The Long Room of Trinity College Library in Dublin.


Dublin Castle courtyard

Dublin Castle

The Dublin Castle is the mightiest sight of the Irish capital, built early 13th century as a major defensive work on the orders of King John of England. The Castle played a central role in Ireland's Easter Rising of 1916, when it was the central administration office of the UK government.

Visit the official website to learn more and book tickets. Open every day! Get directions.

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Saint Stephen's Green in Dublin

St Stephen's Green

St Stephen's Green is a Victorian park containing a nice lake surrounded by majestic trees. Besides the many sculptures there's also information panels located throughout the park, explaining about the important events of the Easter Rising which took place in this park. The main entrance to St Stephens Green is through the Fusiliers' Arch, which looks like the Arch of Titus in Rome. The park closes at 19h. Get directions.

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Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin

Kilmainham Gaol

Kilmainham Gaol is a former prison that offers a fascinating and at the same time frightening guided tour through an old jail. The tour fills you in on Irish history, particularly the time around the Easter Rising of 1916, in which this jail played a fundamental role.

Please note that you can only visit the jail on a guided tour, with pre-booking online strongly advised. Open every day! Get directions.

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Jameson distillery in Bow Street, Dublin

Jameson Distillery, Bow Street

The Jameson Distillery is the place to learn about the process of distilling a national drink of Irishmen, Jameson whiskey. The distillery offers cognitive and fun journeys into the world of whiskey, including blending, tasting and cocktail making.

See the official website to learn more about the tours and to book your tickets. Open every day! Get directions.

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Find a place around Temple Bar.
Malahide beach near Dublin

Malahide Beach

Near the ancient Castle of Malahide you'll find a beautiful sandy beach great for long walks, barbecues, a swim or simply soaking up the sun. Towards the North there is 'Low Rock' which is shallow, so that could be a good bet if you are not a good swimmer. Skilled swimmers can try High Rock towards the South, where you can find big waves breaking against the rocks. Get directions.

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The Eatyard food market in Dublin

Eatyard Food Market

Eatyard is a hip food market, a perfect place to visit with friends and try as many bites as possible. Nice bonus is that the market is located next to the Bernard Shaw, a popular bar among students. The Eatyard Market welcomes you every Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 12h to 22h. Get directions.

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Temple Bar in Dublin

Temple Bar and Dame District

With the high concentration of pubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs here, there's Guinness flowing like water behind almost every door. This limited-traffic area, made up of Temple Bar and Dame District is not only interesting at night though. The beautiful historical houses and narrow streets like Dame Lane require a better look with daylight. Get directions.

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Grafton Street in Dublin

Grafton Street

Grafton Street is one of the main streets of Dublin, glorified by Ireland's most famous writer James Joyce in his novel Dubliners. The pedestrian shopping street offers a range of high-end and mainstream fashion stores. It is also popular for the enormously talented buskers who entertain the crowds. Get directions.

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Museum of Archaeology in Dublin

National Museum of Ireland: Archaeology

The Museum of Archaeology preserves a collection of valuable items found by archaeologists on the territory of Ireland. Find here traces of the Vikings or well-preserved 2000-year-old bog bodies.

Admission is free. The museum works daily. Get directions.

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Malahide Castle near Dublin

Malahide Castle

Malahide Castle was founded in 1185 by the knight Richard Talbot, who received this estate for his faithful service during King Henry II's invasion of Ireland. It is one of the better preserved castles, a place where you can find original interior with unique antique furniture.

The castle works daily. Get directions.

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The Old Library of Trinity College in Dublin

The Old Library of Trinity College

Trinity College Library is not only Ireland's largest library, but with its magnificent Long Room also one of the most beautiful of Europe. It contains more than 200,000 of the oldest books, the most valuable of which is the Book of Kells, written by Celtic monks over 1200 years ago.

For visitor info or booking tickets, see the official website. Open every day! Get directions.

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Food market in Temple Bar, Dublin

Temple Bar Food Market

Located in the heart of the historical centre, the Temple Bar food market offers you a wide choice of hot and cold food that you can enjoy at the place or take away. It is an outside market with some covered parts too. Open in weekends from 10h till 16:30h. Get directions.

