View across Binnenhof Vijver in The Hague.

The Hague

The Ridderzaal in The Hague

Ridderzaal / Hall of Knights

The Ridderzaal is the main building of the Binnenhof, dating back to the year 1250. Every third Tuesday in September the King of the Netherlands heads to the Ridderzaal to deliver a speech from his throne. The speech announces new legislation while paying attention to the current state of affairs in the country.

The Ridderzaal can be visited on a guided tour of around 90 min, after online reservation. Please note that a small fee is charged for the tour. Get directions.

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The Peace Palace in The Hague

Vredespaleis / Peace Palace

The Peace Palace is an international law administrative building, housing the United Nation’s International Court of Justice, and the Permanent Court of Arbitration. The 'Temple of Peace and Justice' was built in 1913 in Neo-Renaissance style.

A visitors centre inside offers a modern exhibition (free of charge) to learn more about the history and the juridical institutions based there. Get directions.

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Shopping in the city centre of The Hague

Shopping in the city centre

This mainstream shopping area has a modern look and feel after a make-over in 2016. It is predominantly pedestrian, with wide promenades allowing for comfortable shopping. Along the Grote Marktstraat (get directions), you will find a number of department stores, such as the typical Dutch De Bijenkorf. Or try a rookworst (a Dutch sausauge) at the HEMA, another truly Dutch store.

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The Palace Garden in The Hague

Palace Garden

The Palace Garden (Du) belongs to Noordeinde Palace, but was opened to the public in 1954. In this romantic place, you will find yourself amongst flowerbeds, ponds and fountains. Feel free to sit down in the grass and organize your own Royal picnic!

The garden is only open during daytime (sunrise until sunset). Find the entrance on the West side, on the Veenkade – get directions.

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The Binnenhof in The Hague


The Binnenhof is a beautiful courtyard surrounded by historical buildings. Home to both chambers of the Dutch parliament, it represents the very heart of Dutch politics. Built primarily in the Gothic style in the 13th century, the Binnenhof is the oldest House of Parliament in the world that's still in use.

The area is open to visitors, but be fast, as there are extensive renovation works planned from September 2021 till 2025! Get directions.

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Scheveningen Beach near The Hague

Scheveningen Beach

The central beach of Scheveningen is the most popular one. Although the beach is pretty wide in all directions, it tends to get extremely crowded here on the warmer days. All along the boulevard there's beach bars and restaurants, offering cool drinks and shade. Get directions.

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The Kurhaus near The Hague

The Kurhaus

The iconic building of the Kurhaus was built between 1884 and 1885. Originally, the Kurhaus was a public bathing place with special health treatments as well as a hotel. Many famous guests, like Winston Churchill, visited the Kurhaus in its heyday.

Nowadays it is primarily used as a hotel, and for meetings and events. See the official website for further info. Get directions.

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The Lange Voorhout in The Hague

Lange Voorhout

The Lange Voorhout is the most beautiful (L-shaped) street of The Hague. The surrounding historical architecture is precious, with most houses built in an 18th century style. Large pedestrian areas and long rows of linden trees bring rest and give the opportunity to admire the Lange Voorhout in all its beauty. Get directions.

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Shopping around the Hoogstraat in The Hague


The Hoogstraat is known for its large number of high-end and luxury fashion stores. The area is predominantly pedestrian, which allows for comfortable shopping. The name Hoogstraat ('High Street') refers to the fact that this street was located at the highest point of the old city centre. Get directions.

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Het Torentje in The Hague

Het Torentje / The Little Tower

The Little Tower is a small 14th century tower directly facing the Hofvijver. Since 1982 the remarkable octagonal structure houses the official office of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands. As such, it is one of the few places on the Binnenhof which is not open to visitors. Get directions.

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The Bosjes van Poot in The Hague

Bosjes van Poot

This dune area used to be the country seat and hunting ground of King William II. Nowadays you can find different types of very old oaks here, some dating back to the 17th century. It's a nice place to go for a short walk. Be aware that many locals let their dogs walk freely here. Get directions.

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Binnenhof in The Hague centre.
The Noordeinde Palace in The Hague

Noordeinde Palace

Noordeinde Palace is one of the three official residences of the Dutch Royal family. This palace is the King’s workplace and office for all political and stately affairs. The original building dates from 1533, but underwent extensive reconstructions in 1640 and 1813.

