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Price of a cup of coffee

From € 2 to € 3


You will find many Euronet ATMs in Budapest. Our recommendation is to avoid using them, since they give you a very poor exchange rate. Regular banks, for instance the Hungarian OTP are preferred.


It is standard practice to tip around 10% of the bill in sit-down restaurants. Check your bill to see if tipping was already included in the amount. Small tips and rounding off is also common in taxis, provided that the service was good.

Visiting a bath

Budapest contains many amazing baths, like Gellért or Veli Bej. The baths can differ considerably though, in terms of rules, atmosphere and facilities. It can be hard to figure out which bath is the right pick for you, and how to prepare for your visit. Our article which bath to pick will definitely help you making your choice in Budapest.

Tap water

The tap water in Budapest is drinkable.  

Public transport

Public transport in Budapest is organized by BKK. Their official website offers all the timetables and a trip planner.

The extensive public transport network of Budapest consists primarily of (trolley) buses, trams and metro. It also offers the HÉV suburban train, a cogwheel railway up the Buda hills, and even a riverboat that zigzags over the Danube during daytime from March till October. Rides on the river boat are part of regular public transport, and are free during weekdays if you possess a Budapest Card (see below).

Regular public transport operates between 4:30h and 23h, after which night buses take over.


Tickets can be bought at vending machines, located inside metro stations and at major transport junctions. Cards and cash (forints) are both accepted means of payment. If you buy a booklet of 10 tickets, you will pay around € 10.

Please note that you'll need to validate your ticket before going on a journey. Validation machines can be found for instance near the entrance to the metro, or inside buses and trams.

Budapest Card

The Budapest Card gives free access to public transport as well as free entrance to the biggest museums and several other attractions in Budapest. The cards are offered with validity ranging from one day to five days. The Budapest Card can be purchased directly on the official website of the tourist office, and can be picked up at Budapestinfo Points – for instance at the airport.

Transport at night

Regular public transport finishes at about 23h, to start again around 4:30h. Public transport during the night comes down to night buses (indicated by the numbers 900-999), together with tram line 6.

A good number of night buses operate across the city every 15-60 minutes. Most night buses pass Astoria, in the heart of Budapest. Plan your journey on the official BKK page.

Metro line M3

Please note that metro line M3 is currently under construction, which brings some disruptions in the timetable. After 20:30h on workdays and all weekend, the metro line is being replaced by buses. See the official BKK page for further details.  

From the airport (BUD) to Budapest

Terminal 2 is the main passenger terminal of Ferenc Liszt International Airport. It is divided into terminal 2A and 2B, which are located next to each other and interconnected.

Shuttle bus

The shuttle bus is a very popular choice to reach the centre, as it is quite fast (about 40 minutes) and not expensive. Find the bus stop outside the arrivals terminal. There you can choose between bus 100E and bus 200E, which both run frequently during the day.

Bus 100E drives you to the heart of the city, with stops at Kálvin Square, Astoria and Deák Ferenc Square. Please note that there's no service from the airport between 1:20h and 5h.

Bus 200E doesn't run all the way to the city centre. It makes stops at for instance Kőbánya-Kispest and Nagyvárad Square, which are both stations on the blue metro line M3 (please note that there are currently disruptions in the service of metro line M3, see above). The good news is that bus 200E also runs at night, though less frequently.

Bus tickets can be purchased with forints or card at the vending machines near the bus stop. Please note that you need to buy a special airport ticket in order to board bus 100E (around € 3 for a one-way ticket). Find the timetables on the official website of Ferenc Liszt Airport.


Taxis line up outside the arrivals hall. Official taxis in Budapest are yellow, and metered. Főtaxi is the name of the official taxis at Budapest airport. A ride to the city centre costs typically less than € 30.

See the official website for more details about Ferenc Liszt Airport, and the various ways of getting there.  

Events in Budapest

The Spring Uprising

The Spring Uprising on 15 March is a national holiday, marking an important event in the history of Hungary. It was the day that the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 began, a rebellion of the Hungarian people against the Habsburg occupation. On this holiday, thousands of people fill the streets of Budapest, with speeches and street theatre. The centre of festivities is in front of the Hungarian National Museum.

Budapest Spring Festival

Absorbing all the best from classical music, opera, jazz, folk music and folklore, dance, visual arts and theatre, this annual festival is one of the biggest cultural events in Hungary. You just can't miss it! About 200 events are organized in churches, concert halls and other sites, attracting people of all kinds. The festival takes place every year for several weeks in April. Learn more about the program on the official website.

Buda Gourmet

Buda Gourmet is a popular picnic event organized in Millenáris Park, every year for several days in May. The event by the creators of the Sziget Festival, calls upon all visitors to enjoy all possible culinary delights and hearty dishes prepared by the top 25 restaurants of the country. Visit the official website for more info about the program and tickets.

Sziget Festival

The Sziget Festival is known as one of the greatest festivals in Europe. People from anywhere travel to Budapest to take part in this great event organized every August for seven days long. Almost half a million visitors enjoy the camp site and stages with rock, jazz and folk concerts set up across Óbuda Island. Learn more about this year's edition on the official website.

St István's Day

August 20 is the main national holiday of Hungary, a day when the foundation of the country by Szent István is celebrated. Festivals, fairs and theatrical performances are held on the main streets of Budapest. Traditional events on this day are a mass in St Stephen's Basilica followed by a huge procession, as well as the raising of the national flag on Kossuth Lajos Square in front of the Hungarian Parliament. The festivities end with colorful fireworks along the Danube.

Christmas markets

Budapest enters into a cozy winter mode as of the last week of November until the first of January. Roast-chestnut sellers appear on Christmas markets, ice skating rinks invite for dancing on ice, and Christmas trees adorn squares like Vörösmarty Square. The two largest Christmas markets can be found in the centre, on Vörösmarty Square (get directions), and in front of the Basilica of St Stephen (get directions). Find the most famous ice rink in the City Park of Budapest (get directions).  

Local pages

Boat tours

Boat tours on the Danube are offered all year round, and can be a great way to see Budapest. Various companies offer their services from the embankment in front of Vigadó Concert Hall – get directions. Well-known sightseeing cruises are Legenda and MAHART PassNave. For a special touch, consider a cruise after nightfall!

Bus tours

CitySightseeing and City Open Tour are well-known bus tours through Budapest, good to get a quick idea of the city, and hop-off at any station. Each company offers a number of tours to choose from, including night tours and short boat tours.


Uber is not available in Budapest. The most popular alternative app in Budapest is Bolt. Or call for official yellow-colored taxis on the streets, like in the good old days. Official taxis in Budapest always use the meter.

Tourist office

The tourist office is always ready to help you with further questions, seven days a week. Budapestinfo Points can be found inside the airport terminals 2A and 2B, as well as on several locations in the city, such as near Deák Ferenc Square (get directions) or on Heroes' Square (get directions). Learn more about their services on the official website.


Railway transport in Hungary is well developed. You can easily reach other major cities in Hungary, and there's an impressive number of 25 direct train connections to other capital cities. Find timetables and book your tickets on the official website of the Hungarian Railways.

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