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The Ha'penny Bridge in Dublin

Ha'penny Bridge

The Ha'penny Bridge is Dublin's most famous bridge, opened in 1816 as the first pedestrian bridge spanning the Liffey River. The name originates from 'Half penny bridge' and refers to the toll that used to be charged for passing the bridge. Get directions.

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Portmarnock Beach near Dublin

Portmarnock Beach

Portmarnock Beach or 'Velvet Strand' is a lovely sandy beach, great for swimming and soaking up the sun during summer. The beach is marked with the Blue Flag, implying that the territory is clean and suitable for swimming. It is also pleasant to relax on the picnic site with breath-taking views over Ireland’s Eye and Lambay Island amongst others. Get directions.

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Dubh Linn Garden.
Dubh Linn Garden in Dublin

Dubh Linn Garden

Dubh Linn Garden is situated right next to Dublin Castle on a site that used to be a dark pool ('Dubh Linn') – a lake that gave Dublin its name. Nowadays it is a circular green lawn with some smaller gardens in the corners where you can rest on the benches. The central lawn is decorated with a pattern made of bricks that resembles a Celtic knot. The garden closes at 19h. Get directions.

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The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin

Guinness Storehouse

The Guinness Storehouse is a tourist attraction located in the real Guinness brewery. Here you can learn about the brewing process of the famous Irish Guinness beer, pour your own pint and enjoy a Guinness in the 'Gravity' sky bar with beautiful views over Dublin.

You can visit the storehouse every day on a self-guided tour. Book your tickets (regular price around € 20) on their official website. Get directions.

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The Dublin Writers Museum in Dublin

Dublin Writers Museum

Located in a beautiful 18th century mansion with majestic rooms, the Dublin Writers Museum takes you through the history of Irish literature and the works of great Irish writers like Jonathan Swift, Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, or James Joyce. On site there's also a bookshop dedicated to Irish literature and a cozy café.

The museum is open every day! Get directions.

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Phoenix Park in Dublin

Phoenix Park

Founded in the 17th century, Phoenix Park is the green jewel of Dublin, spreading out over a territory of 700ha. Here you can walk along well-groomed paths, rest on cozy benches in the shade of age-old trees or hike straight through one of the many open fields. Phoenix Park is home to a population of red deer whom are generally not afraid of visitors and sometimes even willing to pose for a photo. The park is open 24 hours. Get directions.

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The Medieval Quarter in Dublin

Medieval Quarter

Although it cannot be said that much remained of middle aged Dublin in addition to large buildings like St Patrick’s Cathedral and Dublinia, if you are careful, you can also see the remains of the wall that once surrounded the city. Be sure to check out St Audoen's Catholic Church, one of the oldest churches in the city built in 1190, and walk along Ship Street Little to get the most unusual perspective on Dublin Castle.

Check out our article Medieval Dublin in a 2-hour walk to find all the medieval gems. Get directions.

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The Saint Stephen's Green shopping mall in Dublin

St Stephen's Green (Mall)

St Stephen's Green is an elegant mall located on the place of a former market, where the rock band U2 used to give its earliest gigs. The mall you can see today opened in 1988, and is primarily a place of local stores and specialty stores, interspersed with some nice coffee bars and restaurants.

Learn more on the official website. The mall is open every day! Get directions.

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The Lunch Market on Merrion Square in Dublin

Lunch Market on Merrion Square

Here you can take your pick of amazing food stalls and have your lunch amidst locals in the park. The market offers a large variety of street food from different corners of the world, from Korea till Latin America. Opened on Thursdays from 11:30h till 14h. Get directions.

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Sandycove Beach and Forty Foot in Dublin

Sandycove Beach & Forty Foot

Sandycove Beach is a very small, sheltered beach popular with local families during summer. Only a few meters away is the well-known Forty-Foot swimming spot. There you can find brave locals swimming in the cold waters of the Irish Sea all year round. Get directions.

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Find a place near the Ha'penny Bridge.
Henry Street in Dublin

Henry Street

Henry Street is one of the principal shopping streets of Dublin, named after Henry Moore, Earl of Drogheda. The pedestrian street is recommended for shopaholics, as it is flanked by a large number of mainstream stores and malls. Get directions.

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The Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin

Christ Church Cathedral

The Cathedral of Christ is one of the oldest cathedrals in the city, built in 1031 by the King of Vikings Sigtrygg. Not only the church interior, but also the 12th century crypt beneath the church is worth a visit. Be sure also to check out opportunities to attend an Evensong.

