Houses by canal in the centre of Utrecht.


Castle De Haar near Utrecht

De Haar Castle

De Haar Castle is the biggest castle of the Netherlands, and just a short ride away from Utrecht! This neo-Gothic castle from 1892 was erected on the ruins of an older castle at this site. From the outside and especially the inside the place may seem like a true fairy-tale castle, boasting a luxury that is unfamiliar to the Dutch culture.

The castle as well as its stunning gardens are open every day of the week. Have a look at the official website for more visitor info. Get directions.

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The Dom Tower in Utrecht

Dom Tower

With 112 metres, the Dom Tower is the highest building in Utrecht. A heavy storm in 1674 separated the Dom Tower from the rest of the Dom Church, a separation that has never been restored. You can climb this tall tower on a guided tour, or alternatively choose for a guided excursion under the ground, called 'DOMunder'.

The Dom Tower is open daily. Check out the official website for further information. Get directions.

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The Utrecht University Hall

Utrecht University Hall

The Utrecht University Hall was built in 1891-1894, and forms the main building of the Utrecht University. In this monumental building most ceremonial activities of the university take place, such as graduations and PhD ceremonies.

The University Hall is open on weekdays. Consider booking a guided tour to learn more about this beautiful building. Get directions.

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The Lapjesmarkt in Utrecht


The Lapjesmarkt is the biggest and oldest textile market in the Netherlands, hosted at this location already since 1597. Amidst a cosy setting in the historical Utrecht, the Lapjesmarkt is the place to find textile and fabrics of all sorts and sizes.

Find the market every Saturday from 8h till 13h. Get directions.

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The Pandhof Sinte Marie in Utrecht

Pandhof Sinte Marie

Pandhof Sinte Marie is a secluded green spot in the centre of Utrecht that dates from 1973. It is a place to find rest, just off the busy shopping streets of Utrecht. Flowers dedicated to the Holy Mary have a special place in this garden, like roses and lilies. Since 1987 the garden has been maintained exclusively by local volunteers. Get directions.

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Shopping at the Lijnmarkt in Utrecht

Lijnmarkt area

The Lijnmarkt (Du) offers a number of unique stores that are excellent for shopping (birthday) presents. You'll find here design shops, hip home decoration stores, as well as a couple of shops selling vintage fashion. The area is pedestrian and cosy, located near the lovely Oudegracht canal. Get directions.

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Utrecht Central Railway Station

Utrecht Central Railway Station

Initially only establishing a train connection between Utrecht and Amsterdam (1843), Utrecht’s Central Railway Station is nowadays the largest and busiest train station in the country. What's more, the newly opened bicycle parking here is officially the largest in the world with 12,500 places. A large reconstruction completed in 2016 made the station brighter, more comfortable for travelers and ready to transport even more passengers. Get directions.

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The Miffy Museum in Utrecht

Miffy Museum / Nijntje Museum

The famous children’s picture books about the little rabbit Miffy (in Dutch: 'Nijntje') were designed by Dick Bruna, from Utrecht. You will find sculptures of Miffy all over Utrecht, and have you already found the Miffy traffic light? The Miffy Museum is designed for young children and consists of miniature worlds where the children are invited to discover and play.

The museum is open every day except on Mondays. Have a look at the official website to learn more about what to expect in this little children's paradise. Get directions.

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The Griftpark in Utrecht


The wide green lawns aside the ponds of the Griftpark (Du) allow for sunbathing and BBQs in summer. A skate park, basketball court and football cage may interest the sporty ones, whilst children will love the playground and petting zoo here. Events, such as food or music festivals, are regularly organized in the Griftpark. Get directions.

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The Flower Market at the Oudegracht in Utrecht

Flower market Oudegracht

The market at the Oudegracht mainly offers ornamental flowers, with salesmen traditionally offering their products by calling out loud. Tulips are the most common flowers to be found here, but you'll also see roses, peonies and other plants. Note that the market can get quite busy, with also the shopping people checking out the regular stores here.

Find the market every Saturday from 8h till 17h. Get directions.

