The enchanting Fish Village in Kaliningrad.


The Koenigsberg Cathedral in Kaliningrad

Königsberg Cathedral

The Gothic-style Königsberg Cathedral from the 14th century is the only building on the island that survived the bombardment of August 1944. Famous for its organ concerts, the Cathedral also hosts a museum named after Immanuel Kant, as well as Evangelical and Orthodox chapels.

The Cathedral is open every day. Please note that an entrance fee is charged here. Have a look at the official website (Ru) to learn more. Get directions.

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The Friedrichsburg Gate in Kaliningrad

Friedrichsburg Gate

The Friedrichsburg Gate was constructed in the 17th century. It is the only historical gate in Kaliningrad that led not to the city itself, but to the fortress of Friedrichsburg.

Today you can find here a branch of the World Ocean Museum, with an exhibition devoted to traditional vessels from different parts of Russia. Another highlight of the museum is the adjacent Lodejny Shipyard, a place where historical light vessels are being restored or completely recreated. Please note that the exhibition is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Get directions.

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The Honey Bridge in Kaliningrad

The Honey Bridge

There are several versions regarding the origins of the name of this former drawbridge, the 16th century Honey Bridge (Ru). One well-known explanation is that a member of the Town Hall offered workers several barrels of honey for constructing this bridge, which had to connect the Island of Kneiphof with the mainland. Get directions.

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Evening view of central Kaliningrad.
The Altes Haus in Kaliningrad

Altes Haus

The Altes Haus is a museum-apartment, located in a German house from 1912. The museum invites visitors to feel the unique spirit of the old Königsberg. All exhibits here are original items from the early 20th century.

Guided tours through the Altes Haus are offered every day – have a look at the official website (Ru) for further visitor info. Should you require an English tour, then we recommend you to contact the Altes House in advance by phone or via their Instagram page. Get directions.

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The Tomb of Immanuel Kant in Kaliningrad

Immanuel Kant's Tomb

The Grave of Immanuel Kant is a beautiful memorial built in 1924, two hundred years after his birth. Kant was originally buried inside the Königsberg Cathedral. The great German philosopher was born in Königsberg and was the last professor of the University of Königsberg to be buried on the city's most famous island. Get directions.

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The Yuzhnyy Park in Kaliningrad

Yuzhnyy Park

Yuzhnyy Park (Ru) was founded in 1927 on the site of a former defensive shaft of Königsberg. Paved walkways lead you through this 60-hectare park, whilst passing monuments, some playgrounds, and a number of ponds where locals like to relax by the waterside. For a small entrance fee you can also visit a little exposition in the middle of the park, with fine miniatures of some of the most famous pieces of Russian architecture, like the St Basil's Cathedral. Get directions.

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The House of Soviets in Kaliningrad

House of Soviets

Also known as the ‘monster’ of Kaliningrad, the House of Soviets was supposed to become a seat of the Soviet government. Eventually the building remained empty, due to unstable construction and a fear of collapsing. Today it is still empty, fenced and guarded. The house was built on the territory of the Königsberg Castle, the ruins of which still exist. Get directions.

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The Dohna Tower in Kaliningrad

Dohna Tower / Amber Museum

'Der Dohna' is a former defensive tower of the German Königsberg. The tower was built in 1852 as an element in the bastion ring of the city. It was named in honor of Karl Friedrich zu Dohna, who participated in the war against Napoleon. Nowadays it houses the Amber Museum, the only museum in Russia dedicated to one single mineral: amber.

Please note that the museum is closed on Mondays in winter season. Get directions.

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The Upper Pond in Kaliningrad

Upper Pond area

The Upper Pond is one of the oldest places in the city, created in 1270 on the former East Prussian territory. Today it is a favorite place of rest for the residents of the city. The green shores are equipped with restaurants, cafés, boat piers and playgrounds. Get directions.

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The Puppet Theatre in Kaliningrad

Puppet Theatre

The theatre is housed in the former Luisenkirche from 1901, dedicated to Queen Luisa, the famous Prussian Queen. The building got heavily damaged during the war, and was left in ruins and unused for a long time. In the 60s the church building got rescued by a project aiming to convert it into a Puppet Theatre. Today the Puppet Theatre is one of the few remaining examples of a church conversion from Soviet times.