The official website provides more info about the history of the cathedral and ticket prices. Open every day! Get directions.

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The Natural History Museum in Dublin

National Museum of Ireland: Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum offers a wide range of animal collections, both native to Ireland and of international heritage. Founded in 1856, the museum boasts an impressive collection that hasn't changed much since Victorian times.

Admission is free. The museum works daily. Get directions to the 'Dead Zoo'.

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The Bray-Greystones Cliff Walk near Dublin

Bray-Greystones Cliff Walk

This cliff walk connects the towns of Bray and Greystones. It is an amazingly beautiful walk, with the coast on one side and Bray Head with fields on the other. The track of 8 km is easy for walking. It is recommended to start in the morning to be able to catch the best views. Get directions.

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The Saint Patrick's Cathedral seen from Saint Patrick's Park in Dublin.

Explore the Medieval Dublin in a 2-hour walk

When we talk about the Middle Ages, we most likely imagine fortresses, stone walls, huge castles and all this surrounded by a mystical and gloomy atmosphere. Perhaps Dublin was once like that, but, like most European cities, it has changed. The good news is that Dublin remained low-rise, and that the Medieval traces can still be seen. Some can be hard to find, but we will take you by the hand in a walk around Medieval Dublin... Read more

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The Aviva Stadium in Dublin

Aviva Stadium

The Aviva Stadium is a sleek, modern sports arena that hosts football games of the Irish National Team, major Rugby matches and music events. It seats almost 52,000 spectators and was opened only in 2010 on the site of the old Lansdowne Road Stadium.

See the official website for stadium tours and tickets. Get directions.

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Facade of Chester Beatty in Dublin

Chester Beatty

Chester Beatty takes you on a journey across continents, countries and peoples, as you discover treasures of rare quality and beauty from across the globe. It is a library and at the same time a museum where an excellent collection of ancient and medieval manuscripts and old printed books is presented. Here you can find documents related to the history of Ancient Egypt, and even early manuscripts of the Koran and the Bible.

Chester Beatty is open daily (except on Mondays from November till February) and admission is free. Have a look at the official website for the latest news. Get directions.

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Herbert Park in Dublin

Herbert Park

Herbert Park is named in honour of Sidney Herbert, who in 1903 offered part of his land to build this public park. Before the park was created, the territory hosted the prestigious Irish International Exhibition in 1907. Today you will find nice tree-lined alleys, a picturesque artificial pond and wide lawns ideal for playing sports. Along its perimeter, there's a running track of 1,570 meters long. The park closes around sunset. Get directions.

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Seapoint Swimming Spot near Dublin

Seapoint Swimming Spot

Seapoint is a traditional swimming spot for Dubliners. There is no actual beach there, so people relax on the rocks to soak up the sun. The place is awarded the Blue Flag, meaning that it's ecologically clean and suitable for swimming. Be prepared to see people swimming here even in February! From Seapoint there's also a nice walk possible towards Dún Laoghaire's West Pier, in the South. Get directions to Seapoint.

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The Irish Emigration Museum in Dublin

The Irish Emigration Museum, EPIC

EPIC is a state-of-the-art exhibition telling about the history of Ireland's migration – a migration that has directly affected the roots of 70 million people worldwide. Interesting questions are posted such as: How many American Presidents are of Irish descent? The exhibition is located in a building that was the point of departure for many of the emigrants.

The museum is open every day! Get directions.

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Find a place in the historical Dublin.
The Decorative Arts and History Museum in Dublin

National Museum of Ireland: Decorative Arts & History

The Decorative Arts & History Museum is located in a colossal building that was used for military purposes for three hundred years. The permanent exhibition focuses on Irish military affairs as of the 15th century, but also provides an insight into traditional Irish life, with items like silverware, furniture and costumes.

Admission is free. The museum works daily. Get directions.

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The shopping area around Powerscourt House in Dublin

Powerscourt House area

In this historical area around the Powerscourt House you'll find designer boutiques and small shops, with some nice places to have coffee and a rest. The Powerscourt House is a small elegant shopping center with nice boutiques, four antique galleries, and some cafés – see the official website for more info. Get directions.

