Panorama Ekaterinburg with Iset Tower.


Sevastyanov's House

Sevastyanov's House

Sevastyanov’s House (Ru) is one of the most beautiful old Russian mansions and the main decoration of Ekaterinburg. Built in the neo-Gothic style, it resembles a gingerbread house, due to its red-green nesting. The exact date of construction is not known for sure, but the mansion was first mentioned already in 1817. Today the mansion houses a government institution, so most of us can only admire it from the outside. Get directions.

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Botanicheskaya Subway station in Ekaterinburg

Botanicheskaya, Subway station

The hall of Botanicheskaya Station is decorated in a hexagon pattern, recalling bee honeycombs. The illuminated hexagon patterns on the ceiling together with the shiny steel-covered columns on the platform, create a fancy atmosphere and appears like a jump into the future. Botanicheskaya Station is located at a depth of 12 meters. Get directions.

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Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Ekaterinburg

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (Ru) was originally built in the second half of the 18th century. Back then, a new cemetery arose near Ekaterinburg, but with no church on its territory. It was the merchant Ivan Ivanovich Hlepetin who erected this church, after his wife was buried on that cemetery. The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral of today was designed in late Classicism style and serves as an Orthodox monastery for women (one of the largest in Russia).

Have a look at the official website (Ru) to learn more about the cathedral. Get directions.

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East bank of Iset River

East bank of Iset River

On the East bank of the Iset River you will find a calm boulevard, which is conveniently connected with Plotinka (Ru) via a pedestrian tunnel. Along the waterside there are benches, and in summer season some terraces too. The atmosphere here is particularly nice and relaxing in the evening, with the light of lanterns reflected in the water resembling a starry sky. Get directions.

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The Boris Yeltsin Museum in Ekaterinburg

Boris Yeltsin Museum

The Boris Yeltsin Museum tells you about the life of the first Russian president Boris Yeltsin, and the commotion and chaos in the early days of the Russian Federation. The modern museum is perfectly equipped with engaging new technologies to inform you about the life of Boris and his political journey in an (audio)visual way.

The museum (Ru) is closed on Mondays. It is located in a brand-new building in the business area of Ekaterinburg, right next to the Iset River. Get directions.

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Find a place in Ekaterinburg centre.
The Church on Blood in Ekaterinburg

Church on Blood / Church of All Saints

After the Russian Revolution of 1917, the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II and his family were sent to the mansion of the engineer Nikolay Ipatyev in Ekaterinburg. In this mansion the Emperor and his family got murdered. In 2003, on the place of their execution the Church of all Saints was established. This tragic page in history is depicted in the Monument to the family of Nicholas II in front of the church. It includes a composition of seven figures illustrating the moment of the descent of the Emperor and his family into the basement, where they met their death.

The church (Ru) is open daily. Get directions.

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Railway Museum in Ekaterinburg

Railway Museum

After having served as a railway station, this beautiful building from 1881 houses nowadays the Railway Museum, which fills you in on the history of the railways in the Urals. All around the former station, you can explore a free-of-charge open-air exhibition that shows all kinds of monuments and other objects related to the railways in Ekaterinburg.

Please note that the museum is closed on Sundays and Mondays. Be sure to read this blog post (Ru) to get in the mood before your visit. Get directions.

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Shopping in Vaynera Street in Ekaterinburg

Shopping in Vaynera Street

The pedestrian Vaynera Street (Ru) goes through the heart of Ekaterinburg and is great for strolling. Here you will get to see some historical architecture, modern statues and also a great amount of stores and malls of different price categories. Vaynera Street is one of the oldest places of the city, with references going back to the 1740s. Get directions.

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The Iset Tower in Ekaterinburg

Iset Tower

The Iset Tower is an elegant 52-story skyscraper, considered to be the tallest building in the Northern part of the Earth. In the evening, the tower is illuminated with multi-colored, iridescent lights, giving away a special show of dynamics and motion. Get directions.

