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Price of a cup of coffee

Around € 2


Tipping is not required, but tips of 10% are not uncommon in restaurants.

Tap water

The tap water in Russia is not drinkable. Bottled water is cheap and widely available.  

Public transport

Public transport in Samara consists of (trolley) buses, trams, metro and marshrutka (mini buses). One ride costs about € 0.50.

You can pay in cash or purchase the chargeable 'Transport Card' (in Russian: 'Transportnaya karta') for about € 1.50.

Learn more about public transport in Samara on the official website.


With the spectacular metro stations as in Russia, the metro is always worth checking out. Samara has only one metro line, with 9 underground stations and one overground. The most picturesque station is Gagarinskaya.

Download the free Yandex.Metro app to plan your route in the metro, as the app provides detailed instructions about your route and the most efficient way to travel.

Tram lines 5, 20 and 22

These are three special lines, since they are considered to give you a good view on the architectural diversity of Samara. Take one of these lines from the first to the last stop, sit back and relax!  

From Kurumoch Airport (KUF) to Samara


Marshrutka Nr 392 connects Kurumoch Airport with the Central Bus Station for about € 1.50. Bus Nr 78 connects Samara with the airport for about € 0.50 (please note that the bus stop is located 200m from the passenger terminal).

See the official website of Kurumoch Airport for more detailed information about reaching Samara by public transport.


It is recommended to book a taxi at the official airport taxi desk, or to use an app like Yandex.Taxi. A ride to Samara centre typically costs less than € 20.  

Events in Samara

Victory Day

Victory Day is a nationwide holiday. As in all the cities of Russia, the main event is the victory parade, which takes place on Kuybyshev Square, the central square of the city. During the day, concerts and various competitions are held on the streets, and in the evening, they hold a traditional salute in honor of the victory.


The Volgafest is an interregional festival celebrated on the embankments of the Volga River in the first weekend of June. The festival marks the opening of the summer season. Concerts, lectures, workshops and other events are being organized on the embankment of the Volga River. Learn more about the Volgafest on the official website (Ru).

City Day

The City Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of September, memorizing the foundation of Samara in 1586. Festive events are organized throughout this day, including for instance concerts and sports competitions. The main program takes place on the Volga Embankment. By the end of the day it is time to enjoy an air show and fireworks!  

Local pages

Samara Luka

The National Park of Samarskaya Luka (Ru) is an amazing monument of nature, formed by a bend in the Volga River over a length of more than 200 km. On the territory of the park, there are over 200 historical and natural sights, as well as the Zhigulevsky Reserve. When arriving in Samara by plane in good weather conditions, be sure to look out of the window as an incredibly beautiful view over Samara Luka may open up!


A taxi app like Yandex.Taxi works well in Samara.

Tourist office

The Samara Tourist office can be found at the airport, at the main railway station, as well as in the city centre, on Frunze Street 140 – get directions. More useful information about Samara and the region can be found on the official website (Ru) of the tourist office.

Tours and excursions

Samara has nice tours to offer in the city as well as in the surrounding region, including incredible river tours over the Volga. Below are some suggestions where you can look for your perfect tour: Profcentre-Samara (Ru) located at Sadovaya Street 263, Samaraintur-S (Ru) located at Samarskaya Street 51, Sputnik-Hermes (Ru) located at Leninskaya Street 166, or U-RA located at Frunze Street 126.


For searching and booking train tickets, we recommend to use the official page of the Russian Railways.

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