Beautiful evening view on the canals in Amsterdam.


The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam


Since 1885 the Rijksmuseum is located in the Rijksmuseum building, which was developed by the Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers. The collection is famous for its 17th century Dutch paintings. The most renowned work is the Night Watch by Rembrandt van Rijn.

The museum is open every day! Get directions.

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The Westerkerk in Amsterdam


Situated in a beautiful part of Amsterdam, the Westerkerk was built between 1620 and 1631 in Renaissance style. The Protestant church was designed by the architect Hendrick de Keyser. With its 87 meters it is the tallest church of Amsterdam.

After a recent renovation, the Westerkerk is open to visitors again – visit the official website for the opening hours. Get directions.

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Shopping in The Nine Streets in Amsterdam

De 9 Straatjes / The 9 Streets

'The 9 Streets' refers to nine cross streets that connect the three most prominent canals of Amsterdam. This well-known and cosy area is popular among both hip Amsterdammers and tourists. While clothing, chic as well as vintage, is definitely the area’s core business, it also offers a frivolous mixture of photo and book shops, bars and restaurants.

Have a look at the official website of The 9 Streets to learn more about the shops here. Get directions.

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The Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam

Albert Cuyp Market

The Albert Cuyp Market is a typical Amsterdam market, very popular amongst both locals and tourists. It is the biggest daily market in Amsterdam. Find here market stalls offering fruits, vegetables, fish, Dutch cheese and clothing.

Please note that the market is closed on Sundays. Get directions.

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The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum was founded to exhibit the works of Vincent van Gogh, one of the most famous Dutch painters in history. The collection includes his 19th century paintings, drawings, and also letters by Van Gogh.

The museum is open every day! Get directions.

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The Vondelpark in Amsterdam


The Vondelpark is the most popular park of Amsterdam, offering lots of green, small ponds, a rose garden and various cafés. Especially in summertime many people flock here, to relax and have barbeques or to visit the outdoor theatre. The Vondelpark is also popular among runners. Get directions.

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The Old Church in Amsterdam

The Old Church

The Old Church was built in the 13th century and is the oldest existing building of the Netherlands. The Christian church is dedicated to St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra. Remarkably, the church is situated in the middle of the Red Light District.

An admission fee is charged here, see the official website for more info. Get directions.

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Historical city centre in Amsterdam.
Inside the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam

Heineken Experience

The Heineken Experience is a museum located in a former Heineken brewery, which was in use until 1988. On a guided tour you can discover the old brewery, the brewing process, the history of the brand and the taste of real Heineken beer.

The museum is open to visitors every day! Get directions.

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De Wallen in Amsterdam

Red Light District, De Wallen

The Red Light District is a prostitute area located in the centre of Amsterdam. Popularly, the area is also known as De Wallen, referring to the names of the canals here. But De Wallen is not only an area of prostitutes anymore. In fact, there's plenty of good excuses to be there. Besides the beautiful historical architecture, there's also a large number of simply very nice cafés and bars to meet up with friends or to have a coffee. Get directions.

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Shopping in the Leidsestraat in Amsterdam


The Leidsestraat (Du) is a busy and well-known shopping street in Amsterdam offering mainly clothes stores. Adjacent to the always busy entertainment area of Leidse Square, the street is hugely popular among young people. Trams drive back and forth through the middle of the street, making it a typical Amsterdam scene – be aware of the tram while shopping here! Get directions.

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The Begijnhof in the centre of Amsterdam


The roots of the Begijnhof go back to the 12th century – as such it is the only courtyard in Amsterdam dating from the Middle Ages. This peaceful place in central Amsterdam originally served as a monastery for the Beguines. The courthouse lies one meter beneath the rest of the city, as it was built on medieval level. Get directions.

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The Basilica of Saint Nicholas in Amsterdam

Basilica of St Nicholas

The Basilica of St Nicholas is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to Nicholas of Myra. It was built between 1884 and 1887, after a design by the Dutch architect Adrianus Bleijs. The parish has six Catholic churches in the centre of Amsterdam, with the Basilica of St Nicholas being the main church of that parish.

The Basilica is open to the public every day for a couple of hours – visit the official website for more historical details and Mass times. Get directions.

