The old city of Breda seen across the Nieuwe Mark.


The Grote Markt in Breda

Grote Markt

The Grote Markt (Du) is the main square of Breda, and the gateway to several shopping streets. On the square itself you'll find plenty of bars and restaurants, in summer season equipped with Breda's famous terraces. The pedestrian square is surrounded by traditional Dutch architecture from different epochs. Get directions.

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Park Valkenberg in Breda

Park Valkenberg

Park Valkenberg (Du) is the city park of Breda, nicely located in the historical centre. The park boasts a royal past, as it used to be the garden of the Castle of Breda. Whenever the weather gets nice, the park becomes a popular place for a picnic. Another popular event here are the live concerts in the open air, to be found on a number of Tuesday evenings in July and August. Get directions.

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The Grote Kerk in Breda

Grote Kerk

The Big Church is the most famous sight of Breda. It makes the city recognisable from a great distance. The church was built in 1547 in the Brabantine Gothic style.

Both the church and its 97-metre tower can be visited, every day! See the official website (Du) for more info. Get directions.

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Shopping in the Wilhelminastraat in Breda

Nieuwe Ginnekenstraat / Wilhelminastraat

The Nieuwe Ginnekenstraat and Wilhelminastraat lie in line with each other. The streets contain mostly luxury clothes stores and boutiques. Don’t be put off by the fact that it is no strict pedestrian zone here, as the stores and some nice restaurants absolutely compensate for that. Get directions.

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The Begijnhof in Breda


The Begijnhof (Du) is a peaceful court in the historical centre of Breda. The court contains little old houses and two charming churches. Until 1990 it was inhabited by beguines. Nowadays, the Begijnhof is inhabited by single women.

The court can be visited every day, see the official website (Du) for more info. Get directions.

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The Chassé Theatre in Breda

Chassé Theatre

The Chassé Theatre (Du) is a theatre and cinema, located in a modern building (1995). It was built aside an old monastery (1501-1504), in which nowadays one of the biggest casinos of Europe is located. The theatre also contains a bar and a restaurant.

See the official website for events and ticket info. Get directions.

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The Castle of Breda

The Castle of Breda

The oldest part of the Castle of Breda was built in the 12th century. Its most famous inhabitant was undoubtedly William of Orange, ancestor of the Dutch royal family. William of Orange gave the castle back its original military function, during the Eighty Years' War between the Netherlands and Spain. Since 1828 the castle is in use by the Royal Military Academy.

The castle can be visited only on a dedicated guided tour. See the official website (Du) for further info. Get directions.

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Find a place in Breda centre.
Het Markdal near Breda

Het Markdal

The Markdal (Du) is a nature reserve around the river Mark, characterized by swampy grassland. You can walk or cycle aside the Mark on a 10 km track, starting from Breda all the way to Belgium. Close to the starting point is the Ginnekenmarkt, a cosy square with bars and restaurants. Get directions.

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The Old City Hall in Breda

The old City Hall

The facade of the Old City Hall (Du) dates from the 18th century, when it was erected to unify three older adjacent houses. Nowadays the venue is mostly used for weddings and formal receptions.

Next to the building there's an alley that leads you to a square on the backside. There you can find a monument called the 'Turfschipper', honoring the peat skipper Adriaen van Bergen. Thanks to the Trojan horse type plan of this skipper, the heavily protected Breda could be recaptured from the Spanish forces in 1590. Get directions.

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De Haven in Breda


The original Harbour of Breda (Du) was constructed in the 16th and 17th century. Since 2007 it is in use purely as a recreational harbour. A good place to rent a boat and make a nice (guided) tour on the canal surrounding the historical Breda. Get directions.

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The Nassau Monument in Park Valkenberg in Breda

Nassau Monument

The connection between Breda and the Dutch royal family goes back to 1403, when Count Engelbert I of Nassau married Johanna van Polanen, Lady of Breda. The Nassau family subsequently lived in Breda for 150 years. This monument was unveiled in 1905 by Queen Wilhelmina, to celebrate the 500 years’ connection between the Nassaus and Breda. Get directions.