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Monastery Ganina Yama in Ekaterinburg

Monastery Ganina Yama

The Monastery Ganina Yama is a unique religious complex surrounded by picturesque nature. It comprises seven wooden temples, which corresponds to the amount of killed members of the last Russian Royal family. Ganina Yama is where the remains of the Romanov bodies were buried in 1918. Visit the monastery in summer season to dip into their sacred spring, as that option is not available in winter.

Have a look at the official website (Ru) to learn more about the monastery. Get directions.

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Shopping in the Pokrovskiy Passazh in Ekaterinburg

Pokrovskiy Passazh

The Pokrovskiy Passazh is a symbol of prestige and elegance in Ekaterinburg. In this little Haute Couture hub you can find four floors of galleries of world-famous fashion brands, footwear and accessories. Designed by Italian architects, the Pokrovskiy Passazh also offers lovers of Italian cuisine a fine choice with its restaurant Dolce Vita.

Check out the official website (Ru) for more information on the stores and the restaurant. The Pokrovskiy Passazh is open every day! Get directions.

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The green garden around the Ekaterinburg Opera

Ekaterinburg Opera square

This green space is like an elegant frame around the Ekaterinburg Opera (Ru), especially pretty in summer, when flowerbeds blossom. Sit down on one of the benches here and enjoy the splashing water of the fountain – which gets illuminated after dark. Get directions.

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Plotinka (Ru) is a popular area around the dam in the Iset River which was built in 1723, and reconstructed afterwards. It forms the heart of the historical part of the city, and is a traditional place for mass festivities and holidays. In this very walkable and green area, you will find several museums and monuments located on both river banks. Get directions.

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Central Stadium of Ekaterinburg

Central Stadium of Ekaterinburg

The Ekaterinburg Arena has had a big makeover for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, when it hosted several games. Whilst the historical facade of the old stadium has been maintained as an object of cultural heritage, the rest has been completely reconstructed, making the stadium a unique mixture of Soviet Neoclassicism and modern architecture. The current capacity of the stadium stands at 35,000 people. Get directions.

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Shopping in Grinvich Mall in Ekaterinburg

Grinvich (Mall)

This big mall is the most beloved one among the residents of Ekaterinburg. Besides the very wide range of stores here, there are nice spots to rest, souvenir shops, a large food court, a cinema and entertainment zones.

Check out the official website (Ru) for more information about the stores and all the things you can do here. Grinvich is open every day! Get directions.

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The green area around Kamernyy Theatre in Ekaterinburg

Kamernyy Theatre area

The area around the Kamernyy Theatre (Ru) is a neat little park with groomed trees, flowerbeds, a small wooden rotunda, and a pretty statue of a sailing boat with Peter and Fevronia – who are the symbol of family and marriage. Find here also the former wooden house of the mining industrialist Pavel Utyakov, dating from the early 20th century – a house that nowadays belongs to the Union of Journalists. Get directions.

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Museum of History and Archaeology of the Urals

Museum of History and Archaeology of the Urals

The Urals History and Archaeology museum is one of the oldest museums in Russia, founded in 1870 by the Ural Society of Natural History amateurs. Its collection tells about the history of the Urals from 14,000 years ago till the modern day. Of particular interest is the archaeological pantry, which treasures the Shigir Idol – the world's oldest wooden cult sculpture of more than 10 thousand years old.

Please note that the museum (Ru) is closed on Tuesdays. Get directions.

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Ekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

Ekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

The Ekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theatre (Ru) is one of the oldest opera and ballet theatres in Russia, with its first season launched already in 1912. Outstanding artists have been performing here. The interior of the theatre is like a luxurious palace, making it certainly a highlight of Ekaterinburg and the Ural region.

Visit the official website to book your tickets in advance. Get directions.

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1905 Square in Ekaterinburg

1905 Square

The history of the 1905 Square goes back well beyond the year 1905. It was named after the many meetings and demonstrations that took place here in 1905. Nowadays the square is the place to watch the grandiose military parade on the 9th of May. The winter setting is also enchanting, with the 'Ice Town' and the city’s New Year’s tree. Get directions.

