Scarlet Sails festival in Saint Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg

Saint Isaac Square in Saint Petersburg

St Isaac's Square

Marvelous works of Russian architecture of the 19th and 20th century are located on Isaac’s Square, including St Isaac's Cathedral, Mariinsky Palace, Hotel Astoria and Hotel Angleterre. Just in front of Mariinsky Palace there's the Blue Bridge, with 97 meters so wide that it is often perceived as being part of the square. Get directions.

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Avtovo Metro Station Saint Petersburg


Avtovo opened in 1955, on a depth of only 12 meters. According to The Guardian, the station can be listed among the 12 most beautiful metro stations in the world. The platform of the station appears like a palace, with marble and richly decorated columns. Get directions.

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Saint Michael Castle in Saint Petersburg

St Michael's Castle

Mikhailovsky Zamok was designed for Emperor Paul I, as a fortress. He was afraid to be murdered, and that's eventually what also happened in 1801, after living here only 40 days.. An interesting architectural fact is that all four facades of this palace are different. Nowadays it houses a museum (closed on Tuesdays).

See the official website for current events and exhibitions. Get directions.

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Bronze Horseman, monument to Peter the Great in Saint Petersburg

Bronze Horseman

The Bronze Horseman is a statue of Peter the Great, founder of the city. The name 'Bronze Horseman' comes from an 1833 poem of the same name by Alexander Pushkin. There is a legend which says that if something bad is going to happen with the city, the Horseman will come to life to save its citizens. Get directions.

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Interior of the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg

Hermitage, Winter Palace

The Hermitage is one of the largest, oldest and biggest museums in the world. It contains over three million items, located in six historical buildings. To see all this, you will need eleven years spending only one minute watching each masterpiece.

For the current exhibitions and an overview of the museum, see the official website. The museum is closed on Mondays. Get directions.

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Strelka on Vasilievsky Island in Saint Petersburg


Great spot where you can see a panorama of the Neva River together with main symbols of the city. The statues at the bottom of the rostral columns symbolize the four great rivers of Russia: the Volga, Dnieper, Neva and the Volkhov. Get directions.

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Inside Passage shopping centre in Saint Petersburg


Passage is an enchanting shopping arcade dating from 1848. It offers mostly luxury and specialty products. Located in the heart of the city, it is a must to step inside and take a look at the elegant interior and architecture.

See the official website for more shopping information. Get directions.

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New Holland Island in Saint Petersburg

New Holland Island

New Holland Island is an artificial island created in 1719, out of Peter the Great's enthusiasm about the Dutch naval activities and the urge he felt to reinforce the Russian fleet. Nowadays the historical island with clear signs of Dutch architecture is open to visitors. It is perfect for sunbathing in summer, and it offers an ice-rink in winter.

For an overview of the activities, see their official website. Get directions.

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Find a place near the Singer House.
Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg

Mariinsky Theatre

Mariinsky Theatre is the most famous ballet and opera theatre of St Petersburg. Enjoy spectacular performances in an imperial atmosphere in one of the oldest theatres of Russia. In 2007 a new Concert Hall was added to the building, with marvelous acoustics and seats for 1,100 people.

For the schedule and ticket information, see the official website. Get directions.

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Catherine Park in Pushkin with Hermitage Pavilion

Catherine Park

Catherine Park is the huge royal garden of Catherine Palace. As many other parks it consists of two parts: a Regular park and a Landscape park. Bridges, statues, ponds, temples, fountains – you will encounter all while walking around.

The entrance and ticket offices can be found on Sadovaya Street. For further detailed information, see the official website. Get directions.

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Cruiser Aurora in Saint Petersburg

Cruiser Aurora

Cruiser Aurora is the battleship that shot fire on 25 October 1917 to signal the start of the assault on the Winter Palace, a key moment during the Russian Revolution. Nowadays the cruiser can be inspected by visitors. Inside there's an exhibition devoted to the navy of the Russian Empire.

For visitor information, see the official website. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Get directions.

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Church of Saviour on Spilled Blood in Saint Petersburg

Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood

The Savior on the Spilled Blood is a picturesque church completed in 1907. It is located on the place where Emperor Alexander II was assassinated. The church is not only stunning from the outside, but you can also find a breathtaking 7,000 m2 of mosaics inside. Entrance is paid.

For visitor information, see the official website. The church is closed on Wednesdays. Get directions.

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Faberge egg in museum Saint Petersburg

Fabergé Museum

Fabergé Museum is a privately owned museum with a collection of more than 4,000 items, including the collection of world-famous Fabergé eggs. The museum is also known for exhibitions of famous painters such as Frida Kalo and Salvador Dali.

For more information about current exhibitions, see the official website. Open every day! Get directions.

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Chizhik-Pyzhik bird statue in Saint Petersburg


Your mission is to throw a coin towards this little siskin bird (in Russian: 'chizhik'). The legend says that if your coin lands on its perch, and doesn't fall into the river afterwards, your wish will come true! This little statue was placed near a college where the students wore green and yellow uniforms. Their bird-like appearance gave raise to their nickname Chizhik–Pyzhik. Get directions.

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Alexander Garden near the Admiralty building in Saint Petersburg

Alexander Garden

Located in between main landmarks of the city, Alexander Garden is a popular place to have a rest or walk around. In the North the garden is bordered by the impressive 400-meters facade of the Admiralty building, the current headquarters of the Russian Navy. The building may appear as a Soviet piece of architecture, but in fact preceded the Soviet era by 100 years. Get directions.

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The Palace Bridge in Saint Petersburg

Palace Bridge

Dvortsovy Bridge is the most picturesque bridge to watch while it's drawing. The best moment is during the White Nights, a unique geographical event attracting people from all over the world.

For the schedule of drawing, see here. Get directions.