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The Georgian Quarter in Dublin

Georgian Quarter

The Georgian Dublin was formed between 1714 and 1837 during the reign of four Kings, all named George. These Kings launched an extensive program for transforming Dublin from a Medieval village into the city that we know today. Red brick, symmetrical buildings, a ground floor behind a wrought-iron grille, or a window in the form of a fan, are all features of Georgian architecture in Dublin. Get directions.

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The Lunch Market of the Grand Canal and Mespil Road in Dublin

Lunch Market of the Grand Canal and Mespil Road

This lunchtime market alongside the Grand Canal welcomes you to experience the tastes from all around the world. No matter whether you are a vegetarian or a carnivore, you will totally find something for you. The market works on Thursdays from 11:30h till 14h. Get directions.

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The City Hall in Dublin

City Hall

The City Hall is a magnificent example of Dublin's beautiful architecture of late 18th century. It was originally built as the Royal Exchange, a place for businessmen to trade goods. Today the City Hall includes a free-of-charge exhibition about Dublin's history.

The building is closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays. Visit the official website to learn more. Get directions.

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The Malahide Castle and Gardens near Dublin

Malahide Castle and Gardens

The gardens of Malahide Castle were originally created in the 12th century. Today it can easily be called a small botanical garden, as the number of plants here reaches 5,000 items. In the centre of the garden, there's an interactive exhibition that tells about the plant-collecting passion of Lord Milo Talbot.

The castle and gardens are open every day, see the official website for more visitor info. Get directions.

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The Howth Cliff Walk near Dublin

Howth Cliff Walk

From the village of Howth, a variety of nice cliff walks can be made. A nice option is following the cliff path from the East Pier all along the seaside towards the lighthouse, and back. Walking this rocky trail totals around 10km, and rewards you with views over Lambay Island and Ireland’s Eye. The lucky ones may get to see grey seals or even dolphins! Get directions.

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Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin

Glasnevin Cemetery & Museum

Glasnevin Cemetery is the largest cemetery of Ireland with around 1.5 million people buried here. Among them, the nationalist Michael Collins, the art collector Chester Beatty, and the Irish political leader Daniel O'Connell. Besides Celtic crosses and decorated tombs, there's a museum that fills you in on the history of Glasnevin (open every day).

See the official website for more info about Glasnevin tours. Get directions.

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The Powerscourt Estate near Dublin

Powerscourt Estate

The Palladian style Powerscourt Estate was built in 1741 on the site of a Medieval castle of the noble Wingfield family. In 1974 it suffered severe fire, for which it was renovated in the 1990s. At this time only two rooms with restored interior are available for visiting. The estate is also home to the Childhood Museum where you can find a collection of beautifully detailed dollhouses.

The estate is open every day, see the official website for more info. Get directions.

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The National Library of Ireland in Dublin

National Library of Ireland

The National Library of Ireland is where you can find a beautiful (and still working) library on the top floors, and an exhibition on the ground floor. The exhibition contains many ancient manuscripts and documentary materials that make up the country's historical heritage.

The library is closed on Sundays. Entrance is free. Get directions.

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The National Botanic Gardens of Ireland in Dublin

National Botanic Gardens of Ireland

The National Botanic Gardens of Ireland were founded in 1795. Through the years it has formed a rich collection of plants, totalling around 20 thousand species. Here you can walk along beautiful ponds, lawns, flowerbeds, meadows, and alpine hills. Of particular note are the spacious Victorian greenhouses, in which tropical trees and drought tolerant plants are grown.

The park works every day. Get directions.

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George's Street Arcade in Dublin

George's Street Arcade

George's Street Arcade is a 19th-century Victorian market hall filled with tiny shops and stalls. It is a place to wander around for nice vintage items, collectables, souvenirs or clothes and food.

See the official website for more info. Open every day! Get directions.

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Library of Trinity College in Dublin.
The Spencer Dock Market in Dublin

Spencer Dock Market

Located in the heart of the Docklands, this weekly food market is particularly popular with office people. It is the place to go for a wide choice of very tasty lunch meals. The market is held outside, and pops up on Wednesdays between 11:30h and 14h. Get directions.

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The Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin

Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA)

The IMMA is housed in the 17th century Royal Kilmainham Hospital. It primarily exhibits paintings and sculptures by Irish contemporary artists, from the second half of the 20th century up to today. The museum is quite dynamic, with exhibitions changing rather fast.