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Find a place near the Iset River in Ekaterinburg.
Museum of Architecture and Design in Ekaterinburg

Museum of Architecture and Design

The Urals Museum of Architecture and Design (Ru) is famous for its open-air exposition of large-scale machinery from the Ural region. Amongst its interesting collections, there is a unique exposition of miniature models of modern buildings, created by students from the University of Architecture and Design.

Please note that the museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Get directions.

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The City Government Office in Ekaterinburg

City Government Office

The Ekaterinburg Government Office (Ru) is definitely one of the most beautiful administrative buildings of Russia. It was originally constructed in 1738 as a shopping arcade, but has been reconstructed many times afterwards. It was only in 1954 that its tower was crowned with a gilded spire and a chiming clock, following G.A. Golubev's project. Get directions.

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Makarovskiy Bridge in Ekaterinburg

Makarovskiy Bridge

The Makarovskiy Bridge (Ru) is the longest bridge of Ekaterinburg, connecting two banks of the Iset River and providing a great view on the centre of the city, with modern buildings and skyscrapers. During the night, the bridge is lit up with multi-colored illumination, creating a peaceful and romantic atmosphere. Get directions.

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Park Dendrariy in Ekaterinburg

Park Dendrariy

Park Dendrariy (Ru) is a beautiful big green area in central Ekaterinburg, that offers picturesque access to the river. Here you can enjoy twisting footpaths and asphalted walkways, fountains, flowerbeds, lawns and different types of trees. It's a good spot not only for walking but also great to ride a bike here or to have a run. Another perfect idea would be to come here for a picnic! Get directions.

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Shopping in Passazh Mall in Ekaterinburg

Passazh (Mall)

Passazh is a shopping mall in central Ekaterinburg, offering a good range of stores with products of different price tags. You will find a fine choice of apparel and shoe stores here. On the top floors there is a food court, a cinema and children entertainment zones. A large supermarket can be found in the basement of the building.

Have a look at the official website (Ru) for more information about the stores. Passazh is open every day! Get directions.

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Rastorguyev-Kharitonov Garden in Ekaterinburg

Rastorguyev-Kharitonov Garden

Rastorguyev-Kharitonov Garden (Ru) is a beautiful shaded park, right next to the magnificent Rastorguyev-Kharitonov Palace. The park is full of huge century-old trees, romantic paths with benches, and a nice pond with wild ducks and a rotunda in the middle. Upon entering the gate of this park, it feels like you step into the 19th century. Get directions.

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Shartashskiy Market in Ekaterinburg

Shartashskiy Market

Shartashskiy Market is the most popular market of Ekaterinburg, consisting of covered as well as outside parts. Find here fresh meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, and simple clothes. We recommend to visit the market in the morning or early afternoon, when the food is still fresh.

Please note that Shartashskiy Market is closed on Mondays. Get directions.

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Sverdlovsk Region Government

Sverdlovsk Region Government

The impressive appearance of the building of the Sverdlovsk Region Government with its restrained architecture, reminds about Soviet times. The building is rightfully called the White House, as it actually houses the local government. In front of the building there is an excellent walking area, with a fountain, and often young skaters showing off. Get directions.

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Ekaterinburg Circus

Ekaterinburg Circus

This extraordinary futuristic building with its remarkable top, made of arches in a trellis, houses the Ekaterinburg Circus (Ru). All performances here are in Russian, but the miracles of the show will amaze all of us.

The shows are generally held on weekends and on holidays. Visit the official website (Ru) for the complete agenda. Get directions.

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Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts I

Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts I

The Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts (Ru) is the largest art museum in the Urals, known for its world-class collections. The most impressive piece is the big pavilion in the main hall, made of locally-carved metalwork. The museum has two buildings which are located close to each other (the other building is currently being renovated).

The museum is closed on Mondays. Get directions.