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Find a place near St. Isaac's Square.
Nikolaevsky Palace in Saint Petersburg

Nicholas Palace

Nikolaevsky Palace is one of the last palaces built for the Imperial family in St Petersburg. After the Russian Revolution the palace was renamed as the 'Palace of Labour', and became the headquarters of a trade union. Nowadays you can enjoy a historical and cultural folklore show inside the palace, titled Feel Yourself Russian. Get directions.

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The Alexandrinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg

Alexandrinsky Theatre

Alexandrinsky Theatre is one of the oldest national theatres in Russia, opened in 1832. From the very beginning of its existence, it became one of the imperial theatres and the cradle of Russian drama theatre.

For the schedule and ticket information, see the official website. Get directions.

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The Saint Isaac Cathedral in Saint Petersburg at night

St Isaac's Cathedral

St Isaac’s Cathedral is the 4th largest in the world and one of the most spectacular of the city. During Soviet times it worked as a Museum of Atheism. The colossal church includes an observation terrace, a popular tourist attraction.

The cathedral is closed on Wednesdays. In summer, also open at night. For visitor information, see the official website. Get directions.

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The Grand Peterhof Palace in Saint Petersburg

The Grand Peterhof Palace

Peterhof Palace is a marvelous masterpiece, also called the 'Russian Versailles'. During the 17-19th centuries the Grand Palace held important events such as celebrations and receptions, balls and masquerades.

Please note that the palace can only be visited in a group. For further detailed information, visit the official website. Open every day, except on Monday. Get directions.

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The Kazan Cathedral in Saint Petersburg

Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan

Kazan Cathedral is one of the best-known symbols of St Petersburg, now the main orthodox cathedral of the city. It was built in 1811, inspired by St Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Inside you can see an interesting effect, where rays of sunlight visually seem to increase the height of the dome.

Free entrance. Get directions.

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Find a place near Mariinsky Theatre.
Pavlovsk Park in Saint Petersburg

Pavlovsky Park

Pavlovsk Park was repeatedly glorified by many poets, architects and travelers. The huge park is a popular place for walks where you can feed squirrels and rent a bike. Pay attention, to enter the park you need to buy a ticket. For further information, see official website. Get directions.

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The State Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg

State Russian Museum

The State Russian Museum is the biggest museum of Russian fine arts in the world. It covers all historical trends in the development of Russian art over a period of more than 1,000 years, including works by Aivazovsky, Roerich, and Kandinsky.

For the current exhibitions and an overview of the museum, see the official website. The museum is closed on Tuesdays. Get directions.

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The Ploshad Vosstaniya Metro Station in Saint Petersburg

Ploshad Vosstaniya

Ploshad Vosstaniya was opened in 1955 on the site of the demolished Znamenskaya church. Its depth is 58 meters. The vestibule of the station is richly decorated with Soviet symbols, which give it a firm but refined appearance. Get directions.

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The Eliseev Store in Saint Petersburg

Eliseev's Store

Eliseevsky Store appears like a museum, inside as well as from the outside. Amidst the rich Art Nouveau interior you can find all kinds of high-quality food and Russian delicacies, an ideal place to shop for exclusive souvenirs. Upstairs there is a restaurant called Mezzanine, entirely covered in Art Nouveau style.

For more info about the store, see the official website. Get directions.

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The Field of Mars in Saint Petersburg

Field of Mars

Almost as old as the city, Field of Mars was used for many years as a training ground for guards' regiments and parades. In the centre of the field you can find an eternal flame, devoted to all the victims of revolution and wars. Get directions.

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View on Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood in Saint Petersburg.

How to experience Saint Petersburg for free?

Saint Petersburg expensive? Looking at all these luxurious palaces and houses you can really get such an impression. However, this is absolutely not the case, with coffee already selling at € 1.50. What’s more, it is even possible to experience the magnificent city on the Neva without spending a single penny! Don’t believe us? Read more

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The Griboedov Canal Market in Saint Petersburg

Griboedov Canal Market

Outside souvenir market located at one of the most picturesque places of the city. Typical Russian souvenirs like ushanka hats or matryoshka dolls, you can all find it here. The market is supposed to be open every day, also when it's bitterly cold! Get directions.

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The Mikhailovsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg

Mikhailovsky Theatre

Mikhailovsky Theatre is one of the three imperial theatres in St Petersburg, along with Alexandrinsky and Mariinsky. In the repertoire of the theatre you can find both classical and modern opera and ballet productions. The interior of the theatre is truly stunning!

For the schedule and ticket information, see the official website. Get directions.

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The Catherine Palace in Pushkin, near Saint Petersburg

Catherine Palace

Catherine Palace is a gorgeous imperial residence in Pushkin, a suburb of the city. Every day thousands of tourists visit its magnificent halls, and the world-famous Amber Room, which was restored for the 300th anniversary of St Petersburg.

The palace is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. For more information, see the official website. Get directions.

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The Prioratsky Park in Gatchina, near Saint Petersburg

Prioratsky Park

Prioratsky Park is a landscaped space of 154 hectares with two lakes and the small but charming Priory Palace. This park was a place of shooting BBC's 'War and Peace'. The entrance to the park is free. The park has opening hours, for more information see the official website. Get directions.

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The Kunstkamera Museum in Saint Petersburg


Established by the founder of the city Peter the Great, as a cabinet of curiosities to preserve 'natural and human curiosities and rarities'. It resulted in a very typical collection from the 18th century. Nowadays Kunstkamera treasures a collection of interesting items from different ethnicities in the world.

The museum is closed on Mondays. Get directions.

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The Palace Square in Saint Petersburg

Palace Square

Palace Square is a wide and open square located in between the General Staff Building and the Hermitage. It often serves as a stage for big events and concerts. In the centre of the square there's Alexander Column, raised after the victory against Napoleon. The column is said to be constructed without attachment to the base, staying in position because of its weight alone. Get directions.