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The Algemene Warenmarkt in Breda

Algemene Warenmarkt

The Algemene Warenmarkt is the main market of Breda. It is a typical Dutch market, held in the open air. The market offers mostly food, like fresh vegetables, fish or Dutch cheese, but also simple clothes and textile.

Find the market on the main square of Breda, on Tuesdays till 13h and on Fridays till 15h. Get directions.

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The Bouvigne Castle near Breda

Bouvigne Castle

Bouvigne Castle is a picturesque castle situated on an estate with a French, a German and an English garden. The 16th century castle itself cannot be entered, but can be booked for weddings.

The gardens are open to visitors on weekdays between 9h and 16h. Entrance is free. See the official website (Du) for more visitor info. Get directions.

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The Huis van Brecht in Breda

Huis van Brecht

The House of Brecht (Du) belongs to the oldest buildings of Breda, going back to the second half of the 14th century. The house was named after Jan van Brecht, who was probably part of the entourage of Engelbert II of Nassau. In the 19th century the building was used as a military hospital.

A recent renovation saved the house, after alarming degradation. It is currently in use as the library of the Royal Military Academy. Get directions.

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Shopping in the Veemarktstraat in Breda


The Veemarktstraat is a pedestrian street famous in Breda for its specialty stores. You will find for example a skate store, an art materials shop or a second hand book store. The shops are interspersed with several cozy (coffee) bars, lunch rooms and restaurants. When visiting the Veemarktstraat, take a look in the adjacent Sint Annastraat for some small boutiques.

For more detailed info about the stores and cafés, see the website (Du) of the Veemarkstraat. Get directions.

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The Spanjaardsgat in Breda


The Spanjaardsgat (Du) is a watergate accompanied by two towers, built shortly after the Capture of Breda in 1590. The place symbolizes a weak spot in the Spanish army during the Eighty Years’ War. The story goes that the Spanish army which occupied Breda at the time, was tricked by a Dutch/British army, using a tactic reminiscent of the Trojan horse. Get directions.

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Shopping in De Barones shopping mall in Breda

De Barones (Mall)

De Barones is a newly renovated shopping center in the heart of the city, offering a large choice in mainstream stores. Find here primarily clothes stores part of retail chains, but also specialty stores focusing on cosmetics, or a jewelry and a bonbon shop.

See the official website (Du) for more info about the stores. The mall is open every day! Get directions.

Nice for a coffee break is Koffie bij Teun (Du), already awarded twice the best coffee bar of Brabant!

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Stay near the Ginnekenmarkt in Breda.
The Mezz concert venue in Breda

Mezz, Concert venue

Mezz (Du) is a concert venue located in a remarkable modern building, newly designed for concerts. People here have welcomed the building as a piece of art, stranded like a whale in the centre of Breda. Upcoming as well as established bands from the Netherlands and abroad perform in Mezz.

Check out the official website (Du) to learn more about events and tickets. Get directions.

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The Stedelijk Museum Breda

Stedelijk Museum Breda

The Stedelijk Museum Breda combines the former Breda’s Museum and the Museum of the Image. It exhibits a permanent collection about the history of Breda, and temporary exhibitions with a focus on art from the region. The museum is located in one of Breda’s oldest buildings, first mentioned in the archives of 1246, as a guest house.

The museum is closed on Mondays. See the official website for more visitor info. Get directions.

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The Mastbos near Breda


The Mastbos (Du) is one of the oldest cultivated forests in the Netherlands. Count Hendrik III had the forest laid out for hunting, some 500 years ago. You will find coniferous trees and broadleaf trees here, but also big flooded pits and swampy areas. All across the forest are tracks. Get directions.

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Shopping in Breda centre

Breda centre

This pleasant pedestrian shopping area covers several streets, with mainly clothes and shoe stores. Find here big stores like H&M and Hudson’s Bay, but also smaller stores, often part of Dutch or international retail chains.

The centre together with De Barones (Mall) are the best options for mainstream shopping in Breda. Get directions.

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The former royal garden Park Valkenberg in Breda

Park Valkenberg

Park Valkenberg (Du) is the former garden of the Castle of Breda. Count Hendrik III was the one who had the park laid out in the 16th century. Until 1812 the Nassau royal family used the park as their garden. Nowadays it is a public park. Get directions.

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Stay near Bouvigne Castle in Breda.

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