The palace occasionally opens its doors to the public – see the official website (Du) for more info. Get directions.

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The Mauritshuis in The Hague

The Mauritshuis

The Mauritshuis is a museum located in a 17th century city palace, that opened its doors to the public in 1822. The museum houses the world-famous 'Royal Cabinet of Paintings' which contains around 800 paintings mostly from the Dutch Golden Age. It includes many works of Dutch and Belgian artists like Rembrandt, Bruegel and Vermeer including his incredible work Girl with a Pearl Earring.

Please note that the museum is closed on Monday morning. See the official website for further visitor info. Get directions.

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Shopping in the Denneweg in The Hague


The Denneweg is a cute street with nice little boutiques. Here you will definitely find some new clothes, but don't expect them to be cheap. In the past this very old street was called the ‘Duineweg’ (the Dunes Road), as this was the road to take when heading for the dunes and the sea.

Check out the official website (Du) to learn more about the Denneweg and its stores. Get directions.

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Inside the International Criminal Court in The Hague

International Criminal Court

The International Criminal Court is an intergovernmental organization and a permanent international tribunal. The Court prosecutes people who committed international crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

The ICC can be visited on weekdays, free of charge. There's an exhibition about justice, and visitors of 16 years and older may even attend public sessions of Court hearings. Check out the official website to learn more. Get directions.

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The Scheveningse Bosjes in The Hague

Scheveningse Bosjes

A very wooded area on softly rolling dunes. Perfect for walking (or running!), cycling and horse riding, with special paths for each of them. The forest includes a number of monuments, like the Indies Monument, or the Monument to Constantijn Huygens, a famous Dutch Golden Age poet from The Hague. Get directions.

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The Great Church in The Hague

Great or St James' Church

The Grote of Sint-Jacobskerk is one of the oldest buildings of The Hague, built between the 14th and 16th century. The Gothic style church is well known for its 93-metres tower, from where you can get a stunning 360-view over The Hague. It's possible to climb the 288 stairs of the tower in a group tour (Du).

The church is open every day, but sometimes used for events. Get directions.

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The Hague Market

The Hague Market

The Haagse Markt (Du) is the biggest market in the Netherlands and one of the biggest in Europe. With its 500 stands (in all kinds of forms) it offers a broad variety of food and merchandise that reflects the multicultural society of The Hague.

Find the market on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9h till 17h. Have a look on the official website for further info. Get directions.

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The green Frederik Hendrikplein in The Hague

Frederik Hendrikplein

The Frederik Hendrikplein (Du) is a well-maintained grass field surrounded by trees, designed by Pieter Westbroek (Du) in 1909. The park is named after Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange. Since 1936, the park has been enriched with a small fountain decorated with Venetian mosaics, as designed by Antoon Molkenboer (Du). The little green space is nice for sunbathing or picnics. Get directions.

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The Kunstmuseum Den Haag.

Kunstmuseum Den Haag

The Kunstmuseum Den Haag is located in an unconventional 1930s building designed by the Dutch architect H.P. Berlage. The focus of the collection is on modern art paintings, but you will also find applied art, fashion and music instruments here. The museum is well-known for its permanent Mondrian collection, the largest in the world.

The Kunstmuseum Den Haag is open every day! See the official website for further visitor info. Get directions.

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Shopping in the Haagsche Bluf in The Hague

Haagsche Bluf

The Haagsche Bluf is a newly designed shopping passage in a historical setting. It is a small and cosy (partly indoor) shopping area, offering mostly fashion and specialty stores. Some of the buildings inside have facades that are copies of famous Dutch buildings. Get directions.

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The Japanese Garden in The Hague

Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden is a very beautiful garden situated in Clingendael Park. As the rare trees and plants are extremely fragile, the garden is only open during a couple of weeks in spring and autumn. See the municipal website for the exact opening days. Get directions.

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The Zwarte Pad near The Hague

Zwarte Pad

This beach is known as the 'Zwarte Pad', and is more popular among younger people. It is a little less crowded on hot days, compared to the central beach. There are plenty of hip beach bars and restaurants, offering tasty food and cocktails all day long.

On warm summer evenings, this may be one of the best places of The Hague to see the sun setting on the North Sea. Get directions.

