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Price of a cup of coffee

From € 1 to € 2


Tipping is not required, but tips of 10% are not uncommon in restaurants.

Tap water

The tap water in Russia is not drinkable. Bottled water is cheap and widely available.  

Public transport

Ekaterinburg has a developed network of public transport with trams, (trolley) buses and metro lines. A single fare costs around 30 Rubles.


The metro in Ekaterinburg runs from 6h till midnight. Download the free Yandex Metro app to plan your route in the Ekaterinburg metro, as the app provides up-to-date information about the metro, detailed instructions about your route, and the most efficient way to travel.


For more convenient use of public transport, consider buying the Ekarta travel pass. The Ekarta travel pass works like a prepaid card, which you can purchase for about € 1 at the ticket office in the subway. After topping up your balance, you can use the card to travel by all public transport.  

From Koltsovo Airport (SVX) to Ekaterinburg

Koltsovo Airport consists of 3 terminals. Terminal A serves domestic flights, terminal B international flights, and the third terminal is primarily for private jets.


Bus number 1 goes to the railway station and back, with a travel time of about an hour. It runs from 6h till 23:40h.

Marshrutka number 1 (a minibus) travels the same route, but also runs at night.

Express train

The Express train runs 4 times a day between the airport and the railway station. The journey takes about 40 minutes and costs around 50 Rubles.


It is recommended to use only official taxis at the airport, or even better, an app like Yandex.Taxi. The price ranges typically between 500 and 800 Rubles.

Find more information about Koltsovo Airport on the official website.  

Events in Ekaterinburg

Victory Day

Victory Day is celebrated on the 9th of May, with the biggest festivities in the centre of the city. Around 10h the military parade takes off on the central 1905 Square. In the evening you can expect beautiful fireworks to end the celebrations. Plotinka is one of the best places to watch this spectacle.

The City's Day

Ekaterinburg was founded on 7 November 1723, basically as an iron plant. The name was given in honor of Empress Catherine the First. Surprisingly enough, the City Day is celebrated every year in August, on the third Saturday of the month. The summertime allows for open-air concerts and other outside festivities. Please note that it can get very crowded on this day.

New Year

New Year is an amazing time to be in Ekaterinburg. You will find not only great parties to start your new year, but also a complete ice-town installed on the 1905 Square, which brings you in the right mood already days before.  

Local pages

Ski resorts

Since local people adore winter sports, there's a good number of ski resorts to be found in the Ural region. Have a look at this website (Ru) for an overview and some essential information.


The most popular Russian taxi app Yandex.Taxi works well in Ekaterinburg.

The Red Line of Ekaterinburg

The Red Line of Ekaterinburg is a pedestrian tourist route through the historical centre of the city. The total route is 6.5km long and is marked with special signs on the pavement. Along the way, you will get to see 35 cultural monuments. While following the route, be sure to use the official website (Ru) of the Red Line of Ekaterinburg, as you can find an audio file there for each cultural sight along the way.

Tourist office

The Ural region and Sverdlovsk district are very interesting to explore. You can find inspiration in the Sverdlovsk Region Travel Guide. The tourist office is there to help you with all the advice to set up your perfect excursion. Their office can be found at Ulitsa 8 Marta, number 13 (entrance 3, second floor).


For searching and booking train tickets, use the official page of the Russian Railways.

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