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The Railway Museum in Utrecht

Railway Museum

The Railway Museum is the best-visited museum of Utrecht and a perfect fit for families. It houses beautiful historical trains with interesting background, as well as interactive exhibitions and even a small rollercoaster.

The museum is closed on Mondays, except during school holidays. Get directions.

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Find a place in the centre of Utrecht.
The Pandhof Domkerk in Utrecht

Pandhof Domkerk

Surrounded by the beautiful Gothic architecture of the Dom Church, the Pandhof Domkerk is an idyllic corner of the lively city centre of Utrecht. The little monastery garden treasures beautiful ornamental plants and herbs amidst a calm atmosphere.

The garden is open every day and can be entered free of charge. Get directions.

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The Neude in Utrecht


This square can be considered the central square of Utrecht. It is especially popular in summer, with lots of terraces and events. In winter, a Christmas market brings a special atmosphere to the Neude (Du). The name ‘Neude’ originates from the Dutch word ‘Node’, which refers to the swampy past of this piece of land. Get directions.

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The Zocherpark in Utrecht


The Zocherpark (Du) is a 5 km long green belt surrounding the historical city of Utrecht. Along the footpaths of this shaded park you can have an excellent walk aside Utrecht's outer canals. The Zocherpark is a national monument, dating back to 1830, when it replaced the medieval city fortifications of Utrecht. Get directions.

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Find a place near Pandhof Domkerk.
The TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht


This large venue from 2014 houses a total of five concert halls covering nine floors, each having their own identity. As such, you can encounter a wide range of performances and events in TivoliVredenburg – from classical concerts or dance nights to death metal.

Check out the official website to see if there's something to your liking. Get directions.

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Shopping in the Voorstraat in Utrecht


The Voorstraat (Du) may not be the most appealing part of the centre, but it shouldn’t be forgotten when shopping in Utrecht. It is a classical Dutch shopping street with a broad range of stores, like florists, interior stores and a number of boutiques selling designer clothes and vintage fashion. Get directions.

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The Oudegracht in Utrecht


Ask any ‘Utrechter’ where to find the Oudegracht, and they will surely point you in the right direction. Not only most shops, but also a number of very lovely restaurants and terraces can be found along this characteristic canal. The picturesque wharfs below the street level can be reached easily via staircases all across the Oudegracht. Get directions.

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De Haar Castle Garden near Utrecht

De Haar Castle Garden

De Haar Castle is surrounded by stunning gardens and parks. Interestingly, an English landscape view is combined here with French garden architecture. The vast area of 55 hectares is perfect for any Sunday afternoon walk.

Please note that you'll need to buy a ticket for entering the garden – have a look at the official website for further details. The garden is open every day! Get directions.

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The Rietveld Schroder House in Utrecht

Rietveld Schröder House

The Rietveld Schröder House is famous for its revolutionary design, based on De Stijl or Neoplasticism principles. The house was built in 1924 by the Dutch furniture designer and architect Gerrit Rietveld and is nowadays listed as UNESCO World Heritage. Apart from the design of the house itself, many of Rietveld’s original chairs can be explored here.

The house is open every day except on Mondays. Have a look at the official website for further info. Get directions.

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The Wilhelminapark in Utrecht


The Wilhelminapark (Du) opened in 1898, the year when Queen Wilhelmina was enthroned. The park is designed in English landscape style, with many old trees and a lovely fountain in the centre.

Towards the western end of the park there's the EXbunker, a former WWII command bunker that has been transformed into an art gallery hosting different art exhibitions every month – the EXbunker is open every weekend, and some Fridays as well. Get directions.

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The Mall in Utrecht

Hoog Catharijne, The Mall

The Mall is a completely new shopping center right next to Utrecht Central Railway Station. The appearance of The Mall is beautiful, with bright and spacious halls and everything brand new. You will find here primarily mainstream fashion stores, with most of the famous international chains present. The Mall also offers a good range of cafés and restaurants.

For more info about the stores here, check out the official website (Du). The Mall is open every day! Get directions.