Have a look at the official website (Ru) for the agenda and ticket info. Get directions.

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The Central Market in Kaliningrad

Central Market

The Central Market is a huge marketplace offering lots of local products, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, cheese and fresh fish. Not everything though is food related here, as there's also stalls selling clothes, accessories or souvenirs. Be sure to check out this market, even more as it is easily reachable in the centre of Kaliningrad.

The Central Market is open every day, except for the last Monday of the month. Have a look at the official website (Ru) for further info. Get directions.

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The Brandenburg Gate in Kaliningrad

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is one of the seven surviving gates of the city of Königsberg. Its appearance has been preserved since the 19th century. The oldest building even dates back to 1657. Since 2017 there's a free 'Marzipan Museum' in the Brandenburg Gate. Get directions.

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Find a place near the Dohna Tower.
The World Ocean Museum in Kaliningrad

World Ocean Museum

The unique Museum of the World Ocean (Ru) and its embankment will plunge you into the sea world. Get to see a submarine from the inside, or do you prefer research and fishing vessels? Inside the buildings as well as the ships, you'll find a rich exposition devoted to Russian shipping, showcasing navigation equipment, ship models and much more!

The museum is closed on Mondays. Get directions.

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Shopping in Europe Mall in Kaliningrad

Europe (Mall)

The most modern mall of Kaliningrad, considered one of the best for finding new clothes. You will find here big international brands, as well as local brands. On the top floor there's some cafés and a food court, and right next to it a big cinema.

Europe is open every day! See their official website for more shopping info. Get directions.

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Evening view on the Pregolya River in central Kaliningrad.

Everything you wanted to know about Kaliningrad

The Kaliningrad region is the westernmost part of the endless Russia. It could have been an ordinary city, like many others, only it is not. This region finds itself on the Baltic sea coast, sandwiched between Lithuania and Poland. Its history tells us that it has never been ordinary for Kaliningrad, as the region changed hands multiple times, most recently after WWII when the German Königsberg was eventually transformed into the Russian Kaliningrad.

So, what else than a quirky history can Kaliningrad offer you? That's exactly what you'll find in this article, as we will guide you past the seven coolest things to do in Kaliningrad. For the ones of you still wondering how it all went in the past, we will start with a short history of the region. Read more

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The Island of Kant in Kaliningrad

Kant's Island / Kneiphof

The Island of Kant, previously called the island of Kneiphof, is positioned in the middle of the Pregolya River. Today you can find here just a calm green area with the Cathedral and the Tomb as the only buildings. In the 14th century there was a whole city here, which belonged to Königsberg. Get directions.

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The Christ the Savior Cathedral in Kaliningrad

Christ the Savior Cathedral

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior is the main Orthodox cathedral of Kaliningrad. Since the moment it was built in 2006 as the first Orthodox temple of this part of Russia, it became a kind of spiritual centre not only of the city, but of the entire region. The temple can accommodate up to 3,000 worshippers. Get directions.

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Park Yunost in Kaliningrad

Park Yunost

Park Yunost (Ru) is one of the nicest parks in Kaliningrad centre, offering much entertainment, such as a small amusement park with ferris wheel, go-karting, boat rental, some cafés, and in winter an ice-rink. The 'Upside-down house' is a popular sight here. It is a house in traditional German style, standing on its roof. Get directions.

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The Selma Market in Kaliningrad

Market Selma

Selma is a huge market located around the shopping center Ekvator (Ru) in the North of Kaliningrad. Find here lots of fresh local food products and cheap non-food products like simple clothes and shoes. The market consists of indoor and outdoor parts.

Market Selma is open every day. Get directions.

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The Bunker Museum in Kaliningrad

The Bunker Museum

The Museum 'Blindage', or 'Bunker Lash', is one of the most interesting sights of Kaliningrad. It is located in a German reinforced concrete bomb shelter, built at the very end of WWII for the German commandant Otto Lasch, who led the defense of the city in April 1945. The Blindage Museum also organizes tours.

