Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere, Rome

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Streetwise Maps show you the very best cities have to offer. Knowing about the top sights, the best bar streets, the trendiest shopping areas, or the most beautiful parks, makes sure you can make the right choice at the right moment. Just like in your hometown.

The Streetwise Maps are different by offering unique layers, like a layer with the nicest shopping areas or the best bar streets. Combining those layers will provide a deeper understanding of the city. See if there are any nice green spaces around a shopping area, or check if the bar you wanted to visit is located in an unsafe part of the city.

If you want to learn more about the things you see on the Streetwise Map, don't forget to click on anything. By clicking items on the map, important details will show up.

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Find unique information on our Streetwise Maps. Trendy shopping areas, the nicest bar streets or dangerous parts of cities. Information that used to be known by locals only, but Streetwise makes it available for you.


Our information comes from local experts who are able to share their knowledge independently. All they want is showing you the best their cities have to offer.


By focusing on the most important information, our maps make you streetwise in no time. When you are streetwise, there is no need to follow strict travel plans, as you'll be able to move around a city like it's your hometown.

Streetwise Stories

In Streetwise Stories you're able to get in touch with the wonderful cities of our guide. The stories accompany the Streetwise Maps by offering a deeper look into the character of the city and its people. Find Streetwise Stories in the Travel Guide of your choice.

Au Marche de la Butte in Paris
  • 4 August 2019

Paris as an adorable film

Paris, such an attractive and wonderful city, with its small streets and the smell of fresh pastry in the morning. The city of the Eiffel Tower and, albeit victim of a fire, the majestic Notre-Dame. Ever since ancient times, the city has been an inspiration for many great minds, like writers, artists, poets and architects. Hemingway called Paris a “moveable feast”, something that stays with you wherever you go, in the form of a magnificent memory. With the advances in technology of nowadays, Paris can be really taken with you – on your phone or tablet – or you can plunge into the atmosphere of this magical city again and again, thanks to some great films created by the masters of cinema...Read more

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The Pink Serpent egg by Fabergé.
  • 21 July 2019

The hunt for Fabergé

As objects of extreme desire, Fabergé eggs have literally been hunted for. Originally the wealthiest families desperately wanted to own such a piece of luxury. Then the Soviets came into power, meaning the end of the House of Fabergé. But the hunts continued, most tellingly in movies like James Bond's Octopussy or Ocean's Twelve. And also you can hunt for the famous Fabergé eggs, as there are still some missing...

So don't think twice when you encounter a beautiful jeweled egg somewhere far away on a flea market – but beware of Fauxbergé! Read more

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