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The DLT Shopping Centre in Saint Petersburg

DLT (department store)

Leningrad Trade House is the oldest department store of St Petersburg, opened in 1908. Each floor is assigned to a certain category of goods, with a strong focus on luxury. The interior is classical and stylish, and makes DLT worth a visit regardless of your shopping intentions.

See the official website for more shopping information. Get directions.

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Find a place near Kazan Cathedral.
The Museum of the Political History of Russia in Saint Petersburg.

Museum of the Political History of Russia

The Museum of the Political History of Russia is located in a classical Art Nouveau mansion, which belonged to the ballerina Mathilde Kschessinska. The collection of the museum contains about half a million items, and extensively covers Russian politics and the relationship citizens had with it, from the time of Catherine II to the present day. A part of the exhibition is dedicated to the former owner of the magnificent mansion, who, according to some sources, was the favorite of Nicholas II, the last emperor of the Russian Empire.

Please note that the museum is closed on Thursdays. Get directions.

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The Lower Park in Peterhof, near Saint Petersburg

Lower Park

Created as the second 'Versailles', the Lower Park became the symbol of Russian emperors. The spectacular park is filled with enormous fountains and the world-famous golden cascade right in front of Peterhof Palace.

You will need a valid ticket to enter the park. You can enter from the main entrance near Peterhof Palace, or from the pier in case you arrive by hydrofoil. For further details, check out the official website. Get directions.

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The Gatchina Palace near Saint Petersburg

Gatchina Palace

Gatchina Palace is the brightest example of Russian classicism of the second half of the 18th century. Built for one of the favorites of Empress Catherine the Great, this palace reflects the style of a castle from the Middle Ages.

The palace is closed on Mondays, and the first Tuesday of the month. For further information, see the official website. Get directions.

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The Singer House in Saint Petersburg

Singer House, House of Books

The Singer House is one of the most iconic buildings of the city, once the Russian headquarters of the Singer sewing company. After the revolution of 1917, the company was forced to move and the building became the oldest bookstore of the city, still called 'Singer' by locals. Get directions.

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The Erarta Museum in Saint Petersburg

Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art

Erarta is the largest contemporary art museum in Russia, with exhibitions on five floors covering a space of 10,000m2. It contains about 2,800 works, many mind-blowing. Visitors can also enjoy a nice moment of rest in the café inside the building.

The museum is closed on Tuesdays. To learn more about current events, visit the official website. Get directions.

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The Upper Park in Peterhof, near Saint Petersburg

Upper Park

Located in front of the Grand Peterhof Palace, the Upper Garden is being considered as the grand entrance to one of the most beautiful imperial residences in the world.

Please note that the Upper Park is closed for restoration until 2024. For further information, see the official website. Get directions.

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The Bolshoy Prospect, for luxury shopping in Saint Petersburg

Bolshoy Prospect

Along this part of Boshoy Prospect you can find boutiques of famous high-end fashion brands like Versace, La Perla and Ralph Lauren. Bolshoy Prospect can be seen as the main street of Petrogradsky District, an area with a nice atmosphere that treasures beautiful architecture often missed by visitors. Get directions.

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The Saint Nicholas Naval Cathedral in Saint Petersburg

St Nicholas Naval Cathedral

Sailors originally settled the area in the time of Peter the Great. The first, wooden, chapel was built for them and bore the name of St Nicholas, the patron of sailors. After the Revolution most churches were closed and used for the needs of the Soviet authorities, but St Nicholas Naval Cathedral managed to escape that fate. Get directions.

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The Peter and Paul Fortress in Saint Petersburg

Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter and Paul Fortress is the birthplace of St Petersburg, founded in 1703. Historically this formed the territory where Swedish noble families liked to hunt rabbits, hence the name 'Rabbit Island'.

The fortress can be entered free of charge. The museums on the territory including the cathedral are closed on Wednesdays. Get directions.

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The Bank Bridge in Saint Petersburg

The Bank Bridge

The Bank Bridge is a pedestrian bridge, known as one of the most picturesque bridges of St. Petersburg. It is crowned with four magnificent golden-winged lions. The 25-metre bridge crosses the Griboedov Canal right in front of the Assignation Bank building, which nowadays houses a university. The students there sincerely believe in the special powers of these four mystical animals – put a note with your wish under one of their paws, and don't be surprised if it comes true! Get directions.

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The Oranienbaum Park near Saint Petersburg

Oranienbaum Park

Oranienbaum Park surrounds the stunning baroque Grand Menshikov Palace (Ru). This huge but not very well-known park goes back to the 18th century and has survived WWII in its historical state. It offers shady trails across the territory with some nice quiet corners on the banks of little ponds.

Please note that Oranienbaum Park is free to visit during the winter season, but a small entrance fee is charged in summer (May to September). Check out the official website for further information. The park closes in the evening. Get directions.

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Find a place near Alexander Garden.
The Sennoy Market in Saint Petersburg

Sennoy Market

One of the oldest local markets of the city, offering fresh products from local farms and a collection of simple clothes. The market is inside as well as outside. Easily reachable from the metro stations on Sennaya Ploschad. The market is open every day! Get directions.

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High-speed from Saint Petersburg to Moscow with the Sapsan.

High-speed from Saint Petersburg to Moscow with the Sapsan

If you have always dreamed of seeing the best of Russia, but you have only limited time, do not get upset! Travelling between Saint Petersburg and Moscow is possible at nearly the speed of light, with the Sapsan!

Well, the speed of light is not entirely true, as the Sapsan high-speed trains reach speeds of up to 240 km/h. However, this does mean that you can move from the centre of Saint Petersburg to the centre of Moscow in less than four hours! Read more

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Admiralteyskaya metro station in Saint Petersburg


Admiralteyskaya station opened in 2011 on a depth of 86 meters. It is the deepest station in Russia. The interior is decorated with beautiful mosaics in marine theme. When the bridges across the Neva river are drawn, Admiralteyskaya and Sportivnaya are the only two stations open at night (from 1:00-3:00h). Get directions.