The museum is open every day! Get directions.

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The Juditten Church in Kaliningrad

Juditten Church

The Juditten Church is the most mysterious structure in Kaliningrad, for there is no clear historical opinion about the origin of the word 'Juditten', nor about the time the church was built. Presumably it was the 13th century. Nowadays the church is part of an Orthodox women's monastery. Get directions.

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The Kaliningrad Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of Kaliningrad is a cozy green corner. It's a romantic place with lots of interesting plants, many of which listed in the Red Book. Inside there is a pond where visitors feed not birds, but fish.

The garden works every day, and charges a small entrance fee. Find the entrance on the West side, near Lesnaya Street 49 – get directions.

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Shopping Amber in Kaliningrad

Russian amber stores

In the Fish Village (Ru) of Kaliningrad you will find several amber stores belonging to a popular Russian chain. These stores are the place to find all kinds of jewelry made of amber, as well as carved amber paintings and icons. The stores also offer a line of exclusive decorations made by talented local craftsmen.

See the official website (Ru) for further info about these amber stores. Get directions.

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The King's Gate in Kaliningrad

King's Gate

The King’s Gate is one of the most beautiful gates, having the shape of a small castle. It is decorated with sculptures of three important local figures: Albert of Prussia, Ottokar II and Frederick the Great.

Nowadays the gate hosts an exhibition of the Museum of the World Ocean, dedicated to the Grand Embassy of Peter the Great. Please note that the exhibition is not open on Mondays and Tuesdays. Get directions.

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Green space with monument to Friedrich Schiller in Kaliningrad

Schiller area

The urban park created around the Schiller monument is a well-maintained little green space in a busy part of Kaliningrad. It lacks many trees, but offers flowerbeds, a fountain, a colonnade, and plenty of benches to relax on. Get directions.

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Shopping in Mega Mall in Kaliningrad

Mega (Mall)

Mega is a shopping complex consisting of three malls. The main and biggest mall is located in the centre of the complex, and offers mostly local brands. The mall in the South is popular for grocery items and children's stuff, containing the big kid's store Kari Kids and some kid's amusement too. The mall in the North offers primarily interior items, as well as some simple local stores on the second floor.

Mega is open every day! See the official website (Ru) to learn more about the stores. Get directions.

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Find a place in Kaliningrad centre.
The Lower Pond in Kaliningrad

Lower Pond area

Although the Lower Pond is located close to the heart of Kaliningrad, it is usually calm and quiet here, and nice for strolling. Together with the Upper Pond, it forms the oldest artificial creation in Kaliningrad. In summer season there's also boat rentals here, for you to explore every corner of this old pond. Get directions.

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The Rossgarten Gate in Kaliningrad

Rossgarten Gate

The Rossgarten Gate was built between 1852 and 1855 in an area that was known as the 'Rossgarten area', famous for its stretching pastures and picturesque terrain. Today you will find the restaurant Sun Stone located in the gate, one of the best fish restaurants in town. Get directions.

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Victory Square in Kaliningrad

Victory Square

Victory Square is the main square of Kaliningrad, renovated in 2005. In German times the square was known as Hansaplatz and later Adolf Hitler’s Platz, whilst today's name is a popular one in Russian cities, referring to the Russian victory in WWII. In the centre of the square you can find the Victory Column, a monument that shows some similarities with the Alexander Column in St. Petersburg. Throughout the year, Victory Square is a popular place for events in Kaliningrad. Get directions.

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The Art and History Museum in Kaliningrad

Art and History Museum

The Regional Museum of History and Art is located in the former city hall building, opened in 1912. The museum gives a deep look into the region, with artefacts related to the nature, history and culture of the Kaliningrad area. Besides that, visitors can enjoy an exposition called 'Königsberg-45, the last storm' which was made in 3D format.

The museum works every day! Get directions.