Free admission, but closed on Mondays. Get directions.

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Killiney Beach near Dublin

Killiney Beach

In Killiney you can find a long pebble beach, great for swimming, fishing and long walks. Up to 2017 it was recognized with the Blue Flag, meaning that it's an ecologically clean place with a clear sea. Its gem is the White Rock, hidden in the Northern part of the bay. During high tide, White Rock gets very isolated from the rest of the beach making it a perfect hidden paradise. Get directions.

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The Molly Malone statue in Dublin

Molly Malone Statue

The monument to Molly Malone is certainly the most legendary monument of the Irish capital. It depicts the character from 'Molly Malone', a national song from the 19th century. The song is about the pretty Molly selling oysters and mussels in the city of Dublin. Sadly she passes away early due to a fever, leaving her ghost to ride the cart with seafood through the streets of Dublin. Get directions.

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The Formal Gardens in Dublin

The Formal Gardens

The Royal Hospital Kilmainham nowadays not only offers a museum, but also a magnificent garden in front of it. In the early days of the hospital’s work, this park was used as a garden for growing medicinal plants. Over time the garden was magnificently redesigned in a French style, and eventually opened to the public. The garden is open till 17:30h, and closed on Mondays. Get directions.

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The Spire in Dublin

The Spire / Monument of Light

With 120 meters of stainless steel, the 'needle' or 'toothpick' is Dublin's tallest landmark, and as such useful for navigation in the low-rise city. The Spire, which appeared in 2003, is controversial though, with some loving it, while many mock it for uselessness ('you cannot even walk up!'). Get directions.

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Marsh's Library in Dublin

Marsh's Library

Marsh's Library is the oldest public library of Ireland, opened in 1701 by archbishop Narcissus Marsh. It possesses historical books from the 16-18th centuries in their original oak bookcases. Part of the collection is the Atlas Maior, showing early maps of the world; the Atlas was the most expensive book in the 17th century.

A small entrance fee is charged. The library is open until 17h, but closed on Tuesdays and Sundays. Get directions.

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Sandymount Strand in Dublin

Sandymount Strand

Sandymount Strand is a popular place for walking but not ideal for swimming as during low tide, the sea almost completely disappears. Be sure to check tide times on this website! About halfway, you can find a 20-foot high metal sculpture donated by the Mexican President Vicente Fox in 2002 – it symbolizes the friendship between the Irish and Mexican people. Get directions.

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Trinity College in Dublin.
Croke Park in Dublin

Croke Park

Nicknamed 'Croker', this is Ireland's largest stadium with a capacity of over 82,000 spectators. Croke Park is primarily designated to host Gaelic games, but occasionally it also hosts other events, like concerts. The stadium is closely associated with Bloody Sunday in 1920, when 14 people were killed here.

Visit the official website to learn more about the history or stadium tours. Get directions.

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The Irish Whiskey Museum in Dublin

Irish Whiskey Museum

Get to know all about Irish whiskey on one of the guided tours of this museum. The regular price for a tour is around € 20 per person, but some whiskey tastings are included. Knowing all about the whiskey history and with perfect whiskey tasting skills, you may well leave the museum as a connoisseur.

See the official website to learn more about the tours and to book your tickets. Open every day! Get directions.

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The Oscar Wilde Memorial Sculpture on Merrion Square in Dublin

Merrion Square

Merrion Square is a beautiful well-groomed park with nice lawns and beautifully decorated flowerbeds. It is surrounded by Georgian buildings with bright doors and multi-coloured fan-shaped windows above them. Inside you will find an extraordinary statue of Oscar Wilde, one the most famous writers of Ireland. The park is especially popular with office employees during lunch and for kids due to the fantastic new playground. Get directions.

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The Historical Trinity College in Dublin

Historical Trinity College

Trinity College and the University of Dublin are the oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher education in Ireland, founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I. The historical territory of the university invites for a calm walk, and a closer look at the famous bell tower and the most wonderful library of Ireland. Get directions.