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The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

The Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House is the place where the Jewish family Frank was hiding from the Nazi regime during World War II. From the secret annex in the house, the bright girl Anne Frank wrote her touching diary Het Achterhuis. The diary got world famous posthumously. Today the house is a museum where you can see the hiding place of the family Frank.

The Anne Frank House is open every day – tickets need to be bought online in advance. Get directions.

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The Dapper Market in Amsterdam

Dapper Market

The Dappermarkt is a popular daily market where all cultures meet. Many stalls here sell simple accessories, clothes and sheets. But you can also find fresh products here, like Dutch cheese and stroopwafels.

Please note that there's no market on Sundays. Visit the official website for more info about the Dappermarkt. Get directions.

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Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam Central Station is the main transport hub of Amsterdam, built between 1881 and 1889. Pierre Cuypers, who also designed the similar looking Rijksmuseum, was the principal architect. The station has a historical backbone of most notably a richly decorated 19th century facade and impressive roofwork on the platforms. The entrance on the waterside shows the modern face of Amsterdam Central Station, representing a modern multiple story building (partly underground) which has been integrated into the historical station. Get directions.

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The Amsterdamse Bos

Amsterdamse Bos

The Amsterdamse Bos is three times the size of Central Park in New York. It is Mecca for nature lovers and ideal for walking and cycling. The park also contains the Olympic rowing lake (the Bosbaan), and a spa and wellness center (Spa Zuiver).

For an overview of the many things to do, see the official website of the park. Get directions.

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The Munttoren in Amsterdam


The Munttoren (literally translated as ‘Coin Tower’) was built between 1480 and 1487, as part of a city gate called the Regulierspoort. The gate originally consisted of two towers and a guard house, but after it burned in 1618 only one tower was rebuilt. As coins were made in the gate in the 17th century, it became known as the Coin Tower. Get directions.

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Dam Square in Amsterdam

Dam Square

Dam Square is a largely pedestrian square, located in the very heart of the historical centre of Amsterdam. It is the place of many events, and also a fun fair several times per year. The 22-meters tall white monument, is called the National Monument, built to commemorate the victims of WWII. Get directions.

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Shopping around the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam

Kalverstraat area

The Kalverstraat is the largest and most famous shopping street of Amsterdam. A street where you can find pretty much everything, ranging from books, household items and electronics to all the mainstream clothes stores. Needless to say, this area is very suitable for a good day of shopping with family or friends. The stores are open daily! Get directions.

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Find a place at the Amsterdam canals.
The National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam

The National Maritime Museum

Since 1973 the National Maritime Museum is located in 's Lands Zeemagazijn, the oldest still existing warehouse from the 17th century. Here you will find one of the largest maritime collections in the world, consisting of paintings, ship models, weapons and world maps. Visitors also get the amazing opportunity to step aboard a full-scale replica East Indiaman ship, moored right in front of the museum.

The National Maritime Museum is open every day. Have a look at the official website for more visitor info. Get directions.

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The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam was established in 1874. The museum exhibits modern and contemporary art and design, boasting a rich permanent collection with works of artists like Mondrian, Picasso and Malevich.

Its main building from 1895 in the Neo-Renaissance style was designed by the Dutch architect Adriaan Willem Weissman. In 2012 the Stedelijk Museum was enriched with a modern wing, as designed by Benthem Crouwel Architects.

The museum is open every day! Get directions.

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The New Market Square in Amsterdam

New Market

The Nieuwmarkt is a pedestrian square in the Red Light District, adjacent to Chinatown. It has lots of bars and restaurants. The monumental building in the centre, the Waag, gives the square sightly looks.

Every April the square becomes the stage of the April Parties, which offer one week of party with a fair, food stands and plenty of live music. Get directions.

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The Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam

Rembrandt House Museum

The 17th century Rembrandt House was the place where one of the greatest painters in history lived and worked for 18 years of his life. Rembrandt was forced out in 1656 due to his bankruptcy. The house has been styled entirely the way it was during the years that the master lived there. Inside the house and its adjacent modern wing, you will find plenty of original works by Rembrandt – mostly etchings – as well as temporary exhibitions of his contemporaries or artists who were strongly influenced by Rembrandt.

The museum is open every day. Get directions.