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Holy Trinity Cathedral in Ekaterinburg

Holy Trinity Cathedral

The Holy Trinity Cathedral (Ru) was established in 1818 in Classicism style, at the expense of the merchant Ya. M. Ryazanov. It was consecrated only in 1839. In 1930, the cathedral was closed down by the Soviet regime, and since then it has been used for many different purposes, like a movie theatre, a plant, and a recreation center. The cathedral was renovated in 2000, now boasting an interior decorated with bright paintings of gold, yellow and blue colors, made in line with traditional Russian practice. Get directions.

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Literaturnyy Kvartal in Ekaterinburg

Literaturnyy Kvartal

Literaturnyy Kvartal is a very calm and shaded park, with plenty of benches. Here you can also find the United Museum of Ural Writers (Ru), which comprises ten buildings from the 19th century. The stage inside the park hosts classical music concerts and poetic marathons on a regular basis.

The little park is open every day from 10h till 20h, but in winter closed on Mondays. The entrances can be found at the East and West side of the park. Get directions.

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Museum of Military Equipment in Ekaterinburg

Museum of Military Equipment

The Museum of Military Equipment is one of the world's largest museums of military and automotive vehicles. You will find here around 5,700 exhibits, including 350 samples of military equipment (such as tanks and aircraft) and more than 200 Soviet and foreign cars, motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicles.

The Museum of Military Equipment is closed on Mondays. Have a look at the official website (Ru) for more visitor information. Get directions.

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The Iset Tower in Ekaterinburg centre by evening.
Rastorguyev-Kharitonov Palace in Ekaterinburg

Rastorguyev-Kharitonov Palace

The picturesque Rastorguyev-Kharitonov Palace was designed in a style that combines Neoclassicism with elements of the French Empire style. It was commissioned in 1794 by Lev Rastorguyev, a very cruel man according to several legends. It is said that he used to torture his peasants in the underground chambers of the palace. Get directions.

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Vaynera Street in Ekaterinburg

Vaynera Street

The history of the nice pedestrian Vaynera Street (Ru) goes back to 1735, when wonderful little houses and shops started appearing here. Today it is the pedestrian street which best of all characterizes Ekaterinburg, conveying its spirit and atmosphere. The main highlights of Vaynera Street are not the boutiques, but the numerous surprising bronze sculptures. Get directions.

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Saint John the Baptist Cathedral in Ekaterinburg

St John the Baptist Cathedral

The St John the Baptist Cathedral (Ru) is located on a spacious but elegant temple complex, with blue-white facades about everywhere you look. The cathedral was constructed in Russian-Byzantine style in 1846 and it was the only operating church here during the Soviet period! Get directions.

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Shopping in Crystals Mall in Ekaterinburg

Crystals (Mall) / Malysheva Street

This part of Malysheva Street contains some apparel stores, and more importantly, the Crystals shopping mall. Crystals is a rather modern mall, which was designed in High-Tech style and opened its doors in 2016. The ground floor is occupied by the well-known Russian perfume and cosmetics store 'Golden apple', and the second floor is an area of fancy clothes of different brands and designers.

Visit their official website (Ru) for more information about the brands and the stores here. Crystals is open every day! Get directions.

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The green DIVS area in Ekaterinburg

DIVS area

This side of the river, with carefully groomed trees, is where you will find the most picturesque views over the water. Particularly in the evening when the buildings are illuminated, the views are great from here. In winter you might also be able to take a walk over the Iset River, when it has turned into a snow-white sheet (be sure to check the signs in advance, to see if it is allowed). Further away from the river you will also find outside workout equipment. Get directions.

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Business Center Vysotsky in Ekaterinburg

Business center Vysotsky

Vysotsky is one of the greatest landmarks of the city. The skyscraper contains a museum about the Russian poet Vladimir Vysotsky, a panorama restaurant, and an open sightseeing platform, which is located on the 52d floor at a height of 186 meters. The panorama that stretches up to 25 kilometers gives a magnificent view over Ekaterinburg. Have a look at their official website for more visitor info. Get directions.