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The Catshuis in The Hague


The Catshuis was built in 1652 for Jacob Cats, a Dutch poet. Currently the Catshuis is the Dutch Prime Minister’s official residence, though it hasn't been used for this purpose anymore since 1982. Nowadays it serves instead as a place to receive official guests.

The Catshuis is hidden on a fenced area on the estate Sorghvliet, and unfortunately not open to visitors. Get directions.

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The Louwman Museum in The Hague

Louwman Museum

The Louwman Museum houses the world’s largest private collection of historic cars, coaches and motorcycles. The collection consists of over 250 antique and classic automobiles, starting in 1886 with the first patented motorcar by Karl Benz.

The Louwman Museum is closed on Mondays. See the official website for more visitor info. Get directions.

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The Lighthouse Scheveningen

Lighthouse Scheveningen

Scheveningen already had a lighthouse in the 16th century! The lighthouse you see here is the newer version, constructed in 1875. The light of this red cast iron tower travels 54 kilometres far.

You can climb the 159 stairs of the lighthouse for a beautiful view over the North Sea and surroundings, on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at 14h. Pre-registration is required, via the reception of Muzee Scheveningen (Du). Get directions.

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The Raad van State in The Hague

Council of State / Raad van State

The Council of State is a constitutional advisory body of the Dutch government and the Dutch parliament regarding legislative matters. It is also the highest administrative court in the country. Founded in 1531, the Council is one of the oldest governmental bodies in the world.

Special tours in the Council of State can be organized for students, otherwise the building is not open to visitors. See the official website for further details. Get directions.

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The Zuiderpark in The Hague


The Zuiderpark (Du) was created during the interbellum to provide work to the unemployed. The large area is home to many sports facilities, including free outdoor work out areas. Open grass fields bordered with ponds, make the place popular for sunbathing and picnics. Get directions.

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Shopping in De Passage in The Hague

De Passage

De Passage is a shopping arcade, offering a wide variety of mainstream stores. The oldest part of the arcade was built in 1885 and is stately and impressive. The modern part between the Grote Marktstraat and the Spuistraat was added in 2016.

Check out the official website to learn more about De Passage and its stores. The shopping arcade is open every day! Get directions.

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Palace Huis ten Bosch in The Hague

Huis ten Bosch

The 17th century Huis ten Bosch is one of the three official residences of the Dutch Royal family. The King and his family moved into this palace in 2019, after an extensive € 60 million renovation. As the residence of the King, the palace is not open to visitors. And from the outside, just a small part of the palace can actually be seen, due to fences.

Learn more about Huis ten Bosch, or get a virtual tour, on the official website (Du). Get directions.

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The Monument to Haagse Harry in The Hague

Haagse Harry

This statue represents comic book character Haagse Harry (Du), probably the most famous figure of The Hague. Haagse Harry was created as a simple, original resident of The Hague. He speaks with the typical local accent, supports the local football team, has no job and simply doesn't care. The statue was placed in 2016 in honor of Marnix Rueb (Du), the creator of Haagse Harry. Get directions.

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The Plein in The Hague

Het Plein

The Plein is a square in the heart of The Hague. It is a hotspot for having a drink or a bite, also for the Dutch politicians who work nearby at the Binnenhof. In the middle of the square there's a 4-metres tall bronze statue of William the Silent, known as the founding father of the Netherlands. Get directions.

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Shopping in De Fred in The Hague

Frederik Hendriklaan / 'De Fred'

The Frederik Hendriklaan is a charming street with a big variety of local Dutch stores. It offers many specialty stores, as well as some boutiques. It's a good place to search for delicacies, or to have a nice lunchbreak.

Check out the official website (Du) to learn more about 'De Fred' and its stores. Get directions.

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The Haagse Bos in The Hague

Haagse Bos

Welcome to one of the oldest forests of the Netherlands. The Haagse Bos is where you can find century-old nature, with pathways alongside heavy vegetation and ponds. The place is perfect for a shaded walk or a run. Get directions.

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The Prison Gate Museum in The Hague

The Prison Gate Museum

This Medieval building was in use as a prison from 1420 until it closed in 1828. Since its reopening in 1882, it serves as a museum. You can have a nice tour through the old prison, and can get to see old punishment methods and torture equipment.

The museum is closed on Mondays. See the official website for further visitor info. Get directions.