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Shopping in the centre of Utrecht

Stadhuis District / Dom District

The Stadhuis District and Dom District make up the bustling centre of Utrecht. It is the largest and most famous shopping area of the city, where you can find pretty much anything, ranging from books, household items and electronics to various types of clothing stores.

This central part of Utrecht is very suitable for a good day shopping with friends or family, even more since the area is mostly pedestrian. Check out our map of Utrecht, so you know exactly where to go! Get directions.

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The Flower Market at Janskerkhof in Utrecht

Flower market Janskerkhof

The flower market at the shaded Janskerkhof (Du) offers all the Dutch flowers you can imagine. But not only flowers actually, also seeds, bulbs and plants of all kinds. Its wonderful location in central Utrecht, next to the Janskerk, is a guarantee for a great atmosphere.

Find the market every Saturday from 8h till 17h. Get directions.

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The Utrecht Botanic Gardens

Utrecht Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens offer immense amounts of flowers and plants, spread out across nine hectares. You will find various themed gardens here, which will provide a different experience in every season. To this day the Botanic Gardens continue to serve their primary role in education and research, whilst giving visitors at the same time an amazing insight into the rich plant diversity of this world.

The Botanic Gardens are open daily from 1 March until 1 December. Please note that an entrance fee is charged here – check out the official website for further details. Get directions.

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The City Castle Oudaen in Utrecht

City Castle Oudaen

The City Castle Oudaen (Du) is a 13th century house located on the famous Oudegracht in Utrecht. As opposed to the wooden houses of the time, Oudaen was meant to become a strong and reinforced structure made of stone – hence its qualification as 'city castle'.

The medieval house was originally built for rich patricians, before it served as an old peoples home for centuries. Today the city castle has opened its gates for you, to welcome you in their Grand Café, restaurant or brewery. Get directions.

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Park Lepelenburg in Utrecht

Park Lepelenburg

A lovely lawn at an ideal location, just inside the canal belt of Utrecht. Locals will be found here on sunny days, for picnicking and BBQs. Park Lepelenburg regularly hosts music and theatre events. Notice how you can see the Dom Tower from the park! Get directions.

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Shopping in the Museumkwartier in Utrecht

Museum District

The Museum District (Du) is an area to find unique shops and products, but also some cosy little eating houses. Find here stores selling Dutch cheese and specialty beers, or boutiques selling designer clothes or interior decoration – you can basically encounter anything here. The Museum District is calmer than the very centre of Utrecht, and nice for a stroll around. Get directions.

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Find a place in the historical Utrecht.
The zaagmolen De Ster in Utrecht

Sawmill De Ster

De Ster (Du) is a windmill that has served in the timber business for centuries. The power generated by this mill was used for sawing timber. After the business came to a stop in the 80s and several parts of this mill from 1739 had already been demolished, locals came with the successful initiative to rebuild De Ster in its original state.

Today the mill can be visited for free on Saturdays between 13h and 16h, when it is put into action again! De Ster is located at only ten minutes walking from Utrecht Central Station – get directions.

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The Papal House in Utrecht

Papal House / Paushuize

The Papal House (Du) was built in 1517 for the only Dutch pope in history, Adrian VI. Remarkable detail is that the pope has actually never lived in this house. He had the Papal House constructed in his birthplace Utrecht, hoping that he could return home from Spain one day. Passing away after only one year into the papacy meant he never made it to his Papal House.

The Papal House is used nowadays as an event location. Have a look at the official website to learn more about the possibilities. Get directions.

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Market Vredenburg in Utrecht

Market Vredenburg

Market Vredenburg is an outside market with stalls offering a variety of products like shoes and souvenirs. It is best known though as a food market, an excellent place to try Dutch delicacies like our famous cheese, Hollandse Nieuwe or stroopwafels. The farmer's market (Du) on Fridays provides an even richer choice of food, with also organic and fresh local specialties on sale.

Find the market on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The market is located right in front of Utrecht central station, at the busy Vredenburg square – get directions.

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The Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht

Museum Catharijneconvent

Museum Catharijneconvent is the Dutch State museum of Christian art, located in a former monastery and church. Their extensive collection of religious works guides you through the history of Christianity in the Netherlands. Find here sculptures of saints, valuable relics or paintings from the hands of Jan van Scorel, Rembrandt or Jan Toorop.