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The striking Imperial interior of the Winter Palace.

A guide to the Hermitage

A real maze in St. Petersburg filled with a collection of art that could only be surpassed by the Louvre in Paris. The Hermitage is overwhelming, one room even more beautiful than the one before, and there seems to be no end. It will take years to see the entire collection (no joke), so for visiting the Hermitage, you certainly need a plan!

How to visit this magnificent museum with maximum comfort? Continue reading and find out its secrets and life hacks! Read more

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Au Pont Rouge in Saint Petersburg

Au Pont Rouge (department store)

Au Pont Rouge is a luxury department store located in the monumental Esders and Scheefhaals building, which was built in 1907. The name 'Au Pont Rouge' refers to the position of the elegant building, right in front of the Red Bridge over the Moika river.

See the official website for more shopping information. Get directions.

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Catherine Garden in Saint Petersburg

Catherine Garden

The name of this garden was given after a magnificent monument to Catherine the Great in the centre. She is holding a scepter, surrounded by her associates at the foot of the tall pedestal. During summer, the garden is a popular place for a rest under the trees. Get directions.

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The Pavlovsk Palace near Saint Petersburg

Pavlovsk Palace

Despite its very modest facades, the halls of Emperor Paul's Palace are widely decorated with gilding, magnificent furniture, French tapestries, and paintings. The palace has a captivating history, and does not tend to get overcrowded like many other residences.

The palace is closed on Fridays. For more information, see the official website. Get directions.

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The Siege of Leningrad Museum in Saint Petersburg

Siege of Leningrad Museum

This museum tells about the lives of people in St Petersburg, during one of the bloodiest episodes of WWII, the Siege of Leningrad. The German forces blocked nearly all roads to the city and bombed it for 872 days, but miraculously St Petersburg managed to survive one of the most destructive sieges in history.

The museum is currently closed for renovation. See the official website (Ru) for more info. Get directions.

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The Eliseev House in Saint Petersburg

Eliseev's House

Eliseev's House is a true eye-catcher amidst the classical buildings on Nevsky Prospect. The striking Art Nouveau design was an elegant way of marketing the new Eliseev's Store in 1903. On the left side of the building there's a small legendary black cat. Make sure to drop a coin near his pawns, so he can fulfill your wish!

See the official website for more information about the building and the store. Get directions.

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Find a place near Palace Square.
The Kronstadt Naval Cathedral near Saint Petersburg

Kronstadt Naval Cathedral

The Byzantine style of design of the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral proclaims the origins of Russian Orthodoxy in Constantinople. In 1929 the church was closed and used as a cinema, a concert hall, and a naval museum. The enormous cathedral was built with the personal support of the last tsar, Nicholas II. Get directions.

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The Mikhailovsky Garden in Saint Petersburg

Mikhailovsky Garden

Mikhailovsky Sad is a shaded and well-groomed oasis of rest in the heart of the city, surrounded by museums, temples and monuments. You can also find here the small temple-shaped 'Rossi's Pavilion', dedicated to Rossi, a 19th century architect from St Petersburg. Inside there is a nice café.

For further information about the park, see the official website. Get directions.

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The Pink Serpent egg by Fabergé.

The hunt for Fabergé

As objects of extreme desire, Fabergé eggs have literally been hunted for. Originally the wealthiest families desperately wanted to own such a piece of luxury. Then the Soviets came into power, meaning the end of the House of Fabergé. But the hunts continued, most tellingly in movies like James Bond's Octopussy or Ocean's Twelve. And also you can hunt for the famous Fabergé eggs, as there are still some missing...

So don't think twice when you encounter a beautiful jeweled egg somewhere far away on a flea market – but beware of Fauxbergé! Read more

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The Yusupov Palace in Saint Petersburg

Yusupov Palace

Yusupov Palace is a huge residence belonging to the wealthy Yusupov family. It is best known for being the place where Grigory Rasputin was cruelly murdered.

Visiting the Yusupov Palace is possible only accompanied by a guide or with an audio guide. The museum inside is open every day. Get directions.

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Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street in Saint Petersburg

Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street

Along with DLT, this is one of the better places to look for luxury clothes in St Petersburg. The charming street offers a number of fashion boutiques in the category of Prada and Dior. Get directions.

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Narvskaya metro station in Saint Petersburg


Narvskaya station opened in 1956, on a depth of 50 meters. The station brings you back in the USSR, the moment you step on its platform. The pylons are decorated with 48 panels of people engaged in the most different professions like artists, farmers, doctors, and scientists. Get directions.

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Strelna, or Konstantinovsky Park, in Saint Petersburg


Konstantinovsky Park or Strelna is the big garden of Konstantinovsky Palace, founded by Peter the Great in 1715. Nowadays it is in use by the Russian Government, so you'll have to book an excursion in order to visit it. For more information, see the official website. Get directions.

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Graphical illustration of Pushkin

Pushkin Museum and memorial apartment

Pushkin museum is devoted to Russia’s most famous and beloved poet Alexander Pushkin. It is located in the apartment where he lived between 1836 and 1837, and treasures a collection of private belongings of the poet.

The museum is closed on Tuesdays. Get directions.

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Nevsky Prospect in Saint Petersburg

Nevsky Prospect

Nevsky Prospect is the main street of St Petersburg, and arguably one of the most beautiful avenues in the world, especially at night, with beautifully illuminated buildings. Funny fact is that the avenue is believed to be the warmest place in the whole city. Feeling cold, go to Nevsky! Get directions.

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The Saint Isaac's Cathedral in the evening.