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Shopping around Tikhvin in Ekaterinburg

Tikhvin area

Tikhvin is an excellent shopping area with very polite staff and quality service, ideal for those who have the desire to spend money on fashion. Here you will find brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chloé and so on. All the stores here are located close to each other, together with some nice cafés and restaurants. Get directions.

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Church of St Seraphim of Sarov

Church of St Seraphim of Sarov

The Church of St Seraphim of Sarov (Ru) is part of a small but beautiful religious area, constructed in 2006. Find here a monument to Seraphim Sarovskiy (1754-1833), who is one of the most honored monks in Russian history, and a temple for Saint Nicholas 'The Wonderworker'. There is also a playground located on the territory of the church. Get directions.

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Central Park Mayakovsky in Ekaterinburg

Central Park Mayakovsky

The Central Park Mayakovsky (Ru) is the largest urban leisure park in Ekaterinburg, spanning an area of 97 hectares. Every weekend you will find various events here, like celebrations accompanied by dancing in summer, or funny competitions in winter. You may encounter little squirrels around the numerous old trees of Mayakovsky Park, happy to receive your sunflower seeds or some nuts.

Have a look at the official website (Ru) for the agenda and to learn more about the activities. Get directions.

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The Philharmonic Hall in Ekaterinburg

Philharmonic Hall

The Philharmonic Hall (Ru) is culturally one of the most significant buildings of Ekaterinburg. For all lovers of classical music, it's a real catch. Beautiful interior and polite staff create the perfect atmosphere for a concert. But what gives zest to this place is the music organ, producing inimitable magical sounds.

Check out the official website (Ru) for ticket info. Get directions.

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Voznesenskaya Church in Ekaterinburg

Voznesenskaya Church / Church of Ascension

The Church of Ascension (Ru) was founded in 1770 by the archpriest Kochnev. Originally it was of a very small size and entirely made of wood. Throughout the 19th century it has repeatedly been reconstructed and extended. Today it is the only remaining church in Ekaterinburg, that is designed in late Baroque style. Get directions.

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Botanical Garden of Ekaterinburg

Botanical Garden of Ekaterinburg

The Botanical Garden of Ekaterinburg offers visitors all-year-round a wide range of unique species and an amazing variety of plants and trees. Amidst the greenery and the clean air of the Botanical Garden, you can easily forget about the bustle of city life. The garden boasts more than 10,000 plants collected from around the world on a total area of 50 hectares.

You can enter the garden for free, but note that some greenhouses will charge an entrance fee. Visit the official website (Ru) for more information about the Botanical Garden. Get directions.

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Find a place near the Iset Tower.
The Water tower in Ekaterinburg centre

Water tower

The Water Tower (Ru) was built in 1880, but unfortunately has not been used for its intended purpose often. After having been used as a housing accommodation, the tower nowadays hosts a small but unique exhibition of metal artifacts – open from May till October. Get directions.

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Urals Nature Museum in Ekaterinburg

Urals Nature Museum

The building of the Urals Nature Museum has been there for a while, first as an ironworks plant, then as a mint, and since 1871 it houses a historical museum. It offers a small but interesting collection devoted to nature in the Urals. The skeletons of an ancient deer and a mammoth are regarded as the treasures of the collection.

Please note that the Urals Nature Museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays – have a look at the official website (Ru) for further visitor information. Get directions.

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Chapel of St Catherine in Ekaterinburg

Chapel of St Catherine

The Chapel of St Catherine (Ru) was originally built in 1723, as the first cathedral of Ekaterinburg, in the name of the great Martyr Catherine – who is believed to be the patroness of mining. In 1930 it was closed by the Soviets, and then even blown up. A new chapel of St Catherine with five domes appeared in 1998, near the place where once the altar of the first cathedral was located. Get directions.