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The Rijksmuseum Gardens in Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum Gardens

The Rijksmuseum Gardens form an elegant and well-maintained green space right behind the imposing Rijksmuseum. Amidst the fountains, sculptures and greenery there's some benches for you to enjoy the moment. Once every while the gardens host interesting sculptural exhibitions, like giant spiders by Louise Bourgeois.

The gardens are open every day until 18h and are free to enter. Get directions.

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Aerial view of houses in Amsterdam.
The Fashion For Good Experience in Amsterdam

Fashion For Good

The Fashion For Good Experience is the world’s first interactive museum that focuses on sustainable innovation in fashion. Visiting the museum is a journey where you can learn how your clothes were made and discover game changing innovations shaping the future of fashion. With the RDIF bracelet, you will see through common buyer behaviour and discover actionable steps that will have a positive impact on your Good Fashion Journey. Twice a year new themes are introduced, featuring designs of five sustainable brands.

The museum is located in a historic building in the centre of Amsterdam and is open daily. Get directions.

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The Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam

Amstel Hotel

The Amstel Hotel is a monumental luxury hotel on the banks of the Amstel River, part of the hotel chain Intercontinental Hotels. The hotel was designed by Cornelis Outshoorn and was built between 1863 and 1867. Many international celebrities have stayed here, like Queen Elizabeth II or Steven Spielberg. Are you next? Get directions.

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The Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Royal Palace of Amsterdam

The Royal Palace of Amsterdam was built between 1648 and 1665, following the design of the Dutch architect Jacob van Campen. It is the most important historical and cultural building of the Dutch Golden Age.

The palace is being used actively for royal events, but most of the year open to visitors! Get directions.

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The Oudemanhuispoort in Amsterdam

Oudemanhuispoort, University of Amsterdam

The Oudemanhuispoort (Du) is a former retirement home for men, built between 1754 and 1757 and designed by the architect G. F. Maybaum. The Faculty of Law of the University of Amsterdam is located here since 1880. Take a look in its peaceful courtyard or the gate’s daily bookstalls! Get directions.

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The Flower Market in Amsterdam

Bloemenmarkt / Flower Market

The Flower Market is a unique colourful place in the heart of Amsterdam. The market is made up of floating stalls, which sell a wide range of typical Dutch flowers like narcissi and, of course, tulips. Besides tulips in all colours of the rainbow, the market also offers plants, bulbs and seeds of all kinds.

The floating market is there for you every day! Get directions.

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De Magere Brug in Amsterdam

Magere brug / Skinny bridge

The Skinny bridge is a wooden drawbridge over the Amstel river. The present version of the bridge was built in 1934 after a design by the Dutch architect Piet Kramer, who designed many bridges in Amsterdam. As of 2003 the use of the bridge has been limited to pedestrians and cyclists. Popularly, the bridge became known as the ‘Skinny’ bridge for its thin appearance. Get directions.

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The Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam

Jewish Historical Museum

The Jewish Historical Museum was founded in 1930, with the aim of bringing Jewish life to the public attention, by focusing on the Jewish culture, religion and history. The museum is located in four high former German synagogues. All locations can be visited with a single ticket.

The museum is open every day! Get directions.

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Aerial view on the Amsterdam canals by night.

How to experience Amsterdam for free?

Amsterdam is a city of canals, provocation, weed, trade, bicycles, tulips, and a long and exciting history. This is one of those cities that you want to visit at least once, it is so different from other places in Europe thanks to its special architecture and vibe.

However, it is also one of the most expensive cities in the world. But what if we show you how you can experience Amsterdam without spending a single euro? Read more!

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Shopping in the Spiegel Quarter in Amsterdam

Spiegel Quarter

Every art lover will find something to his liking in this part of Amsterdam, which boasts over 70 art galleries and antique dealers. The offerings vary from antiques and classical-inspired art to contemporary works. In addition, there's a number of trendy boutiques here, as well as some small food and beverage outlets, perfectly fit for a pause and a coffee. Get directions.

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Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is the collective name for several wax museums around the world, as founded by Marie Tussaud. In this museum you will find full-scale wax sculptures of famous people. In Amsterdam, for example, you can pose next to Lady Gaga, play football with Ronaldinho or crawl into bed with Robbie Williams.

The museum is open every day! Get directions.