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The Central Park of Culture and Leisure in Kaliningrad

Central Park of Culture and Leisure

Opened in the 18th century as 'Luisenwahl', this shaded park used to belong to the residence of Prussian kings. Nowadays the Kaliningrad Central Park is a good place for a long and calm walk. If you're looking for action, try the small amusement park or rope park.

Learn more about the park and its attractions on the official website (Ru). Get directions.

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Shopping in Clover in Kaliningrad

Clover (Mall)

A popular place for shopping and dining in the very heart of the city. The focus here is more on local brands. The mall includes some nice restaurants and a bowling center.

Clover is open every day! See the official website (Ru) for more shopping info. Get directions.

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The Jubilee Bridge in Kaliningrad

The Jubilee Bridge

The name 'Jubilee Bridge' comes from the fact that it was opened on the 750th anniversary of the city, in 2005. The bridge resembles the 1905 Imperial Bridge, which was destroyed in WWII. The foundation of the Jubilee Bridge (Ru) is still original. Get directions.

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Green space around the Lithuanian Wall in Kaliningrad

Lithuanian Wall area

Situated beyond the former ring of 19th century fortifications, the area of the Lithuanian Wall appears a bit wild and unpolished. Behind this Lithuanian Wall you are free from the hustle and bustle of the city, whilst still able to explore its history thanks to the remaining structures here. Get directions.

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Shopping in Epicenter in Kaliningrad

Epicenter (Mall)

Epicenter is a popular mall in the centre of Kaliningrad which offers mostly mainstream brands. The mall includes a large entertainment center, with a bowling and a cinema. On the second floor there is a food court serving all kinds of food including Russian.

Epicenter is open every day! Have a look at the official website (Ru) for more shopping info. Get directions.

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The Victory Park in Kaliningrad

Victory Park

Park Pobedy was opened in 2000, on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the Russian victory in WWII. It is a very calm green area, popular for relaxing, especially during summertime. Various monuments across the park remind about the fallen soldiers. Get directions.

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Mira Avenue in Kaliningrad

Mira Avenue

Mira Avenue is an important street meandering through Kaliningrad, full of majestic buildings and at places accompanied by nice greenery, especially in the part near Victory Square. In some parts of this avenue, you can still find the original German cobbled road. Get directions.

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The Philharmonic Hall in Kaliningrad

The Philharmonic Hall

The former Church of the Holy Family as designed by Friedrich Heitman early 20th century, used to be a popular place for wedding ceremonies in the pre-war Königsberg. The church got severely damaged during the war, and was eventually turned into a Philharmonic Hall in 1980. Today the place is well known for its organ concerts.

Have a look at the official website (Ru) for the agenda and ticket info. Get directions.

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The Astronomical Bastion in Kaliningrad

Astronomical Bastion

This Bastion got its name from a nearby Königsberg observatory, as founded by the famous astronomer Friedrich Bessel. It was built between 1855 and 1860 by an unknown military engineer. Today you can find a shooting range inside, together with some other organizations. Get directions.

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View of Koenigsberg Cathedral in Kaliningrad centre.
The Zakharovsky Market in Kaliningrad

Market Zakharovsky

This market is unique in the sense that entering its hall leads you back to the USSR. Still, this market is well maintained and offers all kinds of fresh food from inside this legendary market hall. Outside the hall you'll find simple stalls offering bargains of all kinds.

The Zakharovsky Market is open every day, except for the third Monday of the month. Get directions.

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The Fort 5 in Kaliningrad

Fort 5

Fort #5 (Ru) is a military fortification built in 1878, originally named after the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm III. It was conquered on 7 April 1945 by the Russian Army in a rather damaged state. After a restoration, the Fort nowadays hosts expositions of the museum of Regional History and Art. The expositions are dedicated to Kaliningrad during the war. Get directions.

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The Monument to Friedrich Schiller in Kaliningrad

Monument to Friedrich Schiller

One of the few monuments that is left from German times in the present-day Kaliningrad. The Schiller Monument (Ru) has been preserved thanks to some Russian soldiers who had put the note "don’t shoot, it’s our guy" on the statue during WWII – although Friedrich Schiller in fact was a German poet, philosopher and dramatist. Get directions.