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Shopping in Evropa Mall in Ekaterinburg

Evropa (Mall)

Evropa is a mall located in the former House of merchants Korobkovs', constructed in a classical style of the first half of the 19th century. Inside you can find Russian and foreign brands of clothes, shoes and other goods. On the first floor, there’s also a nice Italian restaurant.

Check out the official website (Ru) for more shopping information. Evropa is open every day! Get directions.

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West bank of Iset River in Ekaterinburg centre

West bank of Iset River

Along the West bank of the Iset River in central Ekaterinburg, you'll find a calm walking area with plenty of benches on the riverside. In the middle of this area you'll see the 'Sphere', or Drama fountain. It represents the purity of the planet, which is being washed up by transparent water streams. This fountain is the traditional gathering place for admirers of skateboarding, roller-skating and bicycle extreme sports. Get directions.

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Ekaterinburg Theatre of Young Spectators

Ekaterinburg Theatre of Young Spectators

The Theatre of Young Spectators (Ru) was established in 1930 and today it is considered the main stage for contemporary dance concerts in Ekaterinburg. People particularly value this place for its professional troupes, the most original of which are the 'Provintsialnye Tantsy' (Provincial Dances), widely famous in Russia and abroad.

Visit the official website (Ru) to see the agenda and to book your tickets. Get directions.

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Zelenaya Roscha Park in Ekaterinburg

Zelenaya Roscha Park

Zelenaya Roscha (Ru) is an unpolished and pure park with the appearance of a forest, where tall trees provide plenty of shade. People come here for running, some for rest, or to feed the squirrels who are extremely tame and eat out of your hands with pleasure. During winter Zelenaya Roscha is a good place for cross country skiing. Get directions.

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Find a place near Ganina Yama.
Uralskaya Subway Station in Ekaterinburg

Uralskaya, Subway station

Uralskaya Station was opened on 23 December 1992, at a depth of 42 meters. The floor of the platform is made of gray polished granite and the walls are paved with marble. An eye catcher is the big metal chandeliers illuminating the platform. Get directions.

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Church Bolshoy Zlatoust in Ekaterinburg

Church Bolshoy Zlatoust

The Great Zlatoust Church is a small, but amazingly beautiful and bright Orthodox church. The bell tower received its name for the loud bell ringing. The church was destroyed on 17 February 1930, during the persecutions of the Soviet regime, and recreated in 2013 in Russian-Byzantine style, several meters from its historical base. Get directions.

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Dvorets Molodezhi in Ekaterinburg

Dvorets Molodezhi

The area of Dvorets Molodezhi is a peaceful, spacious afforested green zone. In the centre you will find benches and a monument called the 'Liquidators of nuclear catastrophe'. It is dedicated to the people who helped to prevent further distribution of nuclear radiation after the nuclear power plant explosion in Chernobyl in 1986. Get directions.

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Ural State Technical University in Ekaterinburg

Ural State Technical University (UrFU)

The establishment of the Ural State Technical University here in 1920 has had great town-planning value. Today it is not just this monumental building, but an entire educational complex and its infrastructure. In one of its buildings on 19 Mira Street, there is a museum about the history of the university and its graduates – amongst others Boris Yeltsin, the first president of Russia! Get directions.

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Agafuroves Estate Museum in Ekaterinburg

Agafuroves's estate Museum

As of 1917, this wooden building has been known as the home of the famous merchant Agafuroves. It was possible to buy practically everything here, from matches or golden jewelry, to the most fashionable French perfume. Nowadays it is a significant historical piece of architecture – as is the Lebedev’s and Panov’s estate, which is located right next to it.

Visit the official website (Ru) to learn more about its history. Get directions.

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Shopping in Alatyr Mall in Ekaterinburg

Alatyr (Mall)

This shopping mall has received its name in honor of the stone Alatyr, which you can find on the first floor near the central entrance – it is believed that this stone grants wishes..! There is a wide choice of mostly local stores here, as well as restaurants, an IMAX 3D movie theatre, a gym and a children entertainment zone.