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The New Church in Amsterdam

The New Church

The New Church was built in the 15th century as the Old Church had become too small for a city that was growing so quickly. The church was dedicated to Mary, and later to St Catherine. Despite suffering three fires, the church still exists.

Besides hosting official events such as the wedding of King Willem-Alexander, the church is also used as an exhibition space. Have a look at the official website to see what's on. Get directions.

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The Oosterpark in Amsterdam


The Oosterpark is a green park with wide lawns designed in the English landscape style. The asphalted paths and the outside workout equipment make it a nice place to exercise. But also for rest this is a good place, with large shaded parts, plenty of benches, and a curling pond with various species of birds. Exploring the Oosterpark on foot, you will also encounter several works of art and monuments, like the National Slavery Monument from 2002 by Erwin de Vries. Get directions.

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Shopping in the P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam

P.C. Hooftstraat

For those who love chic, the P.C. Hooftstraat is your destination par excellence. You will find all the major clothing and perfume stores selling the world’s most famous, and probably most expensive, brands. And don’t be surprised if you run into one or two Dutch TV celebrities!

Check out the official website of the P.C. Hooftstraat to learn more about the shops here. Get directions.

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The Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam


The Stadsschouwburg of Amsterdam is a beautiful theatre building on the Leidse Square, built in 1894 in neo-Renaissance style. It is a place to enjoy theatre performances and dance shows – contemporary as well as more established acts. There are also performances in which Dutch is not required.

Check out the official website to see what's on. Get directions.

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The Book Market of the Oudemanhuispoort in Amsterdam

Oudemanhuispoort Book Market

The Oudemanhuispoort is a covered passage in Amsterdam centre, connecting two canals. Apart from providing access to buildings of the University of Amsterdam, this passage is known to be hosting a very traditional book market. The market mainly offers second-hand books, prints and music. The merchants here are proud of the works they sell, and happy to help you find the book you need. Get directions.

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The Vondelpark Pavilion in Amsterdam

Vondelpark Pavilion

The Vondelpark Pavilion (Du) was built between 1874 and 1881 in Italian Renaissance style, after a design by the architect Willem Hamer Jr. From 1972 till 2011 there was a film museum located in the building. Since 2014 the Dutch TV broadcaster AVROTROS is located here. Get directions.

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Rembrandt Square in Amsterdam

Rembrandt Square

Rembrandtplein is named after the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn whose statue can be found right on the square. In 2009 the square was completely renovated, giving it a wider and clearer appearance. Because of its many bars and nightclubs, it’s one of the best places to go out. Get directions.

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Find a place in Amsterdam centre.
Shopping in the Utrechtsestraat in Amsterdam


The Utrechtsestraat is known for its many specialty stores, where you can go for cheese, sausage, fish, meat, wine, furniture, vinyl and delicacies. Alongside this large offer of specialties, you will find a wide variety of nice bars and restaurants here, which make the street into a cosy whole.

Learn more about the Utrechtsestraat and its stores on the official website (Du). Get directions.

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Museumplein in Amsterdam


The Museumplein is a large lawn that takes its name from the many museums surrounding it, like the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. If there are no shows and events, people use the lawn to relax, playing football or jeu-de-boules, or to have picnics. The central pond is a place of refreshment in summertime, that turns into a popular ice skating rink in winter. Get directions.

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The market at Waterloo Square in Amsterdam

Waterloo Square Market

The Waterlooplein Markt is the oldest flea market of Amsterdam, welcoming visitors on a daily basis since 1885. It is known for its vintage clothing, but you are also sure to find much art and antique here.

Please note that there's no market on Sundays. Visit the official website to learn more about the history of the market and about the market stalls. Get directions.

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De Waag in Amsterdam

The Waag

The Waag (in English: ‘weigh house’) is a 15th century monument located in the middle of the Nieuwmarkt. Besides weigh house, the building served many purposes – amongst others a city gate, a museum, a fire station, and an anatomical theatre. Today, the medieval building is in use as a restaurant – have a look at their official website to learn more. Get directions.

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The ADAM Tower in Amsterdam

The A’DAM Tower

The A’DAM Tower was designed in 1966 by architect Arthur Staal on behalf of Koninklijke Shell. After a recent makeover, the 100-m tall tower now houses offices, a concert venue, a hotel, a Skybar and a rotating restaurant. The top floor is where you will find A'DAM LOOKOUT, an observation deck with the highest swings in Europe that offers fantastic views over Amsterdam!