Saint Petersburg in a 3-hour walking tour

For those visiting this majestic city for the first time, and who have only little time to explore it, we want to share a small route that will help you getting acquainted with the most colorful, gorgeous and unforgettable places in the heart of the city. Get Streetwise in Saint Petersburg and follow Olga's unique walking tour that introduces you to this great city... Read more

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The Grand Menshikov Palace in Oranienbaum Park near Saint Petersburg

The Grand Menshikov Palace

The Grand Menshikov Palace (Ru) is the most impressive landmark on the royal residence of Oranienbaum, built in 1727. It is the only palace and park ensemble of Peter the Great's time that survived the wars and still breathes the atmosphere of rich Russian nobility.

The palace is closed on Tuesdays and the last Wednesday of the month. Check out the official website for more visitor information. Get directions.

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The Summer Garden in Saint Petersburg

Summer Garden

Once on the border of St Petersburg, Peter the Great designed the Summer Garden to look like parks in Europe and built himself a small summer palace which you can still find there. It's a nice and neat park that invites you to rest on benches under its massive trees. The entrance is from Moika Emb. or from Neva River Emb. and is free.

The garden closes in the evening. Tuesday is a day off. For more information, see the official website. Get directions.

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The Smolny Convent in Saint Petersburg

Smolny Convent

Smolny Convent was created after Empress Elizabeth had decided to spend the rest of her life in a convent. The huge main church of this beautiful baroque ensemble, is a masterpiece of the Italian architect Rastrelli. Though the convent is partly used by government institutions, it is still open to visitors. Get directions.

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Kuznechnyy Market in Saint Petersburg

Kuznechnyy Market

Located in a building from the 1930s, this market offers a wide range of fresh products, as well as local specialties and delicacies. Even if you're not planning to buy anything, the market is worth a stop to get a taste of the atmosphere. Open every day! Get directions.

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Nevsky Prospect in Saint Petersburg

Luxury shopping at Nevsky Prospect

A place for luxury shopping located just off the busy part of Nevsky Prospect. The area is made up of boutiques of high-end brands like Dior and Comme des Garçons. Get directions.

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Singer House with greenery.
Kirovsky Zavod metro station in Saint Petersburg

Kirovsky Zavod

Kirovsky Zavod opened in 1955, on a depth of 50 meters. The building of the station, with the columns and the granite staircase, reminds of ancient architecture. The interior of the station is dedicated to the industrialization of the country, with decorations reflecting oil, coal and metallurgical industries and electrification. Get directions.

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Alexandrovsky Park in Pushkin, near Saint Petersburg

Alexandrovsky Park

Alexandrovsky Park is one of the bigger parks in the suburbs of the city. A neighbor of the famous Catherine Park and Catherine Palace which still has its own beauties worth visiting. Pay attention, to enter the park you need to buy a ticket and the entrance is located in front of Catherine Palace.

For more information, see the official website. Get directions.

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The Summer Palace of Peter the Great in Saint Petersburg

Summer Palace of Peter the Great

Being a very modest person, Emperor Peter the Great created a very modest Summer Palace for himself: it has only 14 rooms. One of the rooms included a mechanical lathe workshop where he used to work on his own.

The palace can be visited again as of May 2019, after restauration works. Get directions.

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Soviet cafe Pyshechnaya in Saint Petersburg

Soviet café Pyshechnaya

Being opened in 1958 on Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street, 'Pyshechnaya' still looks approximately the same as in the USSR. In this Soviet atmosphere you can taste a local favorite, a very special donut called 'pyshka': greasy but legendary! Get directions.

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The Central Naval Museum in Saint Petersburg

Central Naval Museum

The Naval Museum gives a great look into the Russian navy through the years. The main exposition consists of nineteen halls with model ships and naval equipment, ship designs, documents signed by Russian emperors, and much more!

The museum is closed on Monday and Tuesday. Get directions.

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Tavrichesky Garden in Saint Petersburg

Tavrichesky Garden

Tavrichesky Garden (Ru) was established around Tavrichesky Palace, which was built on the orders of Catherine the Great for her favorite duke Potemkin-Tavricheski. The beautiful green islet in the centre is not just good for a stroll along the paths or a rest on one of the benches, but also perfect to lie in the grass on sunny days. Get directions.

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The Singer House in Saint Petersburg

House of Books (Singer House)

Paradise for book lovers, and a magnet of cultural and intellectual life in St Petersburg. The warm atmosphere of the House of Books attracts all kinds of visitors, frozen from wind and rain. And even if you weren't planning to buy anything, you may leave this place with your new favorite book.

See the official website (Ru) for more info. Get directions.

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The Marble Palace in Saint Petersburg

Marble Palace

The Marble Palace was built in 1785 under the reign of Catherine the Great. It takes its name from the rich decorations with all sorts of marble. Nowadays the palace holds exhibitions of contemporary masters, Russian and foreign. On the wall of the grand staircase you can see the only portrait in the world of architect Antonio Rinaldi.

The museum is closed on Tuesdays. Get directions.

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Monument to the Heroic Defenders of Leningrad.

Why remembering the Siege of Leningrad?

January 27 is a big day in Saint Petersburg, the former Leningrad. In 2021 it was exactly 77 years since the complete breakthrough of the Blockade. A day on which its people could finally see the light again, after three years of hell... Read more

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The Lakhta Center in Saint Petersburg

Lakhta Center

With 462 meters Lakhta Center is Europe's tallest skyscraper. The bullet-shaped structure was completed in 2018, whereas works on the interior will continue into 2019. An observation deck is to be installed at a height of 360 meters. The building is intended to become the new headquarters of Gazprom.

See the official website for the current project status. Get directions.

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The Alexandria Park in Peterhof, near Saint Petersburg

Alexandria Park

Alexandria Park (Ru) is a big and shaded park that used to be an imperial residence. Apart from amazing greenery, it offers some interesting architectural landmarks like the Cottage Palace (Ru), the Farm Palace and the fascinating Gothic Chapel. You can also admire views of the Gulf of Finland from many points in the park.