Have a look at the official website (Ru) for more information on the stores here. Alatyr is open every day! Get directions.

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Black Tulip area in Ekaterinburg

Square of the Soviet Army

This spacious square in central Ekaterinburg with a fountain and some benches is nice for a moment of rest. The big Black Tulip monument (Ru) devoted to Urals militants died in the Afghanistan and Chechnya wars cannot be missed. Take a look also on the opposite side, at the Officers’ House founded in 1932 in Soviet neoclassical style. Around the building there’s some military equipment on display. Get directions.

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Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts II

Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts II

This is the second building of the Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts (Ru). It was built in 1912 according to a project of the architect K.T. Babykin. In this part of the museum you can find paintings of Russian avant-garde from the early 20th century and other domestic art from 1920 up to the present day.

Please note that this branch of the museum is currently closed for reconstruction. Check out the official website for the latest news. Get directions.

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The Love Rock in Ekaterinburg

Love Rock

This Rock is a symbol of the most romantic and greatest feeling, being in love. Touch the special Rhodonite mineral of the Rock and it is said that you are sure to find the love of your life! If you are doubting this, take a look at all the wedding locks on the pedestrian bridge just beyond the fountains. Get directions.

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Kirov Square in Ekaterinburg

Kirov Square

The spacious and vivid Kirov Square (Ru) is a traditional place for students to celebrate their graduation. As a ritual they dress the S.M. Kirov statue in an academic gown and hat. Kirov Square is also the place of the annual open-air Vienna Festival, where you can hear some of the best classical music – have a look at the official website (Ru) of the festival to learn more. Get directions.

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Inside Mashinostroiteley Subway Station in Ekaterinburg

Mashinostroiteley, Subway station

Mashinostroiteley Station was opened in April 1991, at a depth of just 8 meters. The most noticeable element of its interior is the unique composition of lamps, arising from an ingenious network of chrome-plated metal tubes that has the appearance of an electronic circuit. Get directions.

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Find a place near Sevastyanov House.
Shopping in Fashion Center Limerance in Ekaterinburg

Fashion Center Limerance

In the centrally located fashion center Limerance you will find luxury fashion boutiques of international designers, mostly for women. The fashion stores are located on the first four floors and can be visited via the entrance on the right-hand side of the building.

Check out the official website (Ru) for further information on the stores and brands here. Limerance is open every day! Get directions.

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Ural State University in Ekaterinburg

Ural State University (UrFU)

This vast building with its monumental columns dates from 1920, and has been home to the Ural State University since 1936. Constructed in the early Soviet days, the building embodies a rather classical style of architecture. Ever since its foundation, the Ural State University has been competing with the Ural State Technical University for the right to be considered the best. In 2009 this battle finally ended, when both universities were united as the Ural Federal University. Get directions.

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Stella Evropa-Aziya near Ekaterinburg

Stella Evropa-Aziya

The Stella was established in 2008 as a 30-metre tall granite column with a two-headed eagle on top. This is where the real border between Europe and Asia lays. It contains a big sightseeing platform with benches, ideal to enjoy the moment there amidst the silent and peaceful wood. Get directions.

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Prospect Kosmonavtov subway station in Ekaterinburg

Prospect Kosmonavtov, Subway station

True to its name, Prospect Kosmonavtov station is designed in a space style. Lightbulbs in a circle pattern give the impression of walking underneath launching space shuttles. The walls are trimmed with labradorite stone, creating the effect of a starry sky. This subway station is located just 6 meters under the ground. Get directions.

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Temple of the Reigning Mother of God in Ekaterinburg

Temple of the Reigning Mother of God

The Temple of the Reigning Mother of God (Ru) is an Orthodox church from 2008. The place near the railway station was chosen in memory of the arrival of the last Russian Royal family in Ekaterinburg, after the throne renunciation. Nowadays this temple is considered the best place to pray before any trip! Get directions.