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The Port of Scheveningen

Port of Scheveningen

Established in 1904, the Port of Scheveningen has always been a place busy with fishermen. Nowadays the port also includes a nice yacht marina, but with the fishermen still around, fresh fish is guaranteed at the many charming restaurants and fish stands here. A must-try is herring with onions (ask for 'Hollandse Nieuwe'). Simonis aan de Haven (Du) is one of the best-known places to get your fish. Get directions.

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The Panorama Mesdag in The Hague

Panorama Mesdag

Panorama Mesdag is a museum that offers a huge panorama painting of Scheveningen, a city next to The Hague. The painting by Mesdag measures 14 metres high, and has a circumference of 120 metres. The canvas from 1880 shows a look over the village of Scheveningen with its beach and the sea. The real sand and beach gear make the setting complete.

The museum is open every day. See the official website for further visitor info. Get directions.

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Park Sorghvliet in The Hague

Park Sorghvliet

This is a particular park, because for entrance you need to possess a special card. The annual card for around € 7, can be purchased for instance at the The Hague Tourist Office (get directions).

What you'll get to see in Park Sorghvliet, is a beautiful green national monument, very peaceful as it is entirely fenced by a stone wall. The park is accessible only during the day, with entrance via the gate on the Scheveningseweg – get directions. Be sure to check out the official citypage of The Hague for more information about Park Sorghvliet.

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A shark in SEA LIFE Scheveningen

SEA LIFE Scheveningen

SEA LIFE Scheveningen provides an underwater world with lots of animals including rays, sharks, starfish, piranhas, penguins, otters and more. You can walk through an underwater tunnel and watch sea-turtles swimming just over your head.

Check out the official website for visitor info. SEA LIFE is open every day. Get directions.

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Museum Escher in the Palace in The Hague

Escher in the Palace

Once used by the Royal family, the Lange Voorhout Palace nowadays features the museum Escher in the Palace where you can see works of the Dutch graphical artist M.C. Escher. The permanent collection of graphics amidst the stunning interior of this 18th century building, will definitely fool your mind.

The museum is closed on Mondays. See the official website for further visitor info or for an online tour to enjoy the interiors. Get directions.

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The Dutch Supreme Court in The Hague

Dutch Supreme Court / Hoge Raad

The Dutch Supreme Court is the highest court of the Netherlands with regard to civil law, criminal law and tax law. As a court of cassation, it considers whether lower courts have applied the law correctly and if the reasoning behind their decisions is sufficiently clear.

The building from 2016 was newly built for the Supreme Court. Special tours in the Supreme Court can be organized for students, otherwise the building is not open to visitors. See the official website for further details. Get directions.

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Shopping on the Noordeinde in The Hague


The Noordeinde is a lovely historical street going back to 1370. The northern part of the street is known for its art, antique and living stores, whilst the south is where you can find fashion boutiques.

Check out the official website of the street to learn more about the Noordeinde and its stores. Get directions.

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The Clingendael Estate in The Hague

Clingendael Estate

The Clingendael Estate is a peaceful wooded area with plenty of walking tracks. Historically the park belonged to Huys Clingendael, a 17th century manor which currently houses the Clingendael Institute. The park is especially known for its magnificent Japanese Garden. Get directions.

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The Old City Hall in The Hague

The Old City Hall

The Old City Hall was built in 1564 in Renaissance style. Nowadays most of its functions are taken care of by the new City Hall. However, it is still possible to marry in the Old City Hall!

Besides weddings, the Old City Hall can be visited on a group tour on Tuesdays from 9:30h till 10:30h. What happens in the dungeons beneath the building?! See the official website (Du) for more info about the tour. Get directions.

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The Scheveningen Pier

Scheveningen Pier

The Scheveningen Pier is one of the symbols of Scheveningen. Whilst its roots go back to 1901, the current structure with a length of around 300 metres was built in 1961. The pleasure pier revived twice from serious problems with its exploitation. Today you can find more entertainment than ever before, with restaurants, stores, a ferris wheel, a zipline and bungy jumping!

Walking up the pier is free of charge. See the official website for further info about the pier. Get directions.

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The Iran-United States Claims Tribunal in The Hague

The Iran - United States Claims Tribunal

The Iran-United States Claims Tribunal is an arbitral tribunal established in 1981 to resolve the claims which arose after the longest hostage crisis in recorded history (444 days). Up till now the Tribunal has been busy handling the financial claims of citizens, banks and governments of both countries. Already 4,000 cases have been handled.