Please note that Alexandria Park is free to visit during the winter season, but a small entrance fee is charged in summer (May to September). Check out the official website for further information. Get directions.

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Pushkinskaya metro station in Saint Petersburg


Pushkinskaya station opened in 1957, on a depth of 57 meters. Dedicated to Alexander Pushkin, the station treasures the first underground monument to the famous poet. The platform of the station bears similarities to Oktyabrskaya station in Moscow, which was opened in 1950. Get directions.

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The State Museum of the History of Religion in Saint Petersburg

State Museum of the History of Religion

The Museum of Religion contains around 250,000 exhibits, in permanent and temporary exhibitions. It reflects the variety and unity of the spiritual life of humankind. Here you will learn not only about the history of the main confessions, but also about the habits and beliefs of many smaller communities.

The museum is closed on Wednesdays. Get directions.

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The Grand Choral Synagogue in Saint Petersburg

Grand Choral Synagogue

The Grand Choral Synagogue is the centre of public and religious life of the Jewish community in St Petersburg – one of the oldest communities of the city. It is the second largest synagogue in Europe, after the Great Synagogue in Budapest.

The place offers English guided tours in the building, as well as city tours of ‘Jewish St Petersburg’. See the official website for more info. Get directions.

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Krestovsky Island in Saint Petersburg

Krestovsky Island

Krestovsky Island is a huge green space with asphalted parts perfect for cycling or roller skating, and sandy shaded parts. The popular park is good for both, active sports and rest. On the North side, there's an amusement park (free access) with spectacular and thrilling rides! Get directions.

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The Trinity Cathedral in Saint Petersburg

Trinity Cathedral

The Trinity Cathedral has fortunately survived several fires, as it is one of the biggest and most beautiful churches. The magnificent domes are painted with golden stars on a blue background by personal instruction and design of Emperor Nicholas I. Nearby you can see a small monument of the cathedral’s architect Stasov. Get directions.

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The Stroganov Palace in Saint Petersburg

Stroganov Palace

After the renovation and restoration of its architectural decoration, Stroganov Palace is again filled with paintings, sculptures and applied arts from the storage of the Russian Museum.

The museum is closed on Tuesdays. For more information about current exhibitions, visit the official website. Get directions.

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Galeria Shopping Mall in Saint Petersburg

Galeria (Mall)

Galeria is the biggest place for shopping in the city centre. The modern and comfortable mall offers a large selection of brands on four levels. It also includes a big cinema theatre, a supermarket on the ground floor and a food court on the top floor.

See the official website for more shopping information. Get directions.

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The Mikhailovsky Square in Saint Petersburg

Mikhailovsky Square

An elegant and calm square in the heart of the city, also known as the Arts Square; a name that refers to the large number of architectural monuments concentrated here. Amidst the many benches there's a statue of the great Alexander Pushkin. Get directions.

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Monument to the Heroic Defenders of Leningrad in Saint Petersburg

Monument to the Heroic Defenders of Leningrad

The huge monument commemorates the heroic persistence of the people of Leningrad against the German forces during WWII. The city almost stood alone against the power of Germany, as it was nearly isolated for 872 days and bombed on a daily basis. Somehow the people here resisted severe starvation and one of the most destructive sieges in history. Get directions.

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The Apraksin Dvor Market in Saint Petersburg

Apraksin Dvor

Apraksin Dvor is one of the largest markets of the city offering a wide range of products, from simple clothes and shoes to car and motorcycle spare parts. Although the place has a long history in merchandise, you wouldn't immediately say that you're in Russia when walking around here. The market is open every day! Be aware of pickpockets here. Get directions.

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The Konstantinovsky Palace in Saint Petersburg

Konstantinovsky Palace

Konstantinovsky Palace is also known as the 'Palace of Congresses', or Strelna. Officially a residence of the President, it is also used for events, and open as a historical and cultural sight.

To visit the palace you need to book a guided tour. For more details, see the official website. Get directions.

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Yelagin Island in Saint Petersburg

Yelagin Island

Yelagin Island is a peaceful and wide green space where you can find a mini-zoo, rent boats and in winter months there is an ice rink. The place is also popular for open-air concerts during summer.

Please note that the entrance is paid in the weekend (starting from 14h on Fridays). Have a look at the official website for further details. Get directions.

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The Russian Museum of Ethnography in Saint Petersburg

Russian Museum of Ethnography

The collection of the Museum of Ethnography provides incredible and unique insights into the history and culture of Russians, Ukrainians and Belorussians, as well as the people and tribes from the Caucasus, Central Asia and Siberia.

The museum is closed on Mondays, and on the last Friday of the month. Get directions.

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Stockmann Nevsky Center in Saint Petersburg

Stockmann Nevsky Center (Mall)

Large mainstream mall consisting of five floors and a pleasant atmosphere. Besides the Stockmann department store, you can find many more clothes stores here, mostly mainstream. The basement includes a supermarket, and the top floor offers a panoramic restaurant.

See the official website for more shopping info. Get directions.

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The Icebreaker Krassin in Saint Petersburg

The Icebreaker Krassin

The Krassin is an icebreaker originally built in 1916, and reconstructed in 1960 into the ship it is today. The exhibition inside the icebreaker tells about the many missions in which she has served, peaceful as well as war missions.

The ship is closed for visitors on Monday, Tuesday and the last Wednesday of the month. See the official website for more info. Get directions.

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Kolonistsky Park near Saint Petersburg

Kolonistsky Park

In the early 1830s, this was a place with houses of German colonists, hence the park was called Kolonistsky (Ru). Take a walk around Olgin Pond with the two beautiful pavilions in the middle, built by Tsar Nicholas I for his wife and daughter: Tsarina's Pavilion and Olga's Pavilion. Get directions.