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Zheleznov Estate in Ekaterinburg

Zheleznov's Estate

Zheleznov's Estate (Ru) was built in 1895 in a beautiful pseudo-Russian style. It reminds of a “terem” building, as known from Russian fairy tales. The house has always been surrounded with a certain aura of mystery. Some publications have written about the appearance of ghosts, others about secret underpasses existing here.

Please note that the property is not open to visitors, strictly for ghosts! Get directions.

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The Volga-Urals Military Headquarters in Ekaterinburg

Volga-Urals Military Headquarters

The Volga-Urals Military Headquarters were designed in 1940 as a kind of fortress in Neoclassical style. The building needed to recall the greatness of the country and the indestructibility of its army. In front of the building there is a monument to the great Marshal Zhukov, together with some other military equipment which can be admired free of charge. Get directions.

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Iset River area in central Ekaterinburg

Iset River area

This pedestrian strip along the Iset River is also known as Plotinka (Ru). The gorgeous area is filled with important symbols of the city, which you have to see on a visit to Ekaterinburg. Walk around and discover the monument to Tatishev and De Genin (the founders of the city), the Keyboard monument, the Love bridge, the Time capsule and the Beatles monument! Get directions.

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Museum of the History of Ekaterinburg

Museum of the History of Ekaterinburg

The Historical Museum of Ekaterinburg (Ru) invites you to dive into the history of Ekaterinburg and the Urals. Find out how people used to live, or find archaeological pieces of over a thousand years old, including so-called bird idols (which are an embodiment of ancient metallurgist souls), or fragments of rock painting.

The museum (Ru) is closed on Mondays. Get directions.

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Shopping in Architector Mall in Ekaterinburg

Architector (Mall)

Architector is a shopping mall that was built in 2010 in Art Deco style. Go here for luxury furniture, design accessories, art and other interior items. The mission of this place is to create an arty atmosphere where designers and architects meet, discuss their projects, and share new ideas.

Check out the official website (Ru) for more information about the designers and the stores. Architector is open every day! Get directions.

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Residence of the President's Plenipotentiary in Ekateringburg

Residence of the President's Plenipotentiary

This palace was built in 2009 for the administration of the President. Critics argue that the shapes of the building resemble London's Buckingham Palace too much. Indeed, it is quite a monumental palace complex on the bank of the Iset River, surrounded by spacious lawns. Please note that the palace is unfortunately not open to visitors. Get directions.

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Dendrological Park in Ekaterinburg

Dendrological Park

The Dendrological Park (Ru) is a good spot at any time of the year. During summer there are beautiful flowerbeds, and there is a lot of foliage and a scent of blossoming in the air. During fall when the leaves are falling, hundreds of ducks bathe in the big pond. Also in winter it is nice here, when clean fluffy snow covers the ground. The huge weeping willow at the main pond has become a symbol of this place. Get directions.

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Ice Skating Rink Uralets in Ekaterinburg

Ice Skating Rink Uralets

Uralets (Ru) is a place of incredible value for those who love good hockey. In that case you cannot miss a game of the local Ural Avtomobilist team, playing in the Eastern Conference of the Kontinental Hockey League.

Check out the official website (Ru) for ticket info. Get directions.

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Pavlik Morozov Park in Ekaterinburg

Pavlik Morozov Park

The Pavlik Morozov Park is a nice green area to relax and take some rest on one of the many benches or in the grass. Here you will also find playgrounds, outside training equipment for doing workouts, a skateboarding and roller skating zone with a halfpipe, basketball and volleyball courts, and a dog garden. Get directions.

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Theatre Kosmos in Ekaterinburg

Theatre Kosmos

Theatre Kosmos (Ru) on the Iset River bank was designed to be 'soaring above the water'. Did the architect succeed? Plenty of events are organized in Theatre Kosmos, like concerts of pop stars or opera singers, or enchanting dance performances. For those who speak Russian, the cinema may also be appealing.

Have a look at the official website (Ru) for the program. Get directions.

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Centre of Ekaterinburg with Iset Tower.

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