The Tribunal is not open to visitors. See the official website for more info about the Tribunal and its work. Get directions.

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Madurodam in The Hague


Madurodam, the smallest city of the Netherlands, provides a miniature park of replicas of famous Dutch landmarks on a scale of 1:25. The park opened in 1952 and has always been an amazing place for children, with its more than 700 model buildings as well as moving vehicles.

For visitor info, see the official website. Madurodam is open every day. Get directions.

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Museum Beelden aan Zee in Scheveningen

Museum Beelden aan Zee

Besides a permanent collection of 1,000 sculptures, Museum Beelden aan Zee organizes around 14 exhibitions per year. The exhibitions show contemporary national and international sculpture, sometimes around politically, culturally or country-based themes. On the boulevard outside the museum there's a permanent free exhibition of sculptures by the American artist Tom Otterness.

Check out the official website to see what's on! The museum is closed on Mondays. Get directions.

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The New Church in The Hague

The New Church

The New Church was built in 1656, as the Great Church had become too small. Inside the church you can find the tombs of the well-known Dutch brothers De Witt who were killed in 1672. The churchyard contains the tomb of the philosopher Spinoza.

Currently the church is being used exclusively for events, like concerts and weddings. See the official website (Du) for more info. Get directions.

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Shopping in the Piet Heinstraat in The Hague

Piet Heinstraat

This street is not for clothes, but has some very nice vintage, antique, living and art shops. It is also one of the main streets where the Design Festival is organized. And did you know that Piet Hein was a Dutch admiral who is known for capturing a large part of a Spanish 'silver fleet' that came from America in 1628? At that time the Netherlands was at war with Spain – a war that lasted 80 years! Get directions.

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View on Ridderzaal in The Hague centre.
The Malieveld in The Hague

Malieveld & Koekamp

The Malieveld (Du) is a well-known open grass field, used for all kinds of activities such as funfairs, concerts, demonstrations, or festivals. South of this grass field, there's Koekamp (Du) with more trees, small ponds and a deer park as well. Get directions to Koekamp.

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View from The Hague Tower

The Hague Tower / Het Strijkijzer

Inspired by the Flatiron Building in New York, the The Hague Tower is a 132 metres tall skyscraper constructed in 2007. This award-winning tower incorporates offices, apartments, a penthouse restaurant and a sky bar. Visit the City Balcony at the very top of the building for stunning views stretching as far as 45 km.

The tower is open every day. See the official website for more visitor info. Get directions.

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The Zuiderstrand near The Hague


Of the beaches located close to The Hague, this is the least crowded one. One of the reasons is that it's not easy to get here by car. So if you want space and peace, head for the Zuiderstrand. Also here, you will find a number of beach bars. Get directions.

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The Museon in The Hague


The Museon is a museum with a collection that focuses on science, particularly on (maintaining) the Earth and the human being and its different cultures. Here you can find 273,000 objects such as rocks, fossils, minerals, drawings, stuffed animals, flora and fauna.

The museum is closed on Mondays – except during school holidays. Visit the official website for more visitor info. Get directions.

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The Hague Historical Museum

The Hague Historical Museum

Go on a journey through the history of The Hague! This 17th century building houses a collection of paintings, silverware and glass collections, or doll's houses all related to the story of The Hague. Part of the permanent collection is an almost five metres wide painting of The Hague, by Jan van Goyen.

The museum is closed on Mondays. See the official website for further visitor info. Get directions.

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The Omniversum in The Hague

The Omniversum

The Omniversum is the biggest movie theatre in the Netherlands with a 36 x 18 metres screen spanning 180° around you. It specializes in documentaries about nature, cultures, and science, which usually don’t take more than an hour. It's an educative and impressive experience for all ages.

The movie theatre is open every day. Check out the official website to see what's on! Get directions.

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The Westbroekpark in Scheveningen


The Westbroekpark (Du) is a beautiful green space encircled by water. Most spectacular is the colorful rose garden with more than 300 species of roses. A rental of rowing boats makes it possible to explore the park from the waterside.

The area is normally the stage of a popular summer festival, called The Parade (Du). Find the main entrance to this park on the North-West side, on the Kapelweg. Get directions.

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Local experience at Scheveningen Beach.

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