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Price of a cup of coffee

Ranging from € 1.50 to € 4

Restaurants and cafés

Moscow has a great number of restaurants and cafés to choose from, often offering high-quality food and service for reasonable prices. If you are looking for cheap options, but with traditional Russian food, try столовая (stolovaja), a Russian cafeteria.


Tips are not necessarily required. In sit-down restaurants you can leave tips of around 10% of the bill.

Tap water

The tap water in Russia is not drinkable. Bottled water is cheap and widely available.

Alcohol in supermarkets

After 23h, it is not allowed to sell alcohol in supermarkets. Fortunately, there are many great cafés, often open till late.  

Public transport

The best way to move yourself across Moscow is the metro, which operates from 5:30h till 1:00h. Download the free Yandex Metro app to plan your route in the Moscow metro, as the app provides up-to-date information about all the metro lines, detailed instructions about your route, and the most efficient way to travel.

Moscow also has a ground transportation network, including buses, trolleybuses and trams, also operating from 5:30h till 1:00h.

Tickets can be bought at ticket offices and vending machines inside metro stations, and inside buses or trams. It is more convenient and more economical to travel with a Troika card (see below).

Transport at night

After the metro stops running at 1:00h in the night, night buses take over. Night buses roughly drive the same routes as the metro lines, on an interval of about 30 minutes. For more detailed information about the routes, check out the map on the official website (Ru) of the public transport in Moscow.

For further information about public transport in Moscow, download the official app for Android or IOS.

Troika card

Instead of buying separate tickets, it is more economical to buy a Troika card. The card can be used for all means of public transport, including suburban trains. A Troika card can be bought or charged at ticket offices and Mosgortrans vending machines inside metro stations.

Exploring the beautiful metro of Moscow

Moscow is known for having some incredibly beautiful metro stations. Explore the 12 most amazing stations with our self-guided 2-hour tour of the most beautiful metro stations of Moscow.  

From the airport to Moscow


The most convenient way to travel between the major Moscow airports and the city centre is the Aeroexpress train. It is quick, not expensive and runs frequently. For more info and tickets see the official website of Aeroexpress.

Aeroexpress trains run between Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO) and metro station Belorusskaya, between Domodedovo Airport (DME) and metro station Paveletskaya, and between Vnukovo Airport (VKO) and metro station Kievskaya. Note that the smaller Zhukovsky Airport (ZIA) cannot be reached with the Aeroexpress. It can be reached by train from the Kazan railway station.

Please note that the Aeroexpress trains don't operate at night. In those cases we recommend using a taxi. Taxi apps like Gett or Yandex work well in Moscow.

From Moscow to St Petersburg

The most comfortable way to get to the beautiful St Petersburg is the Sapsan high-speed train, taking you in less than 4 hours to the centre of St Petersburg. Trains leave from Leningradsky station (watch out, this railway station also goes by the name 'Oktyabrskaya', not to be confused with the metro station). There are also overnight trains, which are slower but cheaper. For tickets, use the official page of the Russian Railways.

Get a sneak preview of a ride on the Sapsan with our article High-speed from Moscow to Saint Petersburg with the Sapsan.  


Victory Day

Victory Day is celebrated in the entire country on 9 May, commemorating how the Red Army and the Soviet people defeated Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Every year, the Red Square is the place of the biggest military parade in the country.

Afisha Picnic Festival

The Afisha Picnic Festival is the largest open-air music festival in Moscow, attracting thousands of visitors every summer. It lasts for one day and takes place on the territory of the Kolomenskoye museum-reserve. Check out the official website (Ru) to learn more or to purchase your tickets.

Spasskaya Tower Festival

The Spasskaya Tower Festival is an international military music festival which takes place on the Red Square every year in the end of summer. Dozens of military orchestras from various countries take part in the event, performing in their national uniforms. In between the acts on the Red Square, musical bands perform in parks and on squares across the city. This colorful event lasts for 9 days in total, ending with a laser show and fireworks. Learn more and book your tickets on the official website.

City Day

For more than 20 years, the Moscow City Day has been celebrated on the first or second Saturday of September. The main events and concerts take place on the Red Square, in Alexandrovsky Sad, at the VDNH, in Gorky Park and in Sokolniki Park. The day is usually ended with colorful fireworks. The metro works around the clock on this day.

Circle of Light

Since 2011 Moscow has been hosting the Circle of Light Festival (Ru), which takes place every year in autumn. Thanks to light shows with 2D and 3D effects, various sites across the city brighten up into amazing colorful objects. Learn more about this year's edition on the official website.  

Local pages


Velobike is a bikesharing network in Moscow, which is usually operational from May until November. In order to register, you'll need a phone and a bank card – learn more about registration on the official website. After paying the registration fee, trips up to 30 minutes are free of charge.

Bus tours

For a first look in the capital of Russia, a bus tour can be a nice option. Various operators offer tours through the city, with City Sightseeing being one of the better known international companies. Check out their official website to learn more about the tours and the route.

Culture and party guide

Find an overview of cultural events and parties in Moscow at Kudago (Ru).

Rain radar

Check if it will rain today in Moscow at Gismeteo.


Taxi apps like Gett or Yandex work well in Moscow.


For searching and booking train tickets in Russia, we recommend to use the official page of the Russian Railways.

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