See the official website for more visitor info. Get directions.

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The Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam

Beurs van Berlage

The Beurs van Berlage is a national monument, built between 1896 and 1903. The Dutch architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage designed the building not only as a house for trading but also as Palazzo Pubblico, or ‘Folk house’. Previously the building accommodated a stock market, a corn exchange and a commodity exchange. Today it is primarily being used for conferences and exhibitions. Have a look at the official website to see what’s on. Get directions.

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The Hermitage in Amsterdam

Hermitage Amsterdam

As an annexe of the museum the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, the Hermitage Amsterdam has the privilege to draw upon one of the richest art collections in the world. The museum is located in the Amstelhof, a former nursing home built in 1681.

Please be referred to the official website to see what’s on display. The museum is open every day! Get directions.

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ARTIS Zoo in Amsterdam

ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo

ARTIS is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands, founded in 1838 as a Zoological Society which was open only for members. Its founders started the zoo to stimulate care for nature. The full name of the zoo is Natura Artis Magistra, meaning 'Nature is the teacher of the arts'.

The zoo, with also 27 historic buildings on its site, is open daily! Get directions.

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The Leidse Square in Amsterdam

Leidse Square

The Leidseplein is famous as the biggest nightlife area of Amsterdam, packed with restaurants, bars and cafés – for an overview of the places around the square, see the official website of the Leidseplein.

The square is named after the city gate 'Leidsepoort', which stood here until 1862 and marked the starting point of the road to Leiden – a Dutch city south of Amsterdam. Get directions.

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The Royal Concert Hall in Amsterdam

Royal Concert Hall / Concertgebouw

The Concert Hall was founded in 1888, according to the design of the Dutch architect Dolf van Gendt. The building consists of four concert halls and a wing, which was added in 1980. At its 125th anniversary, the Concert Hall was awarded the distinction ‘Royal’.

Visit the official website to view the program and buy your tickets, or to learn more about guided tours. Get directions.

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The Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ in Amsterdam

Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ

Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ is a concert hall from 2005 which was made mainly of glass, following a design by the Danish architect 3XN. The focus is on classical music composed after 1975. The special feature of the venue is that the floors and ceiling move along, to maintain the variance of acoustics.

Check out the official website (Du) to see what's on. Get directions.

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Waterloo Square in Amsterdam

Waterloo Square

Waterlooplein was created in 1882 and named after the Battle of Waterloo. There is a daily flea market (except on Sundays), which is famous for its second-hand vintage clothes.

Have a look at the official website of the Waterlooplein to learn more about the history of the square and the surrounding places. Get directions.

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The Noorder Market in Amsterdam

Noorder Market

The Noordermarkt is located in the middle of the Jordaan neighborhood. This second-hand market offers a very wide range of products, such as antiques, jewelry, carpets, art, books, rare LP's, films and organic products.

The market is held on Mondays from 9h to 13h, and on Saturdays from 9h to 16h – with on Saturdays adjacent also a farmers market. Visit the official website to learn more about the history of the market and the items offered here. Get directions.

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The Amstelpark in Amsterdam


The Amstelpark is a beautiful park that is worth a visit for several reasons. You can find here flower gardens, a rhododendron valley, an art gallery, a maze, a playground, an animal farm, a midget golf course, a restaurant, and a small cute train that runs through the park.

Learn more about the Amstelpark on its official website (Du). Get directions.

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Find a place near the Begijnhof.
Shopping around the Nieuwendijk in Amsterdam


The Nieuwendijk is a busy shopping street in central Amsterdam, with mostly mainstream clothes and shoes stores. The pedestrian street is a good option if you want to walk from Amsterdam Central Station towards Dam Square, the very heart of the city. Get directions.

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The Moco Museum in Amsterdam

Moco Museum

The Moco Museum is located in Villa Alsberg on Museumplein, a remarkable townhouse designed by Eduard Cuypers in 1904. The museum is committed to exhibiting unique pieces of street art, and works of modern and contemporary art by artists like Banksy, Haring, Hirst, JR, Koons, Kusama, KAWS, Warhol and others.