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The Fort 11 in Kaliningrad

Fort 11

Fort #11 (Ru), or Fort 'Dönhoff', belonged to the third ring of defensive fortifications, built in the 1870s. After being a military property for 70 years, the Fort can nowadays be visited by tourists. There is also a nice café in the Fort – have a look at the official website (Ru) for further visitor info. The Fort is open every day! Get directions.

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The Kaliningrad Stadium

Kaliningrad Stadium

The Kaliningrad Stadium was newly built for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It can host up to 35,000 spectators. After the World Cup it became the new home ground of FC Baltika Kaliningrad, the local football team. Get directions.

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The Cinema Zarya in Kaliningrad

Cinema Zarya

The building of the cinema was designed in the mid-30s by the architect Siegfried Zassnik. The hall got famous for its acoustics throughout all Europe. The world's first screening of the film Titanic, personally attended by James Cameron, took place in this cinema. Get directions.

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The Fish Village in Kaliningrad

The Fish Village

The Fish Village (Ru) is a complex of buildings constructed in old-Königsberg style in 2005, when the city celebrated its 750th anniversary. The little area on the Pregolya riverside resembles an old German fish market, referring to the fishermen that used to live here long ago. Get directions.

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Green space around Mira Avenue in Kaliningrad

Mira Avenue garden

This small garden in front of the Baltic Fleet Headquarters, is a popular place for meeting up. A monument to Peter the Great reminds about the founder of the Russian fleet. The garden is well maintained, with nice benches, paved paths, and quite some shade due to the tall trees. Get directions.

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The Kaliningrad Regional Drama Theatre

Kaliningrad Regional Drama Theatre

Before the city became Soviet, the theatre was known as the Luisentheater, named after Queen Luisa of Prussia. After the war, in 1947, the theatre building was restored with the speed of light and received its colonnade. According to the legend, the building was restored so fast because the wife of a general was an actress.

Have a look at the official website (Ru) for the agenda and ticket info. Get directions.

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The Kronprinz Barracks in Kaliningrad

Kronprinz Barracks

This historical and cultural 19th century monument once contained the military barracks. There used to be a large ditch around the structure, in order to strengthen its protection. Nowadays the structure is in mixed use, housing a restaurant, various businesses, and hosting expositions from time to time. Get directions.

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Evening view of Kaliningrad centre.
Shopping in Acropol in Kaliningrad

Acropol (Mall)

Acropol is a basic shopping center with a large number of small local stores. The 7th floor contains some restaurants and cafés, whereas the ground floor includes a supermarket.

Acropol is open every day! Check out their official website (Ru) for more shopping info. Get directions.

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The Max Ashman Park in Kaliningrad

Max Ashman Park

The Max Ashman Park (Ru) was created in 1910 after being sponsored by the Königsberg entrepreneur Max Ashman. Through history, the park developed into a kind of wild forest, instead of a perfectly gardened park. It's a nice place for a true green walk, for example around its lake. Get directions.

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The Friedland Gate in Kaliningrad

Friedland Gate

The Friedland Gate is a Neo-Gothic style gate, constructed in the 19th century. Today it houses an unusual museum with a collection made up of all the old things that were found during the cleaning of the city after the war. It offers a unique 'virtual walk' along the streets of Königsberg. For history admirers, there is an exposition devoted to the knights of the Teutonic Order.

The Friedland Gate is open every day. Have a look at the official website (Ru) for further visitor info. Get directions.

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The Kaliningrad Zoo

Kaliningrad Zoo

Opened already in 1896, the Kaliningrad Zoo was known as one of the most beautiful zoos in Germany. Visitors of the zoo are greeted by a Ginkgo tree near the entrance – a relic tree of a species that is considered to be of the same age as the dinosaurs! The symbol of the zoo is a hippopotamus who had managed to survive the war.

The zoo is open every day. Learn more about the Kaliningrad Zoo on its official website (Ru). Get directions.