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Zvenigorodskaya metro station in Saint Petersburg


Zvenigorodskaya was opened in 2008, on a depth of 57 meters. On the platform of the station there's a large mosaic where Peter the Great prepares the Semenov regiment for the Battle of Poltava. Get directions.

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Find a place in the historical centre of St. Petersburg.
Alexander Palace in Pushkin, near Saint Petersburg

The Alexander Palace

Alexander Palace is located in Alexander Park, a picturesque part of Tsarskoye Selo. The palace was the favorite resting place of the family of the last Russian Emperor, Nicholas II. It was here he was arrested.

The palace is currently closed for renovation. Get directions.

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Graphical illustration of Fyodor Dostoevsky

Fyodor Dostoevsky Museum

The Dostoevsky Museum is a museum about the Russian writer Dostoevsky. It is located in the basement of an apartment building in the city centre. The famous author had lived here twice during his life, and has produced here some of his most notable works.

The museum is closed on Mondays. Get directions.

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Park Zverinets in Peterhof, near Saint Petersburg

Park Zverinets

If you decide to visit Peterhof by train, you will not only get to see the beautiful gothic New Peterhof Railway station, but you will also have the chance to cross Park Zverinets (Ru) on your way to Grand Peterhof Palace. This big green park is like a forest, popular with locals. Get directions.

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The Saint Petersburg Mosque

St Petersburg Mosque

The St Petersburg Mosque is one of the largest in Europe - it can accommodate up to 5,000 people. The dome of the mosque is an almost exact copy of the 15th century Gur Emir Mausoleum in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Get directions.

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The Polish Garden in Saint Petersburg.

Polish Garden

The Polish Garden is a quiet secluded place on the territory of the former estate of the Russian poet Derzhavin. In this quiet oasis in the middle of freshly cut meadows, there's beautiful well-groomed trees, a narrow stream and three small ponds. In addition to the garden, the estate has a little greenhouse with a café inside and even a small vegetable garden. In summertime, music concerts are often held here.

The entrance to the garden is from the Fontanka embankment, it is paid and costs less than 1 Euro. Get directions.

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The Piterland shopping mall in Saint Petersburg

Piterland (Mall)

A large mall offering a wide range of products. It is a good place for shopping international mainstream brands as well as local Russian ones. There is also a nice cinema and a big aquapark inside.

See the official website (Ru) for more detailed shopping info. Get directions.

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The Armenian church on Nevsky Prospect in Saint Petersburg

Armenian Church

The first Armenians appeared in St Petersburg almost immediately after it was founded. In 1771 the Armenian life here was enriched with this beautiful Armenian Church. Closed down in the Soviet era, the building was used as a headquarters of anti-aircraft defense amongst others. In 2000, after a restoration, the church began to work again. Get directions.

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The 300th Anniversary Park in Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg 300th Anniversary Park

The 300th Anniversary Park (Ru) is the youngest park of St Petersburg. It is a wide and open green space good for cycling or roller skating. Along the seaside there's a public beach. The adjoining Piterland Mall offers an (inside) Aquapark. Get directions.

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The Tauride Palace in Saint Petersburg

Tauride Palace

Tavrichesky Palace is home to the Interparliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth of Independent States, and is not open for sightseeing. However, since February 2010, the palace is being used to host Potemkin Evenings, concerts of 18th century music. Get directions.

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Tchaikovsky Street in Saint Petersburg

Tchaikovsky Street

Tchaikovsky Street (Ru) is one of the oldest streets of St Petersburg, founded in 1711. The historical street contains beautiful architecture from different epochs, mainly luxurious houses of noble families and palaces. Though it's a beautiful street in the heart of the city, it is often missed by tourists. Get directions.

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The Museum of Artillery in Saint Petersburg

Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps

The Artillery Museum is located on the historical site Kronverk, the 'crown' on Peter and Paul Fortress. It boasts an impressive collection of artillery in the open air, with a wide array of Cold War era artillery pieces. The permanent collection inside includes an exhibition devoted to Kalashnikov.

The museum is closed on Monday, Tuesday and the last Thursday of the month. Get directions.

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The Botanical Garden of Peter the Great in Saint Petersburg

Botanical Gardens of Peter the Great

This Botanical Garden is one of the most famous in the entire country, founded by Peter the Great as early as in 1714. The 26 greenhouses on the 22-hectares site allow you to see almost 8,000 examples of plants from all over the world. The entrance can be found on Professora Popova Street. An entrance fee is charged. Get directions.

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Gostiny Dvor in Saint Petersburg

Gostiny Dvor

'Gostiny Dvor' is the Russian term for an indoor shopping center, and that's exactly what you'll find here. The hallways with an accumulated length of 2 kilometers, are filled with simple local clothes stores and trendy boutiques. See their official website (Ru) for more shopping info. Get directions.

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The Beloselsky Belozersky Palace in Saint Petersburg at night

Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace

Historically this beautifully decorated Beloselsky Palace held music evenings, popular amongst noble families as well as emperors. Today the building is home of the Municipal Cultural Center along with some other institutions, and like in the old days it hosts concerts of chamber music!

For ticket information, see their vending website (Ru). Get directions.

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Alexander Park in Saint Petersburg

Alexander Park

Alexander Park is a small green space which provides a comfortable walkway towards Peter and Paul Fortress. Near metro station Gorkovskaya, there's an area with bronze mini-statues of the main sights, as well as statues of the most famous architects of the city which are always happy to pose with you on a picture. Get directions.

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The Gazprom Arena in Saint Petersburg

Gazprom Arena

The Gazprom Arena was opened in 2017, as one of the most expensive football temples in the world. Also known by the name 'Krestovsky Stadium', the arena can accommodate up to 67,000 people. In 2018 it hosted seven games of the FIFA World Cup. Get directions.