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Find a place in Medieval Dublin.
The Poolbeg Lighthouse in Dublin

Poolbeg Lighthouse

The colourful lighthouse Poolbeg not only points the way for arriving ships, but is also one of the attractions for those who like to get impressive views of the sea and waves crashing at the rocks. Poolbeg finds itself at the end of a wall of about 4 km long, which up to this day remains one of the longest embankments in Europe. The lighthouse cannot be entered unfortunately. Get directions.

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The entrance of Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo opened its doors in 1831, making it one of the oldest zoos in the world. Amongst the many species of animals that you can find here, the zoo also holds a number of species that is under threat of extermination like the golden lion tamarin or the Moluccan cockatoo.

See the official website for more visitor info. Open every day! Get directions.

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Saint Anne's Park in Dublin

St Anne's Park

Across the vast territory of St Anne's Park there are picturesque gardens, walkways, ponds, golf courses, tennis courts, picnic sites, pavilions and playgrounds. Especially worth mentioning is the Garden of Roses of Saint Anne, located a bit south of the centre of the park. The Garden of Roses is also the place where you can find the Festival of Roses every third Sunday in July. The park closes around sunset. Get directions.

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The General Post Office in Dublin

General Post Office

The An Post Museum is a cozy but very informative museum, located in the magnificent building of Dublin's General Post Office which was built in 1818, and is considered to be the last example of Georgian architecture. Find inside an original Irish post station, an exhibition filled with stamps, or find out what happened here during the Easter Rising of 1916.

The museum is open daily. Get directions.

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Greystones Beach near Dublin

Greystones Beach

Greystones is a beach of pebbles and sand, located at the Southern end of the town of Greystones. The beach is marked with the Blue Flag, implying that the territory is clean and suitable for swimming. With also a playground next to the beach, the place is particularly popular with families. Get directions.

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The Little Museum of Dublin

The Little Museum of Dublin

The Little Museum of Dublin is a quirky place in a beautiful Georgian house, which gives a nice introduction to Dublin. The permanent collection is devoted to Georgian architecture, which is so common in the city, as well as to the 20th century, with an entire room devoted to U2 and The Irish Times.

Pre-booking is advised if you want to take the 30-minute guided tour during which you will learn about Dublin's 1000-year history, starting from the Vikings until nowadays. See the official website of the Little Museum for more visitor info. Get directions.

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Saint Patrick's Park in Dublin

St Patrick's Park

St Patrick's Park is a historical site next to St Patrick's Cathedral. The legend says that it was at this place with water from the Poddle River (which now flows below surface) that Saint Patrick baptized the first Irish Christians. The park contains nice flowerbeds in summer, a small playground, a fountain in the centre, and benches everywhere. The park closes at 21h. Get directions.

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Shopping on Henry Street in Dublin

Henry Street & O'Connell Street

The area of Henry Street and O'Connell Street offers a wide variety of shops of mainstream brands. Henry Street is a pedestrian street which in fact connects big malls like the Jervis Shopping Mall and the Ilac Shopping Mall, as well as the largest and oldest department store of Dublin, Arnotts. The shopping centers are open every day! Get directions.

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The Irish National War Memorial Gardens in Dublin

Irish National War Memorial Gardens

The Memorial Gardens were created to commemorate the 49,000 soldiers who died during the First World War. The peaceful park is laid out over green hills and beautifully maintained. It was created by the famous architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, with the centrally located sunken rose garden as its main feature. The park closes around sunset. Get directions.

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The Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin

St Patrick's Cathedral

St Patrick's Cathedral is the largest cathedral of Ireland, founded in 1191. Its location was not chosen purely by chance: here, between the arms of the Poddle River, a spring named after St Patrick beats from the ground.

An admission fee is charged, see the official website for more info. Get directions.

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The Food Market at Waterways Ireland Visitor Center in Dublin

Food Market at Waterways Ireland Visitor Center

Lunchtime market on the territory of the restored docklands. Here you can enjoy different types of international food, combined with a visit to the Center to learn about the history of the Waterways of Ireland. This outside market pops up on Wednesdays from 11:30h till 14h. For more info about the Center, visit the official website. Get directions.

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Bray Beach near Dublin

Bray Beach

Bray Beach stretches between Bray Head and Bray Harbour for about 1.5 kilometres. From the promenade the beach seems pebbled, but the closer you get to the water the more sandy it becomes. The beach is awarded the Blue Flag, meaning that it's ecologically clean and suitable for swimming. Get directions.

