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Extra Streetwise

Price of a cup of coffee

From € 1 to € 2


Tipping is not required but welcome. Typically not more than 10 % of the bill.

Tap water

The tap water in Russia is not drinkable. Bottled water is cheap and widely available.  

Public transport

The public transport in Volgograd consists of (trolley) buses, trams and the (fast) Metrotram.

Tickets can be purchased in cash from the conductor, or at the entrance of stations. The price for a single ride is 20 Rubles, and 25 Rubles for the Metrotram.

For more information on the timetable of trams, trolleybuses and buses, see website (in Russian).

The WAVE transport card

Most convenient when using public transport in Volgograd, is the rechargeable transport card 'WAVE' (in Russian 'Transportnaya Karta VOLNA'). This transport card can be purchased and replenished at MetroElektroTrans windows at several stations. In the centre of Volgograd, you can find windows at the stations Lenin Square and Komsomolskaya.

The WAVE card itself can be purchased for 100 Rubles, and needs to be replenished with at least 50 Rubles. When using the WAVE card your rides are about 10% cheaper than by paying in cash. For more info about the WAVE card, see website (in Russian).  

From Volgograd International Airport (VOG) to the centre


Bus 6 drives you to Volgograd Central Railway Station for 20 Rubles. It runs every 10 to 25 minutes. No buses at night, from 21:30h-6h. For more details about the time table, see website (in Russian).


Taxis line up in front of the airport, and typically charge between 750 and 1,000 Rubles for a ride to the centre. When using an app like Yandex Taxi, prices are typically around 400 Rubles.  

Events in Volgograd

Stalingrad Victory Day

Every year on February 2, the townspeople celebrate the victory of the Soviet troops in the Battle of Stalingrad. Festive events are held throughout the day on the Fallen Fighters Square, on the Mamaev Kurgan, and in the Panorama Museum. In the evening an artillery salute rattles on the 62nd Army Embankment.

Victory Day

Victory Day is celebrated in the entire country on 9 May, commemorating how the Red Army and the Soviet people defeated Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Volgograd hosts a military parade on the Fallen Fighters Square, and more events on for instance the Mamaev Kurgan or the Panorama Museum. There is an artillery salute on the 62nd Army Embankment in the evening. This certainly is one of the most special days to be in Volgograd, but please note that it can get very crowded!

City Day

The Volgograd City Day has roots going back to 1589. Nowadays it is held every year on the first or second Sunday of September. This day is celebrated by festive and sports events all across the city. In the evening there's typically a free concert on the Central Embankment, with famous Russian rock and pop bands.  

Local pages

Boat trips

An hour-long river cruise along the Volga River is a wonderful way to spend your time fascinatingly and pleasantly. What could be better than breathe fresh air, relax from the city bustle and enjoy the local sights from the side of a ship! Sounds interesting? See website (in Russian) for more info.

Einstein Museum of entertaining science

Visitors of this museum will enter the wonderful world of science and technology. Each exhibit can not only be seen, but here visitors can touch the 'lightning', be inside the soap bubble, build a bridge without a single nail, make cold water boil and see many more interesting things. Check out their website (in Russian) for more info.

Kazachya Gamazeya

If you're interested in Cossack products, take a look here. In this store established in 2006, you can find products of the Don Weapon Factory, historical literature about the Cossacks, or souvenirs made by real Cossacks! See their website (in Russian) for more info.

Tourist office

The Tourist Information Center of Volgograd has plenty of detailed information to offer about the city and the region. Check out their website, or find their office at Gagarina Street 12. Get directions.


For searching and booking train tickets, use the official page of the Russian Railways.

Travel Company VOLGOGRAD

Travel Company 'VOLGOGRAD' is one of the oldest companies in the city providing various services for tourists. Their main activity is excursions in the city and the region. For more info, see website.

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