annual card costs only € 25, a 3-day ticket is € 5. Payment is possible via credit card. The first 30 minutes of bicycle rental are free of charge, after that you will pay according to the time of usage. Use their map to see where you can purchase your card. On the road, don't forget to keep left!

City Bus tour

DoDublin offers a number of tours through Dublin, including a hop-on hop-off bus tour. Boarding one of the green buses is ideal for getting a quick idea of the city. Learn more on their official website.

Cultural guide

If you are looking for more information on hip food venues and current events in Dublin, check out LovinDublin.

Hiking trails

If you are a pathfinder, or just a fan of hiking, we suggest you to have a look at the official website of Sport Ireland. There you can browse through plenty of cool hiking routes all across Ireland – specifying location, maximum duration and difficulty.


Taxi apps like FREE NOW and Uber work well in Dublin.

Tourist office

Ready to make your life easier, the tourist information centers of Dublin will provide you with the most interesting information and will help you to get where you need. See their official website to learn more.

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