The Moco Museum is open every day. Have a look at their official website to see what's on. Get directions.

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The Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam


The Tropenmuseum was established in 1864 as a cultural anthropology museum. The monumental building from 1926 houses traditional and contemporary art, sound clips and videos, in order to provide visitors an image of the living traditions and history of different cultures around the world.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, and only on a few Mondays – visit the official website for further details. Get directions.

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The Spui Book Market in Amsterdam

Spui Book Market

With all kinds of books in different languages, the Spui Book Market is a must for book lovers! In addition to books, there are also magazines, prints, pamphlets and posters on sale here.

Find the market on Fridays from 10h to 18h, except in cases of very bad weather. Check out the official website to learn more about the market. Get directions.

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The Sarphatipark in Amsterdam


The Sarphatipark is a small charming park set amid the neighborhood De Pijp. With its winding ditches and narrow paths, it is the favorite place of many locals to take the dog for a walk. The park is named after Samuel Sarphati, a Dutch physician. During WWII the park carried another name, due to the Jewish roots of Sarphati. Get directions.

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The NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam

NEMO Science Museum

The NEMO Science Museum is a technology museum founded in 1997. The building which marks the entrance of the IJ tunnel was designed by the famous Italian architect Renzo Piano. Visitors of the museum can experiment with scientific and technical developments in physics, chemistry, and IT.

The museum is open every day, with the exception of some Mondays and King’s Day. Get directions.

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The Foam Photography Museum in Amsterdam

Foam, Photography Museum Amsterdam

Foam is the place to go in Amsterdam for photography exhibitions. The 19th century building opened its doors for Foam in 2001, and has been hosting exhibitions of renowned photographers like Richard Avedon or Henri Cartier-Bresson. At Foam you are always sure to find several exhibitions on different fields of photography, like documentary, fashion or art.

The museum is open every day. Have a look at their official website to see what's on. Get directions.

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The Verzetsmuseum in Amsterdam

The Resistance Museum / Verzetsmuseum

Being forced to capitulate to the superior Nazi army within days, the underground resistance was the way for (some of) the Dutch to fight back. While risking their lives, brave men managed to sabotage German operations, assist the allied forces, and most importantly, saved innocent Jews from being deported to concentration camps. The Verzetsmuseum fills you in on achievements of the Dutch resistance, the risks they faced, and the tricks they came up with.

The permanent exhibition is bilingual, and also in English. The museum is open every day. Get directions.

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The Martin Luther Kingpark in Amsterdam

Martin Luther Kingpark

The Martin Luther Kingpark (Du) is a green park located on a bank of the Amstel River. On the warmer days, it is perfect for sunbathing and even swimming. Every summer, the park hosts a popular itinerant festival called De Parade, featuring concerts and theatre performances. Get directions.

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The Royal Theatre Carre in Amsterdam

Royal Theatre Carré

Koninklijk Theater Carré is one of the biggest theatres in the Netherlands, named after the founder Oscar Carré. The theatre opened its doors in 1887 mainly featuring circus performances. Nowadays it offers musicals, (pop) concerts, theatre and cabaret.

Have a look at the official website to see what’s on. Get directions.

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Shopping in the Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam


This shopping street has a lot to offer. Not only trendy clothing stores, but also many specialty stores and boutiques can be found here. Moreover, the atmospheric restaurants and trendy bars here also offer plenty of good options for coffee, lunch or dinner. Get directions.

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The Westerpark in Amsterdam


The Westerpark is a park with many lawns, public tennis courts and a large pool for children. The park is located on the area of the former Westergasfabriek, an old coal gas factory which has been renovated and is currently in use by creative and cultural entrepreneurs. Often you can find parties, festivals, concerts, theatre and art exhibitions here. Get directions.

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The EYE Film Institute Netherlands in Amsterdam

Eye Filmmuseum

The Eye Filmmuseum was designed by the Austrian architects Roman Delugan and Elke Delugan-Meissl. The museum's main activities are exhibitions that explore the intersection of visual art and film. In the building from 2012 you can find four cinemas, a laboratory and opportunities for educational activities. The objective of the museum is to preserve film heritage for future generations.

The Eye Filmmuseum is open every day. Have a look at the official website for further visitor info. Get directions.

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Local experience at cheese market.

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