The museum is closed on Mondays. Have a look at the official website for more visitor info. Please note that the museum can be entered from the Lange Nieuwstraat as well as from the Nieuwegracht. Get directions.

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Shopping around the Ganzenmarkt in Utrecht

Oudkerkhof / Ganzenmarkt

Around the Ganzenmarkt (Du) you'll find a number of historical streets with some of the fanciest boutiques of Utrecht. Go here if you are interested in design and high-end fashion.

This little shopping area is right off the bustling centre of Utrecht, and therefore much calmer and comfortable for shopping. Check out our map of Utrecht, so you know exactly where to go! Get directions.

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The Oude Hortus in Utrecht

Oude Hortus

The Oude Hortus (Du) is a beautiful garden right in the middle of Utrecht. The garden consists of a couple of smaller gardens with exotic trees and plants. It is also home to the oldest academic greenhouses in the Netherlands, dating from 1906.

Please note that the Oude Hortus is closed until 2022, due to renovation works at the university. Have a look at the official website (Du) for the latest news. Get directions.

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The Royal Dutch Mint in Utrecht

Royal Dutch Mint

Dutch coins have been produced in Utrecht since 1567, and this business has even been growing since the introduction of the Euro. The impressive building of the Royal Dutch Mint from 1911 is a wonderful example of Dutch Neo-Renaissance architecture.

Nowadays parts of the building are available for meetings and events – have a look at the official website to learn more. Get directions.

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The Speelklok in Utrecht

Museum Speelklok

Museum Speelklok welcomes you into the world of self-playing musical instruments! These include musical clocks, musical boxes, orchestrions and typical Dutch street organs. Consider taking the guided tour to learn about all the tips and tricks of these musical machines. The museum is located in the medieval Buurkerk, which ensures that visitors can fully appreciate the sounds that are being produced here.

Museum Speelklok is closed on Mondays, except during school holidays. Have a look at the official website to learn more. Get directions.

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The Beach Oog in Al in Utrecht

Beach Oog in Al

A beach, in the city? Yes, you can find it in the neighborhood Oog in Al. Only open during summers, this is a perfect place to enjoy the sun or have a summer evening BBQ. The restaurant Soia here often organizes parties and events – check out their official website (Du) for the latest news. Get directions.

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The Centraal Museum in Utrecht

Centraal Museum

The Centraal Museum is the oldest city museum in the Netherlands, opened in 1838. Since 1921, the museum is located in a former medieval monastery. Its collection has changed over the years, with nowadays an increased focus on modern art – boasting for instance the largest Rietveld collection in the world.

The museum is open every day except on Mondays. Get directions.

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The Molenpark in Utrecht


The Molenpark is a calm spot in the multicultural neighborhood of Lombok, that offers picturesque Dutch sights with its nearby mill and drawbridge. In summer, the canal in front of the park is popular for swimming. The Molenpark also offers some sports courts, and a petting zoo next to the mill. Get directions.

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The lovely canals of Utrecht invite for a walk

Utrecht Canal Walk

Iconic for the city of Utrecht are its canals, and a stroll along them is certainly the best way to get an impression of the wonders of the city. The central canals like the Oudegracht is where you will encounter the famous wharfs with warehouses below the street level offering cafés and bars directly at the waterside – get directions. The outer canal runs as a 5-km green belt around Utrecht, offering walks with traditional Dutch sights and tranquility.

Have a look at Extra Streetwise to learn more about discovering the canals per boat or canoe.

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The Museum Old Amelisweerd near Utrecht

Museum Old Amelisweerd / MOA

Old Amelisweerd (Du) is an 18th century estate on the countryside of Bunnik, which hosts a pop-up museum offering different exhibitions from the collection of the Utrecht Castle Museums. It is this combination of nature, the historical estate and the surprising exhibitions that make MOA worth a visit.

Please note that MOA (Du) is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Get directions.

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Utrecht by night with Dom Tower.

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