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The Chesme church in Saint Petersburg

Chesme Church

Surrounded by gloomy gray Soviet apartment blocks, the Chesme Church looks like a princess tower. It was built between 1774 and 1780, to commemorate Russia’s victory over the Turks in the naval Battle of Chesme. Get directions.

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Moskovsky Victory Park in Saint Petersburg

Moskovsky Victory Park

Moskovsky Victory Park was built in honor of the victory in the Great Patriotic War (WWII). In the park there is a rental of (pedal) boats, an amusement park, mini golf, tennis courts, and in winter an ice rink! Get directions.

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The Mariinsky Palace in Saint Petersburg

Mariinsky Palace

Historical Mariinsky Palace on St Isaac's Square was a present of Emperor Nicholas I for his daughter Maria. The neoclassical palace from 1844 was designed by Andrei Stackensneider, a court architect. Since 1994 it forms the residence of the Legislative Assembly of St Petersburg. It can only be visited on special occasions. Get directions.

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Dostoevskaya metro station in Saint Petersburg


Dostoevskaya station opened in 1991, on a depth of 62 meters. It is located not far from the museum-apartment of the famous writer Dostoevsky. Stylized antique lanterns installed on the platform give the station the look of the Dostoevsky era and breathe the gloomy atmosphere of his works. Get directions.

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Kamenny Island in Saint Petersburg

Kamenny Island

Kamenny Island is a green area that goes back nearly 300 years. Only rarely visited by tourists, the architectural treasures of the area include Kamennoostrovsky Palace, a royal residence built by Catherine the Great for her son Paul I, and nice villas that belonged to the Russian aristocracy. Get directions.

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Vasileostrovsky Market in Saint Petersburg

Vasileostrovsky Market

Vasileostrovsky Market is a local market which has recently been renovated, now consisting of a new market hall with stands offering various gastronomic delights, an outside terrace, as well as an outdoor market with stalls selling primarily vegetables and fruits.

Vasileostrovsky Market is open every day. Have a look at their official website for further info. The market is located on Vasilievsky Island and easily reachable from Vasileostrovskaya metro station. Get directions.

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The Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design in Saint Petersburg

Stieglitz Academy of Art and Design

Stieglitz Academy is a unique monument not only of architecture, but also of art education. Entering the museum gives the opportunity to wander through the magnificent academic building and watch the future artists sharpening their skills.

The museum is closed on Sundays and Mondays. Get directions.

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Sosnovka Park in Saint Petersburg

Sosnovka Park

Big forest popular among locals for jogging, barbeque and walking. From 1941 to 1945 a military airfield operated here. Still gunshots can be heard here today, but those are more likely to come from a big shooting range where locals practice their shooting skills. Get directions.

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The Sheremetev Palace in Saint Petersburg

Sheremetev Palace

This palace with its elegant baroque facade and its magnificent iron fence, dates back to 1740. Today the palace is home to the Museum of Music, with a collection of over 3,000 instruments (closed on Tuesdays). The palace also hosts numerous concerts and lectures.

For more information about events and exhibitions, see the official website. Get directions.

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The Alexander Nevsky Lavra in Saint Petersburg

Alexander Nevsky Lavra

The Alexander Nevsky Monastery consists of some of the oldest buildings of the city, as well as two cemeteries, containing the graves of culture masters as Tchaikovsky, Dostoevsky and Glinka. The small park on the territory of Lavra invites for a calm walk. Get directions.

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The Yusupov Garden in Saint Petersburg

Yusupov Garden

Small but cozy place to have a rest. The garden was laid out in the 18th century as part of the Yusupov mansion. In winter there's an ice skating rink on the pond, just like the first World Cup figure skating that took place there in 1896…! Get directions.

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The Sennaya shopping mall in Saint Petersburg

Sennaya (Mall)

Sennaya Mall is a place to find clothes stores of big international brands, together with some cosmetics and electronics stores. There's also a food court inside. For detailed shopping info, see the official website (Ru). Get directions.

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The Anichkov Palace in Saint Petersburg

Anichkov Palace

Anichkov Palace is a former imperial palace built in 1754. The palace takes its name from the nearby Anichkov Bridge, the oldest bridge across the Fontanka river. As was already initiated in the USSR, the palace is being used as a center for educational and creative courses for children. Get directions.

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The Russian Academy of Fine Arts in Saint Petersburg

Russian Academy of Fine Arts

This branch of the Russian Academy of Arts treasures one of the oldest fine arts collections of St Petersburg, consisting of paintings, architectural models and replicas of ancient sculptures. Its collection of sculptures gives the opportunity to trace the history of sculpture from ancient Egypt till the 18th century.

For the temporary exhibitions, see the official website. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Get directions.

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The Transfiguration Cathedral in Saint Petersburg

Transfiguration Cathedral

Preobrazhensky Sobor is a cathedral built in 1745, located on a lovely small square surrounded by beautiful mansions. The fence of the cathedral is made of real cannon barrels, built in honor of the victory in the Russo-Turkish war. Many of the cannon barrels you see here were taken from Turkish fortresses. They're pointing downwards, for that they will never be used in combat again. See the official website (Ru) for more info. Get directions.

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The PIK shopping mall in Saint Petersburg

PIK (Mall)

Small mainstream mall focusing on clothes from local brands. The ground floor includes a supermarket. On the top floor there's a food court and a cinema. See the official website (Ru) for more shopping info. Get directions.

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The Vladimir Palace in Saint Petersburg

Vladimir Palace

Vladimir Palace was built in 1872 for duke Vladimir, in the style of an Italian Palazzo of the 15th century. It used to be a very popular place among noble families and was considered to be the second imperial court. Since 1920 the 'House of Scientists' is located here - the oldest Russian club of scientific intellectuals. Guided tours are offered, but only in Russian. Get directions.

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Local experience at Berthold Center.

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