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The Kaliningrad Museum of Fine Arts

Kaliningrad Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts (Ru) was founded in 1988 and recently moved to this 19th century building, the former home of the Königsberg Stock Exchange. The permanent exhibition most notably displays the works of Russian and foreign painters from the second half of the 20th century. A special section of the exhibition is devoted to the culture and art of East Prussia.

The museum (Ru) is closed on Mondays. Get directions.

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The Grolman Bastion in Kaliningrad

Grolman Bastion

The Grolman Bastion (Ru) was part of the defensive structure of Königsberg in the middle of the 19th century, named in honor of the reformer of the Prussian army, Karl von Grolman. During the storming of the city by the Red Army, the bastion remained one of the last hotbeds of resistance and got largely damaged. Nowadays the building is in use by offices. Get directions.

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The Monument to 1200 Guardsmen in Kaliningrad

Eternal Flame and Monument to 1200 Guardsmen

The Monument to 1200 Guardsmen (Ru) has been erected for those who perished during WWII in the city of Königsberg. Opened in September 1945, it was the first memorial in the country dedicated to the heroism of the Soviet people in the war against fascism, and still is a sacred place for many Kaliningradians. Get directions.

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Shopping in Kaliningrad Plaza

Kaliningrad Plaza (Mall)

Kaliningrad Plaza is a basic mall in the centre of Kaliningrad that contains mostly local stores offering clothes and shoes. The mall includes a (fast) food court and a cinema.

Kaliningrad Plaza is open every day! Have a look at the official website (Ru) for more info about the stores. Get directions.

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The Kaliningrad City Hall

City Hall

The building of the City Hall was constructed in 1923, very fast, within just seven months of time. It originally served as a trade house, before it became property of the Königsberg municipality in 1927. After WWII the building received a new facade, which explains its Soviet appearance today. Get directions.

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The Sackheim Gate in Kaliningrad

Sackheim Gate

The Sackheim Gate was built in the 17th century to become part of the fortification of Königsberg. Over time, the structure has lost its protective function. Nowadays it hosts a contemporary art gallery, a coffee shop and a co-working space. Get directions.

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Inside the Wedding Church in Kaliningrad

The Wedding Church

This small church was named Wedding Church, as it is dedicated to the two Russian Saints Peter and Fevronia – known as the patrons of family happiness. It is one of the most beautiful churches of Kaliningrad, with the two domes hugging each other, symbolizing the harmony of love.

Learn more about the Wedding Church on the official website (Ru). Get directions.

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The Cross Church in Kaliningrad

The Cross Church

The Kreuzkirche or Cross Church is a former Lutheran Church built in 1930, nowadays serving as an Orthodox Church. The church with its exceptionally heavy appearance, is the only church in Russia where the high altar frontals are decorated with amber. Get directions.

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The Sculpture of Two Wisents in Kaliningrad

Sculpture of Two Wisents

This sculpture by August Gaul was presented to the city of Königsberg in 1912, and soon developed into one of its symbols. It used to be understood as the fighting between prosecution and defense, because there was a court located behind the sculpture. Today most see it as a symbol of the fighting between a professor and a student, with the nearby university. Get directions.

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The building of the Government of the Kaliningrad Region

Government of the Kaliningrad region

This government building is one of the German structures in Kaliningrad that has been very well preserved. Before WWII, the building housed the financial administration of the region. Nowadays tourists can visit its canteen with tasty local food – find the canteen inside, opposite the main entrance. Get directions.

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The Wrangel Tower in Kaliningrad

Wrangel Tower

Built as the 'twin brother' of the Dohna Tower in 1843, the Wrangel Tower (Ru) was meant to become part of the second defensive ring of the city. It hasn't participated in any military action, except for the Battle of Königsberg in April 1945, when it got partly damaged. The Wrangel Tower is unfortunately not open to visitors. Get directions.

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The green space next to Acropol Mall in Kaliningrad

Acropol area

This green space has the size of a garden, but almost gives the feeling of a forest. Sloping paths nicely roll through this park with its beautiful trees and shrubs. Benches across the park offer some comfortable rest in the very heart of Kaliningrad. Get directions.

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Local experience at the Kaliningrad Forts.

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