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Price of a cup of coffee

From € 1.50 to € 3


Tipping is not required, but tips of 10% are not uncommon in restaurants.

Tap water

The tap water in Russia is not drinkable. Bottled water is cheap and widely available.  

Public transport

Public transport in Kaliningrad consists of (trolley) buses, trams and marshrutka (mini bus). Tickets can be bought from the conductor, or on mini buses directly from the driver. Public transport works from 6h till midnight.  

From Khrabrovo Airport (KGD) to Kaliningrad


Bus 244e drives you to the centre of Kaliningrad, dropping you at the bus station 'Yuzhny'. The bus runs once every 40 minutes, from the morning till the evening, with an approximate travel time of 45 minutes. The fare is about € 1.50. Have a look at the official website of Khrabrovo Airport for the bus schedule.


Taxis can be found in front of the airport, or use an app like Yandex.Taxi to order your taxi conveniently. A ride to Kaliningrad centre typically costs around € 10.  

Events in Kaliningrad

Long Sausage Holiday

The tradition of celebrating this holiday dates back to the Prussian times of the 16th century, when the butchers of Königsberg treated the townspeople with sausage products according to their own unique recipes. Today’s festival is organized in February on the territory of the World Ocean Museum. Dancing, singing and of course tasting of local sausages is what brings people here!

Herring Day

Herring Day is celebrated since 2006, every year in April. The holiday is organized by the World Ocean Museum and it takes place on its huge territory. There is a big fair and a fish market selling many types of fish, all very delicious!

Victory Day

Victory Day is celebrated in the entire country on 9 May, commemorating how the Red Army and the Soviet people defeated Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. The traditional military parade is held on Victory Square. We advise to come to the city a few days before May 9th and watch the rehearsals of the parade in the evenings. It is less crowded and yet very spectacular.

Jazz Festival

The Jazz Festival is an open-air event of three days which traditionally takes place in the Central Park of Kaliningrad by the end of July or early August. Jazz musicians from all over the world come here to perform. Find the latest updates on their official website.

Russian Film Festival 'In Short'

A festival of short films that can be a start for talented film-makers, script-writers and actors to reach the producers of the movie industry. The festival is held in the most prestigious cinema of Kaliningrad, 'Zarya'. Find more info about the event on their official website (Ru).

Street Food festival

Over the past years, this festival devoted to street food has become one of the best-known festivals in Kaliningrad. All locals adore it. Find it on Kant's Island, usually in August. For more info about the festival, see the official website (Ru).  

Local pages


The app Yandex.Taxi works well in Kaliningrad.

Tourist office

The Tourist Information Center is ready to help you with information about Kaliningrad and its broader region. Their main office is located at Victory Square 1 – get directions. Have a look at their official website for more info.


For searching and booking train tickets, we recommend to use the official page of the Russian Railways.  

Getting to Svetlogorsk

Svetlogorsk is a fabulous little town with lovely houses and green streets on the shores of the Baltic Sea. The place, formerly known by the beautiful German names Rauschen and Rauschet-Maeter, is a favourite destination for lovers of the seaside and amber (which can be collected ashore after a storm). Be sure to have a look at our article Everything you wanted to know about Kaliningrad to learn more about Svetlogorsk.

You can get to Svetlogorsk by bus or train. Trains leave from 'Kaliningrad Yuzhny' train station. Have a look at these Russian websites for more info about the train and bus schedules.

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