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Price of a cup of coffee

Around € 1 for an espresso (il caffè). Please note that in Italy the price for coffee at the bar is often lower than at the table.

Experiencing Rome for free

Rome offers great options for any kind of traveller. Many of the greatest places can be visited completely for free. Our guide how to see Rome for free shares local tips on what to do and what to avoid, and how to truly experience the city without spending a single euro!

Dining in Rome

In the evening many Roman Bars and cafés offer 'aperitivo' (also known as 'happy hour'). This usually means that you buy a drink which is slightly more expensive, and in return you can eat all the food that is exposed during some hours. It is a very casual way of dining in a joyful atmosphere. Italians love it!


Tipping is not required but welcome. Tips are typically up to € 5.

Tap water

The tap water in Rome is drinkable, enjoy!  


Shops are typically open from 9-13h and from 15:30-19:30h (16-20h in summer). Mainstream stores in the centre of the city usually work from 10:30-19:30h. On Sundays, most stores are closed (except the Sunday before Christmas).

In August, life in the city virtually freezes. Most stores close for at least two weeks due to the holiday Ferragosto.  

Public transport

Metro, buses and trams make up the public transport in Rome. On all modes of transport there is a Metrebus or BIT ticket (biglietto integrate a tempo) required. Tickets need to be bought before boarding, at ticket offices or vending machines (often cash only) at the entrance of metro stations, or in tobacco and newspaper kiosks.

A ticket for one trip (BIT) costs € 1.50, and is valid for 100 minutes. During this time, you can change bus or tram routes as often as you like, but you can get on the metro only once.


The metro in Rome operates from 5:30h to 23:30h, and on Friday and Saturday till 1:30h. The interval between trains is around 7-10 minutes. Use the metro map to plan your trip, or install a metro app (Android or IOS) for up-to-date information.

Buses and tramways

Trams and buses in Rome run from 5:30h till midnight. The waiting interval is about 10 minutes, however buses are not always on time in Italy. Trams stop at every stop, but better notify the driver that you want to get off by pressing the button.

Night buses

Night buses ('Autobus Notturni') operate after midnight. A dark blue number with a yellow owl on the side and the letter ‘N' indicates their stops. The network of night routes is not as comprehensive as it is during the day, but you should always be able to reach any part of Rome.


Tickets for trains can be bought at ticket offices or vending machines inside stations, or online. Before you board a train, you must validate your ticket at yellow-orange posts located near the entrance to the platforms. Find detailed information like train schedules and fares on the official website of the Italian Railways.  

From the Airport to Rome

The two most important airports of Rome are Fiumicino (FCO) and Ciampino (CIA), both located south of Rome.

From Fiumicino Airport to Rome

Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO) has four terminals: 1, 2, 3 and 5. The terminals are within walking distance from each other.


Special Leonardo Express trains connect Fiumicino Airport with Termini Station, the central transport hub of the city. Trains run every 30 minutes, and every 15 minutes during rush hour.

Regular FL1 trains connect Fiumicino Airport with Tiburtina Station, east of the city centre of Rome. These trains run at intervals of 15 minutes on weekdays, and at intervals of 30 minutes on weekends and holidays.


The bus stop at the airport is located in front of terminal T2. Tickets can be bought at special kiosks, and upon entering the bus. The trip to Rome takes about an hour.


A taxi ride to one of the central districts of Rome should cost around € 40-60. The price includes a trip for a maximum of four passengers with luggage. Please note that official taxis are white with a TAXI sign on the roof and with license identification numbers on the doors.

See the official website of Fiumicino Airport for the latest news, and the various ways of getting there.

From Ciampino Airport to Rome

Rome Ciampino Airport (CIA) has just one terminal, operating primarily low-cost flights.


Buses connect Ciampino Airport with Termini railway station, the main transport hub of the city. The bus (for instance Terravision) is a popular and cheap option, with one-way tickets to Rome for about € 5. Tickets can be bought upon entering the bus, or at the ticket office inside the terminal. The ride to Termini takes around 45 minutes.

See the official website of Ciampino Airport for the latest news, and the various ways of getting there.  

Events in Rome


Pasqua is rightfully considered the most important Catholic holiday in Rome. In the Easter week you can attend Masses in the Vatican from Thursday on. On Good Friday you can see a solemn Catholic procession from the Colosseum to Palatine Hill. After sunset on Holy Saturday, the Pope begins the Easter Vigil. On Easter Sunday a Mass is held on St Peter's Square.

Natale di Roma

Natale di Roma is one of the oldest holidays in the world. It celebrates the day Rome was founded, according the legend on 21 April, 753 BC. On this day at noon something spectacular happens in the Pantheon, with a sunbeam penetrating the dome and falling exactly on the entrance portal. During this day festivities include music concerts and fireworks, particularly around Campidoglio Hill and in the neighborhood of Aventino. On this day many sights offer free entrance.

Lungo il Tevere

Lungo il Tevere is an amazing event celebrated from June until September. The ancient embankment of the Tiber becomes the place of a grand culinary feast, with the best restaurants of Rome participating. The cultural program of the festival includes live concerts, theatre performances, art exhibitions, and evening discos. In order to truly experience the 'taste of Rome', it is better not to have your dinner at one single place, but to try small (street) snacks of different restaurants and cafés. For more information about this great event, see the official website (It).

Festa de' Noantri

During the second half of July, the neighborhood of Trastevere becomes the stage of Festa de’ Noantri (It). This is a religious festival, celebrated already since the 16th century. The main festivity is a procession in the evening of 22 July, when an elaborately-dressed statue of the Virgin Mary is carried from the church of Sant' Agata towards the church of San Crisogono. The event traditionally ends with a fireworks show. See the official website (It) for the latest news.

Festival Internazionale di Musica e Arte Sacra

The Festival of Sacred Music takes place every autumn, across the Papal Basilicas of Rome – learn more about these four special churches in our article dedicated to the Papal Basilicas in Rome. Famous philharmonic orchestras and church choirs from around the world traditionally perform in these magnificent temples during the festival, surrounded by gorgeous works of art. All money raised during the event goes to the restoration of cultural monuments. Have a look at the official website for the latest news.  

Local pages

Bicycle rental

Riding a bicycle can be hard in Rome. Although there are some dedicated bike lanes, the hills and the traffic can make it a challenge. Leaving your bicycle on the street without a lock is not a good idea, as it may get stolen. If you still want to take up this challenge, renting a bicycle in Rome costs about € 15 a day. We can recommend BiciBaci and Rent Bike Cool as local rentals.

Bus tours

Rome offers several hop-on hop-off bus tours around the city. One of the best-known operators is the red-colored City Sightseeing.

Dar Filettaro

In Via dei Giubbonari, near Campo de' Fiori, you may encounter a small crowd outside surrounded in a smell of fried codfish. It is the smell of a legendary restaurant, only offering traditional products: roman ‘puntarelle’ (bread with butter and anchovies), ‘baccalà in pastella’ (fried cod), or beans with oil and fried zucchini. It's a traditional and remarkable place, primarily attended by Romans. The place also offers take-away codfish. See their Facebook page for more info.


Official taxis in Rome are white colored. Apps like FREE NOW or Uber also work well in Rome.

Tourist office

The tourist office in Rome is always ready to help you with advice and useful information. There are several Tourist Infopoints across the city centre, for instance inside Termini Station. Find the full list on their official website.


Find detailed information like train schedules and fares on the official website of the Italian Railways. You can book your tickets directly online.

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