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Dublinia Museum in Dublin


Dublinia brings the Medieval city and the Viking era back to life. It is a place where you can visit a rich merchant's kitchen or walk along a bustling Medieval Street, complete with beggars asking for change. Board a Viking warship or become enchained like a slave, in Dublinia it's about reliving these big episodes of Dublin's history.

The museum is open every day, and particularly suitable for families. Get directions.

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Trinity College in Dublin

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College is Ireland's oldest university, boasting famous alumni such as Oscar Wilde. In the centre of the campus you can find the iconic Campanile (bell tower). Students have a superstition that if they pass underneath it while the bell is ringing, they will fail their exams.

A 35-min (paid) guided tour around the campus is offered, see the official website for more info. Get directions.

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Marlay Park near Dublin

Marlay Park

Marlay Park is a 121ha area of mature woodland and lawns located at the foothills of the Dublin Mountains with the nice little Dargle River flowing through its territory. The recreational area in the South allows for playing pitches. In the North you can check out the Marlay Craft Courtyard with shops and creative studios selling fashion, jewelry and more (get directions). The park closes around sunset.

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O'Connell Street in Dublin

O'Connell Street

O'Connell Street is the main thoroughfare of Dublin, with roots going back to the 17th century. It is named after the 19th century nationalist leader Daniel O'Connell, the national hero of Ireland. The wide avenue also serves as the main route of the annual St Patrick's Day parade. Get directions.

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Shopping in Grafton Street in Dublin

Grafton Street area

Grafton Street is Dublin's most famous shopping street that offers luxury boutiques, but also various mainstream shops. An integral part of Grafton Street are the street actors and musicians, so make sure to watch their performances while filling your shopping bag! Get directions.

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The Iveagh Gardens in Dublin

Iveagh Gardens

Iveagh Gardens is a calm hideaway with many original features of the Victorian garden that dates back to 1865. This park offers pure tranquillity with a number of benches hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Entrance via Clonmel Street, Hatch Street or via the back of the National Concert Hall.

The park works daily and closes at 18h, but in February and November at 16h, and in December and January at 15:30h. Get directions.

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Find a place near Trinity College.
Coast of Bull Island near Dublin

Bull Island

Bull Island is sand spit in Dublin Bay, a place to find a beach, dunes as well as a National Nature Reserve. It is a perfect place for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts, and good for walking. The beach itself can serve as a great spot for kiteboarders. See this website for more information about the animals that you may encounter on the island. Get directions.

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The Dún Laoghaire CoCo Market near Dublin

Dún Laoghaire CoCo Market

Every Sunday the small suburb of Dún Laoghaire welcomes everybody to their local food market. Located in a picturesque park with some nice examples of Victorian architecture, the market offers a journey through international cuisine including Italian, Lebanese, Chinese and Greek specialties. You will also get the chance to buy organic food from local producers, as well as some crafts and arts.

The market works on Sundays from 11h till 16h. Get directions.

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The Teeling Whiskey Distillery in Dublin

Teeling Whiskey Distillery

The Teeling Distillery opened in 2015, and is in fact the only new whiskey distillery opened in Dublin over the past 125 years. Despite being new on the market of Irish whiskey, the quality will impress you! Enjoy one of the guided tours, and learn all about whiskey making, blending and tasting.

See the official website for more info about the tours and to book your tickets. Open every day! Get directions.

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The Powerscourt Gardens near Dublin

Powerscourt Gardens

The Powerscourt Estate was created in 1741 on the site of a Medieval castle. It overlooks 19 hectares of stunning, landscaped gardens. The gardens were voted number 3 in the World’s Top Ten Gardens by National Geographic. It includes Italian, Japanese and French gardens, as well as the highest waterfall in Ireland.

The gardens are open every day till 17:30h. The entrance fee is about € 12. Get directions.

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The Dundrum Town Centre shopping mall near Dublin

Dundrum Town Centre (Mall)

Dundrum Town Centre is a shopping mall that offers mainstream brands as well as luxury boutiques. It is Ireland's largest indoor shopping center with over 169 tenants. A wide choice of restaurants, coffee bars and a cinema make the experience complete.

Find out more about the shopping mall on the official website. Open every day! Get directions.

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Lighthouse on cliffs near Dublin.

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